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You may believe that your method of fixing your toiletry bag to the side of the luggage, stuffing it to the brim with objects, and attempting to force the bag to lock is the epitome of suitcase packing. Or maybe not, as you wouldn’t be here seeking the cleverest hacks for packing a suitcase if you truly believed you were that good. Knowing how to pack a suitcase will make unpacking simpler, give you more time to relax, and prevent you from worrying about how to arrange and iron your belongings once you arrive at your destination.

Okay, I get that you detest having to plan how to pack for a lengthy or even brief vacation, and I really wish we could simply wave a magic wand and tada! You have everything carefully packed and are ready to move. Since this isn’t even possible, even though we both wish it were, I’ve chosen to do my small part by compiling these packing suitcase hacks to make your preparation simpler and the subsequent unpacking, less difficult.

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1 Best Hacks for Packing a Suitcase

Best Hacks for Packing a Suitcase

Assuming you didn’t have any immediate plans to move and received a last-minute call to board an aircraft immediately for a different area, you are concerned about how you would keep all of your belongings intact. Don’t even consider shoving everything into that suitcase and then attempting to push the bag shut; instead, use these hacks for packing a suitcase to get your belongings organized in the most considerate manner and be ready to leave in a hurry without too much stress:

Choose a Light-Weight Easy to Carry On Suitcase

lightweight suitcase - hacks for packing  a suitcase

Pick a lightweight, convenient carry-on suitcase to pack your belongings if you have a choice. You will avoid paying additional fees for heavyweight luggage and the transportation of your bags will be less stressful if you have these packing suitcase hacks at your fingertips. You will be forced to pack fewer items because a heavy suitcase will add to the weight of your luggage, while a light one will let you load more.

Stuff Your Tiny and Fragile Items Like Socks into Your Shoes

stuff tiny pieces and socks into shoes- hacks for packing  a suitcase

Stuff socks and other small, delicate items like a compact mirror or perfume bottle into your shoes to make a place for other items. Not only will it save up room, but it will also keep these goods stable, secure, and easy to locate.

Use Shower Cap to Pack Your Wet or Dirty Items

Did you just receive a call telling you to pack up and relocate immediately? Don’t stress about the soiled footwear, soiled clothing, or wet items you just hand-washed. Use your shower cap, if you have one hanging around, to pack them up so that nothing nasty or damp gets mixed in with your clean belongings in the same bag. It’s a good idea to wrap these goods in a plastic bag before putting them in the bag or packing cubes, especially if you can’t get your hands on packing cubes but even if you can. It is waterproof and will keep your belongings safe till you reach your destination.

Roll Your Clothes Rather Than Fold Them

hacks for packing  a suitcase - fold clothes don't roll them

Your light clothing should be rolled rather than folded. They make it considerably smaller and less rumpled so that it will fit into your suitcase with room to spare for an additional stuff. However, this trick for packing a suitcase might not be as effective for bulky items like jackets. 

Layer All the Long Clothes on Each Other in The Middle of Your Suit Case Then Fold Them Together

Now this works well for some heavy clothes that you don’t want to wear in transit. Just place one clothe in the middle of the suitcase in a straight pattern, put another clothe over that, add more layers of clothes and fold it to the center, take the other edge and do the same too. This is one of the hacks for packing a suitcase that will leave you with so much space to pack other things. And also, helps you utilize the space in the middle of your suitcase.

Use Packing Cubes

hacks for packing  a suitcase- always use packing cubes for organisation

Packing cubes are one of the greatest hacks for packing a suitcase if you are looking to stay organized and easily tell where each item is. It also helps prevent wrinkles and creases on clothes and makes partitioning of items in the suitcase easy.

The Heavy Items Go to the Bottom of the Suitcase

The heavier stuff should always go in the bottom of the bag, while the lighter items should go on top. This will stabilize your bag and prevent it from toppling. This is one of the packing suitcase hacks that wil keep all the items in your suitcase safe through every turbulence while in transit.

