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Your travels don’t have to be stressful and boring because you might be fearing the outcome of a business deal while on a business trip, the raucousness of family members while on a family holiday, or merely anxious about one or more things while traveling. No matter what kind of trip you are taking or the kind of transportation you use—public or private transportation, domestic or international flights, first class, business class, or economy class—you should pack your itinerary with enjoyable activities.

You need some enjoyable things to do on a trip that will make your journey interesting and less monotonous. Some of the activities on this list can be done wherever, while others are restricted to a particular mode of transportation, so it doesn’t matter if you are cooped up in a public transportation system, a private vehicle, or on a flight. They are carefully ranked from the best top 10 must-dos to a number of other activities that I am sure you will find equally enjoyable.

Fun Things to Do on a Trip 

Whether you’re traveling alone or with a group of friends, family, or coworkers, these engaging activities will certainly liven up your entire vacation. When you’re engrossed in these activities, I bet you’ll wish the trip would never end.

Tell or Listen to Jokes

Things to Do on a Trip - tell jokes

If you’re traveling with others, making jokes and laughing at the ridiculousness of humorous stories might keep your boredom and travel fears at bay. Take turns telling some extremely funny road trip jokes to make everyone laugh if you’re on a road trip. Whoever can think of the funniest joke or riddle ever wins.
Alternatively, whether you’re traveling alone or on a plane, watching or listening to some funny videos or jokes on your tablet is another option for comic relief that will make the time pass fast without you even realizing it.


Things to Do on a Trip - listen to podcasts

Podcasts have repeatedly been shown to be a cool method to relax and unwind when on any kind of travel. What podcast channel do you prefer, and who are your favorite podcasters? Don’t forget to bring your headphones so you won’t be annoying other passengers. If you’re traveling in a group, you can also listen to podcasts together.


Things to Do on a Trip - books and audio books

The most enjoyable and peaceful approach to passing time fast has been demonstrated to be with books. Being a boo freak, reading has always been one of my favorite things to do on a road trip to ward off any and all negative emotions. You can also experience the pleasure of listening to audiobooks if you don’t want to fix your eyes on inks on white (or brown paper, as the case may be). Download the audio versions of some of our favorite novels before your travel to help you unwind and get through them.

Pull Over and Stretch

Things to Do on a Trip - stretch your legs

Perfect for road journeys, especially in a private vehicle, be sure to stop every so often to get some fresh air. Whenever your transportation system pauses, or if you are not traveling on a one-way flight, get out to stretch and take a breath of fresh air before getting back in to resume your journey. Not only is stretching important for your health physically, but it is also very healthy for your mind.

Stop by a Favorite or An Interesting Restaurant 

Things to Do on a Trip - stop by a restaurant

One of the fun things to do on a trip to make it enjoyable is to stop at your favorite restaurant you spotted en route. This is ideal for a private car trip. It doesn’t only have to be your favorite restaurant; you may also stop by any eatery that piques your interest enough to test their food or even the hot new restaurant on the scene. It will definitely make your trip memorable.

Document the Trip

Things to Do on a Trip - record moments

Take selfies, nature photos, videos, and notebooks to record your travels. There are numerous inventive ways to record your journey, so you shouldn’t pick one and ignore the others because each approach is as significant and exciting, depending on how fascinating you make it to look back on.

A Quick Picnic

Things to Do on a Trip - have a quick picnic

Visit a public park to have a fast picnic while on the road. A solitary or group picnic during a journey, as the case may be, is an enjoyable activity to partake in whether you are traveling alone or with family and friends. Due to this, it is best to prepare a picnic basket and think of some healthy road trip food ideas in advance if you are going to have one.

Play Some Games

Things to Do on a Trip - play car games

If you’re traveling in a car, any game can make the trip more enjoyable and memorable, whether it’s a computer game, card game, board game, or other kinds of road trip games like scavenger hunts, road trip trivia questions, license plate number, and many more things to do on a long car ride that you can come up with.


Things to Do on a Trip - social media

Many people enjoy watching movies while traveling because it is unquestionably intriguing. To keep you entertained for the most of your journey, download as many movies as you can. One of my favorite things to do on a trip is watch movies, which is suitable for any kind of trip. However, you shouldn’t do this if you are the one behind the steering; watching movies while driving is never a good idea. If you must watch a movie, choose someone else to drive while you relax.

FaceTime Loved Ones

Things to Do on a Trip - facetime loved ones

Talking to loved ones while traveling is a great way to relax and feel protected, especially if you’re traveling alone or as soon as you arrive in unfamiliar cities and towns. It also helps to keep travel anxiety at bay on both ends. One of the things to do while traveling is this because of the psychological benefits and added safety as well as the enjoyment factor.

Update Your Trip in Progress on Social Media

Things to Do on a Trip - make posts

Your online community will be excited to follow your journey on social media. Take a few arbitrary pictures of your trip’s interesting features. It can be the skies in certain regions of the state you are going through or a stunning landscape. People who have been there are welcome to share their stories and opinions about your photo and posts. Speaking about your travel experiences will be a lot of fun for you and your community. Time will fly by on your vacation without you even realizing it, and after hearing the stories that were told, you will only be happy that you went on your trip or maybe not.


