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Taking a break from work to camp with your family can be all your family needs to feel closer and build a deeper relationship with each other. Family camping involves the kids as well as adults and as such requires planning to have the best experience.  One of the most challenging aspects of arranging a family camping trip has to be deciding what enjoyable activities to do together. This is because you have to choose activities that both adults and children will enjoy without anyone feeling left out.

As someone who enjoys camping, I see family camping as a way to enjoy unlimited fun with the whole family while also building a great relationship with parents and sibling to create connections that never gets broken.

However, you don’t have to worry about the fun things to do while camping with family because the activities involved in a camping vacation are natural fun experiences for everyone of any age group, whether on a family vacation or any other form of camping. You should check out these camping activities that you can engage in when camping with the family to have a heads up on the possible fun things that you’d be doing during your camping vacation.

Why You Should Camp With Your Family

Creating time to camp with your family is a very good way to create a deeper connection between you and your family, it is also a way to relieve work stress. One of the things that keep us happy in life is being surrounded by the people we love, and the people who appreciate and understand us.  

Here are some reasons you should camp with your family:

  • It is a way to ease stress
  • It brings bonding
  • It creates a deeper family connection
  • It’s a way to get to know your siblings better

Amazing Fun Things to Do While Camping With Family

Camping with your family soon? Save this list of 15 memorable fun things to do while camping with your family for the best experience:

#1 Share Family History

share family history as part of the things to do while camping with family

One thing I love about family get-togethers is my grandmother telling us about how she met grandpa and how they used to live before we were born. Sharing the family history while camping with your family is not only entertaining but also educating as it reveals so much about the family to younger ones. It is also a way to create a bond. You can even spice it up by asking some thought-provoking questions about your family.

#2 Play Ludo Game

playing ludo game is one of the fun things to do while camping with family

The ludo game is a very interesting family game, although it’s limited to four persons per board, this is perfect for a family of four but if you are more than four, you can get a lot of ludo boards and group yourselves, four persons per board. This is a very fun and entertaining game. The rule is: you must throw a die of 6 before you start playing the game. Spice it up by giving the winner a gift.

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#3 Camping Scavenger 

Adults making the list of what to hunt

Playing scavenger hunts while camping with your family is such an adventurous activity. The rules are simple: Create a list of things everyone must find, create a time limit, give everyone their list and let them scavenge around for the items on the list. The player or team that ticks everything off on their list first or the most item on their list before the time limit wins the game.

#4 Read Novels and Magazine

reading a book things to do while camping with family

It’s a family gathering and reading interesting books is not only entertaining but also educating. It is also a way of learning more about your family – getting to know the kind of books they love/read. It will be an exciting moment reading books and magazines, sharing your knowledge with your siblings and getting filled with knowledge also, you may even read some interesting books you’ve never read before. A way to spice this up is by asking everyone to come with their favorite books.

#5 Play Card Games

playing cards is one of the fun things to do while camping with family

You can never get bored playing the card game. It is very entertaining, helps you bond with your family, and keeps you excited, lively and active. It’s a game that gets everyone’s attention. Another idea is to play the jackpot game with the cards. This is also an interesting card game. The rules are: pick out four different types of cards and pick four of each of them. Only four people can play this game so you can divide the family into groups if you are more than four.

#6 Play the Chess Game

the chess game - fun things to do while camping with family

The chess game is a board game for two players but you can make a group of two – A and B- this makes it more fun. Each group at each end of the board makes the best moves to guide their queen and win the game. The game is very educational game. Make it more interesting by applauding the winning group and providing a gift for them.

#7 Go for a Nighttime Walk

going for nighttime walk is one of the interesting things to do while camping with family

If you are camping till the next day, then going for a night walk with your family is a good idea. It’s a way of enjoying nature – the soothing fresh air. It is also a way to relieve stress, unwind and have deep conversations with your family. Catch up on each other’s life, share fun things about work, and school, or just talk about life in general.