Keep the Clothing You’re Wearing Right Away on Top.

hacks for packing  a suitcase - what you will wear immediately should always be on top

If you intend to go to a meeting or a date as soon as you get to your destination, you shouldn’t pack that clothing down at the bottom of the luggage. This is one of the most straightforward hacks for packing a suitcase to reduce stress and chaos once you arrive at your location. You don’t want to waste a lot of time moving heavy objects just to get to the clothes you intended to wear at the bottom of the bag.

Light Clothes Should Come on Top

Naturally, the lighter clothing should be on top since the heavier clothing goes underneath. Additionally, you should load your well-organized suitcase with crease-prone things in the upper area and light clothes are prone to creases.

Your Belt Under Your Collar Makes it Stay Stiff

hacks for packing  a suitcase - use belts on collar necks

If your shirt doesn’t have a collar stay, tucking your belt under the collar before packing it will assist avoid creases and squishing the collar. Additionally, it conserves room because you won’t have to think about how and where to put your belt in the bag.

Scan Your Important Documents Going into The Suitcase and Take a Picture of Your Packed Suitcase

hacks for packing  a suitcase - scan your documents

Always scan the documents you are packing and taking on the road. Take a photo of your neatly packed and organized suitcase’s interior as well. This will help identify the contents of your bag in the event that your baggage goes missing. In the event that retrieval is unsuccessful, you can always print a fresh set of documents from your scanned document.

Pack Your Clothes Inside out

Packing your clothing inside out before rolling them into your luggage will minimize wrinkles when you turn it back to the right side. Additionally, it will protect your light-colored clothing from smudges or stains that may occur during packing or from a cracked makeup palette in the suitcase.

Throw in a Suitcase Freshener

hacks for packing  a suitcase - throw in a suitcase perfume

Keep your luggage smelling lovely and fresh at all times. This is an essential piece of advice regarding suitcase packing. You don’t want your luggage to smell because of dampness or stuffiness from lack of air because it was closed the entire time when you open it at the end of the trip.

Wear the Bulky Stuff

Wearing bulkier clothing items is advised for your trip. When you do this, your suitcase will weigh less and have more room inside for packing more crucial items.

Wear Your Sunglasses and Let the Cord/Cables Go into the Case

hacks for packing a suitcase - cables in a shade case

Pack your cables and charging cords in your sunglasses case. It goes without saying that you will need to put your sunglasses on, or maybe style your glasses by leaving them in your hair or hanging them on your clothes neckline. Your cables will be kept safe as a result, and doing so will make them simple to transport and locate when necessary.

Stash Smaller Pieces of Items into Your Hat if Carrying One

Wondering how to carry your hat along in a way that it won’t get squeezed? Place it upside down in the middle of the suitcase. Before you turn it over and place in the middle of the box, stash it with pieces of clothes to help it stay in place and to prevent it from being squished. This will also enable you to pack more items for your journey as where the head goes into the hat is being filled with items instead of being left empty.

Store Jewellery in a Pill Bottle

pill container for jewelry - hacks for packing a suitcase

You should put your bracelets and earrings—which, of course, should be few and far between—in an available empty pill container. This will keep your valuables secure and centralized. Additionally, since you won’t need to bring your complete jewelry box, which is larger, it will save space.

Cover Lids with Plastic Bags

Always place plastic bags over the lids of any containers or bottles that you are carrying when handling liquids. By doing so, the lid will stay firmly closed and spills will be avoided.

Most Precious and Fragile Valuables Should Go into Your Carryon Bags

Never pack delicate or priceless objects in your suitcase. This is due to the possibility that your luggage will be misplaced during transportation or that it will take longer than expected to deliver to you at your destination. Therefore, if your valuables are small enough to fit in your carry-on, you should do so. This includes important documents and other goods that you will need immediately after you get to your destination.

Put an Immediate Change of Clothes in Your Carryon Bag if There is Room for It.

If these items can fit in your carry-on, you should do so if you anticipate making several stops at several airports and needing to change clothing during that time. Additionally, pack a change of clothes in your carry-on if you plan to change quickly after arriving at your destination before setting up camp and unpacking. Make sure they are breathable and rollable.

