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If you’re planning a vacation in New Orleans with your partner and you’re bordered about the availability of romantic things to do in New Orleans as a couple, worry no more. There are a number of romantic activities in New Orleans for couples that guarantee complete immersion in fun and creating deeper connection with your partner.  

Yeah! There’s the Jazz that can draw you into a world of butterflies and romance with your partner and you’re thinking so what next? There’s a variety of romantic things to do in New Orleans from gothic to fun, adventurous to soothing, dining, partying, and cruises, the list is almost endless. 

If you’re planning a vacation in New Orleans with your partner, this article is for you. Here are carefully compiled list of romantic things to do in New Orleans you should look out for and enjoy on your romantic vacation with your spouse. 

1. Experience the World of the Dead at the Ornate Cemetery

Romantic things to do in New Orleans: exploring the world of the dead

Get guided through a haunted cemetery at night, to know about the lives and deaths of renowned people in New Orleans from your tour guide at the beautiful ornate mortuary–Yes! Even the mortuaries in Orleans are beautiful! There are sculptures and decorated, above-the-ground graves to captivate you.

Even the land of the dead feels enthralling in New Orleans and the guides are only too delighted to indulge you with tales of ghosts and stories that will leave you feeling goosebumps, as well as the history of famous dead legends like artists, philosophers, leaders, etc., of New Orleans buried at the cemetery.

This activity is one of the romantic things to do in New Orleans that deepens the connection between you and your lover. It reconnects even to your past and family events and helps you to better understand each other. 

2. Boat Cruise in the Lake  at Sunset

Romantic things to do in New Orleans

There are many ways to get away for romantic moments all by yourself in New Orleans and you should consider hiring a boat for a cruise on Lake Pontchartrain. You can either just sit in the middle of the lake in the boat and take in the view of the picturesque expanses surrounding the lake, cuddled up in each other’s arms while treating yourselves to a romantic lunch onboard, or just sail the lake at sunset to get intoxicated by the enchanting view of the lake at night. 

Vacationing as a couple is a great way to deepen your connection with each other, whenever there is the opportunity to stay alone with your partner, maximize such offerings to the best advantage of growing and prospering your union. The boat cruise is a special activity that helps to create this connection through the fear and safety on each other’s arms that it provides. 

3. A Picnic by the River Bank

People having fun in a picnic; romantic things to do in New Orleans

Bayou St John with its picturesque landscape at the river banks is your perfect picnic spot for a romantic time in New Orleans. Pack your blankets and perfect dishes and fruits and head over to the green grassy banks for some memorable mushy moments together in New Orleans. You can rent a Kayak from the rentals in the neighborhood and paddle through the Bayou together, after the picnic. Don’t forget to take cute loved-up pictures and selfies at this scenic recreational spot for memories.

4. Don’t miss the  Mardi Gras Festival in March

Romantic things to do in New Orleans

If you can afford it, visiting New Orleans in the Spring with your spouse is just a perfect season because of the weather, to have your romantic fantasies fulfilled. And to cap it all, You’ll get to participate in the famous Mardi Gras Festival. It is perfect for couples and even family, when in New Orleans visiting the Mardi Grass festival is one of the fun things to do in New Orleans with family. There are also other fun things to do in New Orleans with kids explored in this article for you. 

5. Attend Jazz Shows Together at Local Pubs

music g056b23669 640 5

Dance all night while singing alongside renowned Jazz singers. There’s Jazz everywhere in New Orleans even the streets at every nook boast of these performers. You may not want to stop by or gather around the artists on the streets with other locals or tourists but would rather prefer something more private and romantic. Book and attend a jazz show together at a lounge, get to cuddle up together, gulping really fine wines while vibing to great jazz all along. Even in Scottsdale, this event is one of the fun things to do with kids in Scottsdale

6. Dinner or Lunch date at the Restaurants

African Restaurants in Dubai 2. 2jpg 3

There are so many restaurants in New Orleans to pick, for a dinner or lunch date experience of the local dishes or a blend of both local and Mediterranean recipes. 