#8 Go Swimming 

kids swimming  fun things to do while camping with family

This is best if you are camping near a river. Whether near or far, you can organize a swimming date while camping with your family. If you don’t know how to swim, here is a good learning time. Swimming is one of the fun things to do while camping with your family. 

#9 Share Childhood Memories

camera and family portraits- fun things  to do while camping with family

Another fun thing to do while camping with your family is to share childhood memories with pictures you took while growing up and share stories of what happened the day you took the pictures. This brings back good old memories and makes the whole family emotional. It also has a way of making everyone relaxed and connected to each other.

#10 Play True or Dare

a family playing in the field - fun things to do while camping with family

This game is always fun, one thing it does is bring families together. It’s time to know the truth about your spouse, siblings, and parents. You may think you know enough but the truth is you can’t know so much about your family so this is bonding time for you and your family. The rule is simple when someone picks truth you ask them a question so they can tell you the truth and when they pick dare, you dare them to do something.

#11 Dance Around the Campfire

a family putting on the camp fire one of the fun things to do while camping with family

What’s camping without a campfire? Nothing! Make the campfire and dance around it. It helps keep you warm. It’s also a time to have fun and play around the fire with your family. It keeps the family active and happy. It is one of the fun things to do while camping with the family.

#12 Play a Guitar or Other Instruments

people sitting around the camp fire - fun things to do while camping with family

Another thing that can make your family happy while camping is music. Playing a guitar, flute, or any instrument your family is familiar with. It is even more fun when you sing alone while playing the instrument. There is this happiness that comes from singing old songs with people you love and appreciate. It leaves your heart excited and your belle filled with joy.

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#13 Tell Stories

a man sharing a story with two adults - fun things to do while camping with family

Stories make camping worth it. Good stories get people emotionally invested and for a moment they forget about reality, whether it is real life, fiction, or scary stories, they make everyone interested and active. It is a fun thing to do while camping with your family.

#14 Play Hide and Seek

a child hidding under the woods fun things to do while camping with family

Hide and seek is a fun game that will keep you and your family laughing throughout your camping. It is energetic and fun-filled. The rule is: the seeker has to close their eyes while everyone hides and when they are all well hidden, they signal the seeker who starts seeking for them. It is an entertaining game.

#15 Enjoy Nature

a lady lying in the field- things to do while camping with family

Enjoy nature and meditate with your family. Camping with family can be filled with too many activities – which is a good thing but remember you took a break from work to enjoy a stress-free moment with your family so in between these so many activities, take a break, relax, get lost in nature and meditate with your family. It is a good way to stay energized throughout your trip.

#16 Rock Painting

stones 167089 640 jpg webp

You can set about drawing stunning patterns using the hues of rainbows, animal prints, stars, the moon, or any other design you desire. Create the designs with as many rocks or pebbles as you can gather.

#17 Treasure Hunt

treasure hunt map for camping

After painting the pebbles, you may conceal them in locations with other things and incite the entire family to go on a search for the buried treasure. The person who has the most diamonds in their collection is declared the winner, while the one with the fewest is declared the loser and must in some manner help everyone else or serve any form of penalty term.

#18 Campfire Journaling

a journal for ampfire journaling

Campers can keep journals, both adults and children. While there are many methods and occasions to journal, including when it’s raining, on a road trip, when the sun is up and everyone is busy but you simply want to create, etc., journaling around a campfire is among the most enjoyable things to do while camping with the family. This is due to the amazing and special feeling that writing by a burning fire creates, which you can only experience while camping.

#19 Decorate Your Space Together

Decorate Your tent Together

As you prepare your campground space, assign everyone duties to complete. The younger children can hang designs after, clean the area, or take on any other available tasks while the grownups attempt to set up the tent. Let everyone take part in setting up the tent and embellishing the area.