Take a Very Minimal Quantity of Items

hacks for packing  suitcase - very minimal baggage

Do not take more than you need of anything. Avoid bringing too many shoes, clothes, cosmetics, and toiletries. If you can buy replacements on your trip, you shouldn’t even pack your toiletries. Instead of taking too many clothes, pack outfits that may be altered to fit a variety of events. This is one of the packing tips that will help you carry as little as possible, which will help you save a lot of money on airport baggage fees. Additionally, keep in mind that you’ll go shopping, so why pack the old things?

Thread Your Necklace Through Straws 

Your necklace will stay untangled and be simple to find when you need it if you thread it through straws or a biro.

Checkout TSA Rules to Guide You in Packing Items

Before you start packing, immediately review TSA regulations regarding what is allowed and what is not, as well as the acceptable quantities of each item. This will help you pack your bag and prevent any embarrassing situations at the airport.

Put Your Laptop in your Carryon Bag

hacks for packing  suitcase - laptop goes into carryon

Never put your iPad or laptop in your luggage if you are traveling with them. Always pack them in your carry-on when traveling. If you need to pack your laptop in your carry-on, be sure it isn’t also a lightweight bag. When you load a lightweight carry-on containing your gadgets into the overhead compartment above your airplane seat, it will quickly damage your devices.

Pack Cables Securely with a Hairband 

If you don’t have a lot of cables or the space to bring a cable organizer, a simple travel packing tip is to coil your cords and secure them with hair bands to prevent tangling and maximize space.

Don’t Stuff Your Suitcase To the Brim

hacks for packing  suitcase - don't stuff ypur suitcase to the brim

Keep your bag from being completely packed. Always allow room in your suitcase, whether you’re packing a tiny or large one. This is because you will undoubtedly make new purchases while you are away, and the last thing you want is to have too many products on your return flight that won’t fit in your suitcase and ends up costing you extra money.

A Dry Cleaning Bag and Plastic File Folder Can Replace Packing Cubes

If you don’t have access to packing cubes, plastic file folders or dry cleaning bags are useful alternatives. Similar to packing cubes, they assist keep your box organized and contents neatly separated from one another while minimizing creases on clothing.

Section/Separate Your Items

Let liquids stay together, toiletries to one side, wet and dirty wear to different sides. Don’t just stash all items together. Packing cubes also make separating items into different sections from one another within the suitcase possible.

Weigh Your Luggage Before Leaving if Possible

Please weigh your bags before heading to the airport if you have access to a scale. In order to prevent surprise or embarrassment, this will help you determine the weight of your bags and estimate your baggage expenses. You will know whether to repack and what to remove from the luggage if the weight exceeds your budgeted estimate.

Tips for Less Stressful Packing and Travel

hacks for packing  suitcase

Book and Make Reservations on Time

Always purchase your airline tickets and make all necessary reservations, including lodging and transportation, well in advance, unless the trip is urgent and without notice. Don’t wait until the last minute to make calls and frantically search for solutions to your problems. Additionally, if you receive notice of an impromptu trip, make reservations and bookings as soon as possible before you start packing. This will put you more at ease and enable you to pack more effectively.

Pack on Time

Don’t wait till the last minute, possibly a few hours before your departure to throw items carelessly into your luggage. One of the best hacks for packing a suitcase efficiently is to begin packing on time. This makes you more relaxed and leaves you time to make and go over your packing checklist.

Research Your Destination

Don’t simply pack up and leave. Do some research on the people and weather in your location. You can pack your bags more effectively with this information it is one of the packing suitcase hacks that people often find unnccessary and so ignore.

Review TSA Guidelines

Before you pack for your trip, always review the TSA regulations. This will help you avoid embarrassment and to pack more effectively for your trip, again this isn’t just one of the usful hacks for packing a suitcase but a packing tip that will save you a lot of embrassment anytime you are traveling with a luggage.

Confirm Your Travel Packing List

packing suitcase hacks

Go through your travel packing list again. Be sure that you have carried all the things to bring on vacation or if this is a business trip, check out this guide on how to prepare for a business trip, then pack accordingly.


If you are familiar with a few hacks for packing a suitcase, preparing for any type of trip—whether it is last-minute or not—will be simple. These tricks will help you avoid the stress or worry that comes with packing for a trip and lessen your concern about how to fit everything on your travel packing list into your suitcase.

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