Domenica is an Italian restaurant that offers a simple and luxurious experience for a romantic date for couples with several options to choose from. This activity is also one of the fun things to do in New Orleans with kids, it should be on your list when you go on family vacation. 

There are also so many options of restaurants with many world-class chefs offering Creole cuisines and mouth-watering varieties of dishes, you’d not help but salivate and be left in your confusion on what to choose.

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7. Tour the Oak Alley Plantation Together

Romantic things to do in New Orleans

The beautiful plantation with its landscape featuring centuries-old oak trees lined at the entrance of the plantation is a popular destination to tour as couples for a romantic vacation in New Orleans. Standing tall is the historic house with several exhibitions to explore and learn about Louisiana and its complexities.

This activity creates a connection with nature and helps couples to connect better as one. It helps to deepen love and affection for each other. Like Hiking and other activities that are fun things to do in Palm Springs with kids, this Oak Alley Plantation tour will help you to know your partner better.  

8. Stroll Through the Streets Sightseeing

Romantic things to do in New Orleans

You can just roam the streets, catching a bit of everything that there is to enjoy in the city of New Orleans, hand in hand. From the Jazz to the antique displays to the fortune sellers positioned at the open square to the shops lined through the streets of the French quarters. There’s so much to soak in together on the streets of New Orleans by just strolling through the streets.

Where you get lost (which should definitely be classified as one of the romantic things to experience together as couples), use your map or book an Uber ride back to your hotel, and that’s after you’ve shopped and had a cozy dinner or lunch at one of the finest restaurants lined through the streets. 

9. Airboat swamp tour

romantic things to do in New Orleans

How adventurous are you pair? Watch out for alligators, bald eagles, and other wild animals as you tour the New Orleans Swamps with your partner. This activity can be fun and scary. It sometimes creates fear that makes you run into your partner’s arms for protection. This is the goal of this vacation, to make them feel safer and secure in your arms, to make your partner believe their security is guaranteed around you.

This event helps to create that love, connection, and fun as couples. Like other family vacation spots in Florida that create this experience, the adrenaline rush activity helps to create a dependency that deepens the affection and love you feel for each other. It is one of the romantic activities for couples in New Orleans. 

10. Don’t miss the Jazz and Heritage Festival in October

One of the most famous events and the biggest Jazz festival in America is the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival! Get to see famous jazz artists perform and learn about the culture and heritage of New Orleans and its Jazz. Consider setting up a romantic vacation this October for this experience.

11. Discover the City in a Streetcar

romantic things to do in New Orleans

You may want to struggle through with other tourists as you squeeze yourselves into the streetcars and get to tour the city in each other’s company, alongside other tourists. You may not find this romantic enough but rather intruding but think of the picture-perfect you’d create wrapped up together like that. You may even restore someone’s hope in love once again! Think of this as a privilege and a gift you’ll be giving to the group, then begin to go get your tickets already. And it’s very cheap!

12. Get Cozy in a Mule Driven Carriage as You Tour the French Quarters

French Quarters building in New Orleans

Rather than join the many tourists strolling through the historic streets of the French Quarters, driving through the quarters lined with shops and Jazz is a far more romantic option for couples. Carriages are generally deemed romantic, so imagine watching the city, listening to your guide recount tales of vampires and haunted quarters while you stay wrapped in the safety of each other’s arms. There are antiques and souvenir displays to window shop or get for each other at the quarters as well.

13.  Dine Aboard the Mississippi River while listening to Jazz in the Steamboat Natchez 

Romantic things to do in New Orleans

I’m wondering if any couple can visit New Orleans for a romantic getaway without yielding to the beckoning of the Steamboat Natchez on the Mississippi River Harbour. Even if you’re not on a romantic vacation, the temptation would be too much to resist and you’d better plan ahead to indulge when it calls.

For $50 per 3hours for an evening cruise while listening to Jazz and having yourself get treated to a romantic dinner on board. There are other options on the Natchez boat tour depending on your budget and preference. You’ve got the Jazz-Dinner Cruise with a VIP tour featuring an open bar priced at $162 for 2 hours, the Natchez harbor cruise, which is the cheapest at $39 for 2 hours, and the Brunch Cruise for the same amount. 