#20 Environmental Studies

environmental studies are fun things to do while camping with family

Since children are naturally curious and enjoy learning new things, environmental studies are one of the fun things to do while camping with family. Through these studies and experiences, it is a fun approach to teach the children to appreciate ecology. Here are some environmental studies you can conduct when camping with your family:

  • Analyze Animal Trails: With the help of Animal Track Cards, everyone going camping with the family may spend time discussing animal footprints and connecting them to the creatures they recognize. It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn about wildlife while having fun on the expedition.
  • Study Bugs: Under rocks, your children can look for particularly rare insects. Since insects are an essential component of our ecosystem, teaching your children to observe them rather than stomp on them is a great approach to teaching them about the environment and the value of nature.

#21 Sunset Picnic

sunset picnic - things to do while camping with family

During your camping trip, you can enjoy numerous types of picnics, but watching the sunset while you eat your picnic is a particularly relaxing experience. If the trails are kid-friendly and the area is secure, you can have your picnics at the top of the mountains. Alternatively, you can have them at sunset on the grass next to a body of water or in any other natural setting that is close to your campground.

#22 Play Camping Games

playing during camping - things to do while camping with family

Depending on what your campsite can accommodate, there are a variety of entertaining camping games to play. Anyone who goes camping always intends to play as many games as they can. These campsite game ideas are the greatest for when you’re camping with the family if you’re looking for the most enjoyable camping activities.

#23 Water Activities 

family swimming is one of the fun things to do while camping

You can’t be wondering what fun things to do while camping with family when you camp around a water body. there are several ffamily-friendly water camping activities to engage in, figure them out an have so much fun. Find out the areas of the waters that are shallow for kids to enjoy and keep an eye on the kids.

#24 Fishing

father with kids fishing is one of the fun things to do while camping with family

Camping near a body of water with your family is a great opportunity to go fishing. Even if nobody actually catches one, the thought of a fish will make everyone happy, and the rush of trying to find fish for your BBQ should not be missed.

#25 Hiking Trails 

family hiking trails are fun things to do while camping ith family

You don’t want to leave kids exhausted and crying behind because you choose the challenging routes; instead, look for paths that are simple enough for children to hike. The entire family will have a great time exploring new places by hiking paths and learning the lay of the land. 

Another option is to go on a nighttime hike with the kids when you can both gaze up at the stars and field their inquisitive inquiries. Allowing them to leave your sight will cause them to become curious and walk off to uncharted territory, ruining the entire experience for you if you have to spend the entire night looking for them in the woods. It is best to always hold hands with everyone while hiking trails.

#26 Fetching Firewood and Setting Campfires

fire and firewood burning for fun things to do while camping with family

Fetching firewood and the act of building a fire with the firewood and fingers found in the nearby bushes by the campsite is typically a fun camping pastime for the family unless you’re bringing a portable campfire.
Everyone camping will set out to gather firewood in small groups and look for pieces of wood of various sizes. The adults will assist the children in choosing the best firewood that will be suitable for starting a fire.

After the hunt, the kids will love learning how to build a fire. While doing this, bear in mind to draw a line to keep the younger children a few feet away from the fire to prevent burns and fire mishaps.

#27 Dancing Around a Campfire

mum and kids dancing - fun things to do while camping with family

Around the campfire, you can play music on a portable music player you might have brought with you or sing, play, and dance. It’s one of the easiest and most enjoyable things to do while camping with loved ones or even when camping alone. In between giggling and adrenaline rushes, you can also host dancing contests or just dance the night away.

#28 Recount Scary Tales

Tell each other as many terrifying tales as you can think of. Everyone will cling to one another if they are scared due to the stories that have been recounted. Families can have a wonderful time connecting when camping together.
One person begins the charade by concocting the most terrifying story they can think of. As more participants join in, they add details to the story to help it come together and seem real. Eventually, the story becomes so terrifying that no one can endure it.