Things to Do on a Trip - vlog

Travel-related vlogs are welcome. from the moment you made the decision to travel, through the process of packing, to the moment you arrived at the airport and took off. Create videos of each stage of your journey, from booking to check-in, if you want to. Road trips can also be the subject of a vlog. Here are some of the most popular, durable, and cheap vlogging cameras for your content.


Things to Do on a Trip - blog

You can write a lot for your travel blog when you travel. Create a number of blog posts about your daily life or a travel blog from your travels. You may devote a significant portion of your vacation to curating these items in the most original way possible, using the journey itself as the source of inspiration. Here are the simplest steps for starting a travel blog.

Random Chatter

Things to Do on a Trip - chatter with friends

You can spend a portion of the trip chatting about anything and everything if you are traveling with a group, which could be either relatives or friends. There is no requirement that a particular subject be reserved for debate. Any individual may switch between topics. Enjoy each other’s company while being playful, cracking jokes, and sharing stories about your collective or personal past experiences.

Nap/Take a Break

Things to Do on a Trip - take a nap

You can take a personal break from the constant talk by gazing out your window and admiring nature, cityscapes, or the clouds, or you can simply drift off and take a nap. There is no requirement that your trip is jam-packed with activities.

Take Detours 

Things to Do on a Trip - take detours

Turn off your GPS if you’re traveling in a private vehicle and just take arbitrary detours to see where they take you. Use your geographic sense to assess how well that works. You will enjoy exploring locations that you would not typically see if you took the direct route to your destination. Finding your way back to the correct path, even if you get lost, is undoubtedly one of the most fun things to do on a trip. 

Snack in Transit

Things to Do on a Trip - snack

Airlines often give snacks on board the flight to travelers. Take time to savor your snacks. If going on a road trip, pack some of your favorite snacks into your carry-on along with you to the passenger seat. Have a nice time in transit snacking on some chocolates and cookies. Here are some healthy road trip lunch ideas for you to pack up and snack on.

Get Creative

Things to Do on a Trip - get creative

Let the journey motivate and spark your creative side. Kids will find this to be one of the best things to do on a trip, but even adults will enjoy making incredible characters and events with text, crayons, or cartoons.

Get Local Souvenirs 

Things to Do on a Trip - local sourvenir

Make stops at strategic points and don’t forget to enter each destination’s local mall to collect a souvenir for memory’s sake. Some cities should never be driven through without collecting some treasures from them that will serve as a reminder that you have been there.


Things to Do on a Trip  - camp

Instead of continuing to drive through the night when your trip becomes tiresome and dusk falls, think about camping in any nearby campground or other secure rural location. Camping is typically a unique experience, and the experience is usually exciting and a lot of fun. The following instructions on how to prepare for camping and knowing what things to do while camping at night can help you do better. If you are preparing to go camping, don’t forget to bring your camping supplies.

Make Stops at Fun Locations Along your Route

Things to Do on a Trip - visit fun places along the way

The trip will be greatly spiced up by stopping at various tourist destinations along the way. If your children know they may anticipate unscheduled stops at some tourist attractions along the road, they will be more than happy to accompany you on future journeys. If you take a break at a few entertaining locations to have fun before moving on, you’ll also have an enjoyable time and traveling will feel less burdensome.

Meditate, Reminisce and Fantasize

Things to Do on a Trip - meditate, fantasize,reminisce

Just shut your eyes and relax. Your muscles will relax, and your mind will be free. You might also use this time to reflect on old pleasant memories, such as those from past travels or even events unrelated to your current trip. You should also imagine the ideal future for yourself, one in which all the things you desire are at your disposal. These are all fantastic activities to partake in while in transit, whether by airline or car, as you soar through the air or down winding roads.

Go Over Photo Gallery

Things to Do on a Trip - go through your gallery

Here is a quick activity I like to do on lengthy journeys. I spend a few hours looking through my photo galleries after I’ve possibly done everything there is to do on the journey or even when I haven’t. What better way to indulge than on a trip? There are so many memories buried there that need to be rediscovered.

Go Through Unfinished Projects

Things to Do on a Trip - finish up projects

Trips are excellent opportunities to complete chores and projects that have been left unfinished. Retake the course you left off. Take up the language lessons you left off with. Organize the mail. Send the necessary emails, finish the book you were writing, check your social media pages, update your profile and resume, etc. Trips can be relaxing, which provides space and opportunity to do tasks that were put off due to your busy day-to-day schedule.

Stalk Your Favorite Celebrity/Crush

Things to Do on a Trip - stalk your favorite celebrity crush on social media

Going through the social media pages of some of my favorite people on the planet to catch up on the trendiest gists and updates from them that I might have missed on a typical day due to my busy schedule is one of my favorite things to do when I’m on a trip where there is a reliable internet connection. I continue looking for details about them that I could have overlooked, reading through their comment sections, searching for potential romantic interests, and simply keeping up with the latest rumor about them.


The list of things to do on a trip is endless and there are always so many things that you can find to do while traveling. The main idea here is to never leave your trip monotonous and void of fun activities. You can always come up with new ways to enjoy every trip and make it special. This starts by first finding out the best time to travel for a vacation for the best experience, down to tips for planning a perfect vacation, ways to enjoy a vacation, and make it special also, you can go through this guide for choosing the perfect vacation destinations. Make up your mind to enjoy the vacation and go all out for the fun starting from the journey itself.

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