14. Chill at the Spa

lady undergoing massage therapy in a spa

Bond over a couple’s massages and facials at the spa in New Orleans. With a few cocktails and Jazz playing in the background, treat yourselves to a classy three hours of rest and pampering at The Ritz-Carlton Spa, New Orleans. There’s this suite reserved for couples alone with tubs, an 80-minutes couple massages (a very sumptuous deal if you ask me), couches, and television for couples relaxation. Book a couple’s reservation.

15. Try  the Cocktails

try some cocktails

Asides from Jazz, New Orleans is renowned for serving premium cocktails and their history dates back to the 1850s when the Sazerac was born. And there’s even a museum, the Sazerac House, dedicated to this! Which offers tours and history of the famous cocktail origins and offers tasting of a variety of cocktail samples for a fee, aided by experts. The tour through the museum is actually free! 

If you’re still crazy over cocktails and its history, or you’d rather start elsewhere to learn about the great Sazerac, drop by the celebrated Sazerac Bar located at The Roosevelt Hotel, and this destination is the premium deal because this is the exact spot the coveted cocktail was formulated. Have a taste of cocktails at their finest.

16. Wander Through the Garden District

Romantic things to do in New Orleans with your partner

The Garden District with its beautiful landscape houses the homes of famous New Orleans legends. The former home of Ann Rice, the author of Interview with the Vampire, and even famous actress Sandra Bullock, have a vacation home here too. Even for those planning to visit Burbank, this activity is one of the fun things to do in Burbank

Planning a trip can be hectic without appropriate travel tips to keep in mind. Gaining appropriate knowledge of how to enjoy a vacation is essential. Tips on how to plan a relaxing vacation can help you make the most of your vacation with your partner. 

17. Let your Souls Connect at the New Orleans City Park

New Orleans city park

I love nature and can’t think of a perfect way to listen to my partner’s soul and get pulled to it, if not surrounded by nature. Sauntering through the park, enveloped by nature and all its enchantments at the New Orleans City Park is a perfect moment for a soul connection for couples. There are the lakes at different turns, Oak Trees whose lives span through centuries, Botanical Gardens, and many other spectacular views that are so enthralling it would push you to the brink of passion.

And there are many things to do together there; things like riding the gondola, walking hand in hand through the gardens and learning about plants and herbs, paddling a rental boat across the lakes together, and so many other activities.

18. Get a Foresight of your Future Together from the Fortune Tellers

fortune teller

A reservation for a couple’s fortune reading sounds romantic enough! You’re a bit tensed up I know, what if this doesn’t go well? And probably thinking “they ain’t even real”. Well, a little fun indulging in mystics, whether you believe the results or not, is worth spending a little fortune on, together with your partner. You’ll definitely enjoy the experience and no doubt have your love life spiced up. The idea here is to have a romantic time that connects your souls as a couple right? Then no second thoughts, just go ahead to Jackson Square and book a reservation already.

19. Vampire, Voodoo, and Witch Tour of the French Quarter


You should bond by holding on to each other from fright as you listen to your tour guide bring tales of ghosts, witches, and vampires vividly to your imaginations as you Tour the French quarters together.  Don’t worry, hearing your guide recount the history of centuries of occult practices around the haunted quarters will send chills down your spine but it’s just mere history.

I’m sure this is going to be worth it right? You could even book a haunted hotel to lodge for the night and stay wrapped in each other’s arms all night for comfort and safety. The tour lasts for two hours and if you suddenly feel you’re not up for it, you can cancel before 24 hours to your tour time. It’s wheelchair accessible. So there isn’t a barrier to your fun regardless of your physical health status. 