#29 Engaging in Family Art Exhibition 

Engaging in Family Art Exhibition is one of the fun things to do while camping with family

Organize painting contests by asking everyone to depict a specific scene or another element of nature they choose. You might laugh at some of the paintings that seem to have nothing to do with what was intended to be painted and be in awe of some of the most stunning nature paintings you’ve ever seen.

You can also look into the patterns and motifs used in tie-dying. If everyone in the family has some knowledge of the technique, you can teach them the fundamentals of tie-dying and encourage them to show off their skills by putting what they’ve learned into practice or by simply creating their own designs. Whether you enjoy arts and crafts or not, exploring crafts outside is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable things to do while camping with family.

#30 Cook Together

pot ooking on fire

Everyone getting together to be a part of the cooking process for the camp meals is quite an interesting experience. You may have enjoyed cooking back home in your kitchen with your family or you may not have but you will love this experience. Not only is it entertaining, but it also fosters a sense of closeness among family members and creates lasting memories.

How to Organize Family Camping

To organize camping, you have to be ready for what comes with it. first, you have to put things in place; find a date suitable for everyone, and a healthy and conducive environment to avoid getting sick during or after camping. Come up with ways to spice up and make it a better experience for everyone.  It is not easy to organize a camping vacation with your family, so here are some tips:

  • Make a research
  • Create a plan
  • Discuss with your family
  • Pick the best location
  • Make a list of fun things to do while camping with your family
  • Pack the best gadgets and everything you will need to make the trip a memorable one 

Check out this article on how to prepare for camping to help make organizing a family camping vacation simple. Planning the camping fun activities, routes, and travel packing list (whether for road trips, international trips, or local flights), as well as how to pack for the trip and any additional vacation demands will go smoothly with these tips.

Note that if you know how to organize family camping well, you are on your way to having the most entertaining camping trip with family that everyone will always remember or hope for a repetition.

What are the Benefits of Camping?

The benefits of camping cannot be overemphasized and putting camping in your monthly/yearly vacation plans is very important as it is one of the ways to enjoy quality time with your spouse, friends, loved ones, or even yourself, if you are camping alone. Your mind and energy get renewed. Here are some benefits of camping: 

  • It’s a good way to unwind
  • It helps you bond with the people you are camping with
  • It relieves stress 
  • It exposes you to new knowledge especially if you are camping with other people
  • It exposes you to different cultures and tradition
  • You get to do knowledgeable and entertaining camp activities that are good for your body.  

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Safety Tips While Camping with Family

It is important to stay healthy throughout and even after camping. The goal is to feel happy and healthier after camping that’s why we are sharing some important safety tips to keep you safe throughout your camp.

  • Always carry a complete first-aid box
  • Carry a mosquito net or mosquito repellent, if you are camping in a mosquito-infested area
  • Carry thick clothes and a blanket if your camping location is cold – this is why you must do a research
  • Know your country’s emergency number 
  • Do not pick a dangerous camping location – another reason you must research.

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There are so many other fun things to do while camping with family but these activities top them all. You’ll have a fun time engaging in these activities and everyone in the family will have a camping vacation experience to hold on to even years after. 

You can come up with more ideas on camping with family to spice up the holiday and don’t forget to drop a comment on some of the best fun things you’ve done while camping with family. Away from a family trip, you can choose a time to go on that long overdue couple vacation with your spouse and these 20 Sensual Couple Camping Ideas For the Most Romantic Experience will give you a sizzling vacation experience away from your normal.

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I’m Daisy, a passionate traveler and adventurer who loves sharing her travel and camping tips. From a young age, I’ve had a thirst for exploration, taking myself to different corners of the world. I enjoy combining my love for travel with camping trips and believe that it's not just about the destination, but also about the journey and the people you meet along the way. Through this blog and social media platforms, I share my travel experiences, recommendations, and tips to inspire others to travel more and explore the world around them. When I’m not traveling, I can be found planning my next adventure or spending time in nature writing.

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