20. Experience the Paranormal at the Voodoo Museum

romantic things to do in New Orleans

For couples with wild imaginations and interests in magic and the paranormal, visiting the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum should be top on your list of romantic things to do in New Orleans. There’s a wealth of experience and discovery awaiting you at the museum from enthusiastic priests of the voodoo religion who will be just thrilled to take you on, in the chronicles of the history of voodoo, folklore, and their functions in their society even up to this day. Get each other intoxicated by the love potion from the voodoo museum. Also available are voodoo dolls and even scented candles, you can light it for a little romance after, possibly a dinner date on the porch at your rental apartment /lodge?

21. Mark your Anniversary with a Parade

Horse Parade

Do you know that you can hire a band and have the team throw you and your partner a parade on the streets of New Orleans to mark your anniversary? Sounds pretty romantic and exhilarating right? You don’t need to be in the army to get a salute or have a parade in your honor. What better romantic memories and way to mark your wedding anniversary than planning and executing your own parade in simple yet grand style? All you need to do is get a permit and this can be done in just a few hours of prior notice, hire a band and have the entire street to yourself for a couple of hours to celebrate as you want! For very little cost, trust me.

22. Shop for Souvenirs Together 

Shop souvenirs

At the end or during the vacation, you shouldn’t forget to get thoughtful,  romantic gifts and souvenirs from the shops in the French Quarters for each other. This is sure to spice up your romance during the vacation and even after. You can also shop for souvenirs for the family and friends at home from your trip. Check out Forever New Orleans, for a variety of souvenirs of any kind for any season or purpose, the Pepper Palace has got enough Louisiana spices to try out and take home. Don’t worry, the list is endless, so many shops at the French Quarters await your time. Just get in there together and make your various choices. 

23. Sign up for Creole Cuisine Culinary Class


Learn how to make creole meals and beverages and have their recipes in your possession by signing up to learn at Lunch and Lesson: Cajun & Creole Cooking Class as couples. Get to sample as many dishes as possible and learn them as well in each other’s company. You’ll learn how to prepare dishes like gumbo and beignets, crawfish étouffée, shrimp and grits, their history and so many others. This will be a permanent souvenir to take back home with you from your romantic vacation and to continue your romance even after New Orleans.

Take a look at these African Restaurants in Canada.

24. Book a Cozy and Intimate Hotel

cozy hotel room

One of the first things to look out for while planning a romantic vacation with your spouse is the hotel you’d lodge. You should book a romantic, cozy and intimate destination to lodge during your stay for steaming nights and mornings of passion and comfort away from the adventures of the vacation and tour. Coming back to an intimate space that fosters passion and fireworks explosions amongst yourselves is very paramount. Check out the J Collection of hotels in New Orleans to pick a suitable one for your fantasies. 

25. Enjoy Nightlife on Bourbon Street 

Night life

Situated in the French Quarters, the street boasts of a greater number of clubs, theatres, bars, pubs, and a bubbling nightlife than any other area of New Orleans. Get down to Bourbon street to dance to a live Jazz or Rock and Roll. Party the night away together in each other’s arms, wriggle and whine along with the dancers and music or simply sit back and get entertained by the show. Don’t miss the creole cuisine while at this, please. Let the entertainment wash over you all night, you’ll sleep it off in your cozy hotel later.


Don’t forget to soak in a lot of sunshine and laughter in New Orleans, the locals are quite friendly and this makes it easy to go with the flow. New Orleans promises to do magic to your romantic life and making this trip would just be one of the best decisions and memories that will catapult your love to the next level because this romantic city promises you intimacy and another dimension of bonding with each other. 

Some of the romantic things to do in New Orleans that help to create a better connection with one’s partner include the following: Experience the World of the Dead at the Ornate Cemetery, Boat Cruise in the Lake at Sunset, Picnic by the River Bank, participate in the Mardi Gras Festival in March, Attend Jazz Shows Together at Local Pubs, Tour the Oak Alley Plantation Together, Stroll Through the Streets Sightseeing, Wander Through the Garden District and Let your Souls Connect at the New Orleans City Park.

These activities are deemed to create a strong bond between you and your partner, make the love grow stronger and even give you time to better understand your partner. Save these on your list of romantic things to do in New Orleans with your spouse. 

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