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You shouldn’t be looking for entertaining things to do in Japan because there are enough attractions there to go around. In addition to its charms, Japan is a peaceful nation with a unique culture, making it ideal for vacations and drawing large numbers of visitors throughout the year.

There are many things to do in Japan, some of which include taking a short break to appreciate the tranquil atmosphere, admiring the country’s most stunning locations, such as ancient temples and royal castles, seeing monkeys and dancing robots, and more.

These 25 exciting things to do in Japan will make traveling here a joy, whether you do them with your family, your partner, or alone.

However, this trip would be so much better and fun as a first-time traveler when you have the travel tips for first time travelers at your fingertips. There are ways to make a vacation more refreshing, and this guide on how to plan a relaxing vacation is essential for maximum fun during your trip to Japan. Don’t forget to check out this guide on how to enjoy a vacation and make it special.

25  Fun Things To Do In Japan

Even for a first-time traveler, this incredible list of 25 interesting things to do in Japan is incredible. Taking part in these pursuits will ensure that your trip to Japan is filled with the most enjoyment possible.

Spend a Night In a Ryokan

Room at Ryokan Hotel Japan- Fun things to do in Japan

I strongly advise you to spend at least one night of your trip in a Ryokan, which is a typical Japanese inn. There are so many benefits to staying in a local inn. When you arrive, you are given tea to help you relax.

Interestingly, since food was included in your bills when you paid for the inn, you don’t have to worry about it. Although staying the night at the neighborhood inn is fairly pricey—even more so than hotels—the experience is well worth it. They are basic inns referred to as Ministuku, and reservations can be made there. Do not fret! Beautiful Japanese Gardens will still be accessible for viewing.

Soak In An Onsen

Hot spring Japan: Things to do in Japan

To soak in an onsen’s boiling hot water is to have a typical Japanese experience ( Hot Spring Bath). I know, unbelievable! Yes, it is, especially if it’s your first time, but it has to be on your list of things to do in Japan. Onsens truly come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including indoor and outdoor, little and big, basic and opulent. Foreigners find it shocking that you must enter the Onsen completely naked and after receiving a full bath from the locals. Face your fears and experience the pleasures.

Watch a Geisha Dance

The presentation of geishas is another fascinating aspect of Japanese culture. I advise watching geisha perform at one of the yearly dances that take place every spring and autumn rather than reading online, talking to locals, or following them in Gion. Bring your phone along to record unusual performances, incredible extravagant hairstyles, and kimono dancing moves. The Miyako Odors in April are the most well-known. Avoid missing out! Check out these cheap vlogging cameras for travel to help keep awesome memories during your vacation.

Watch Sumo Wrestlers In Action

Watching Sumo wrestlers in one of the fun things to do in Japan

In Japan, sumo is considered seriously. It has a historical foundation and is regarded as a natural sport. Rituals from the Shinto religion, which were a component of sumo wrestling’s ancient origins, are still practiced today; salt is used to purify the ring. Booking your tickets early is advised because the crowds might be intimidating and you don’t want to miss the view. Voyagin allows you to purchase tickets. Sumo wrestling is held in Tokyo in January, May, and September, and in Osaka in March, so plan your trip accordingly.

Head-Up High For a City View

city view in Japan fun things to do in Japan

Cities in Japan are particularly stunning, with towering skyscrapers, neon signs, and towers that are extremely long. There is always something to admire. One of the fun things to do in Japan would be to head to a lookout in one of the tall buildings, and in my opinion, it is best appreciated at night. 
One such structure, Harukas 300 in Osaka, has a garden bar and floor-to-ceiling windows with 360-degree views.

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Ride a Shinkansen

Moving train- things to do in Japan

One of the most exhilarating experiences is riding a train. For reasons that are best known to them, the Japanese tend to love taking trains. The enormous railroad network includes trains that are cozy, orderly, secure, quiet, and dependably on schedule. When told to be on time, keep in mind to be early because they always attempt to arrive one minute early. They make commuting between cities incredibly quick. The fastest train in Japan is the Nozomi shinkansen. Imagine! boarding a vehicle in it.

Visit The Robot Restaurant

things to do in Japan

One of a kind is the Japanese robot restaurant. Technology has a tendency to interfere with other occurrences in our world. Just pause for a moment and picture yourself walking into a restaurant where a robot is taking your order and serving you.

What do you think? Hey! Instead of running like hell, just sit back and admire. Robots, dragon ninjas, blue-haired dancers, spooky clowns, instrumentalists, and lights are all featured in this weird, high-octane production. Please be careful because it can really be funny, bizarre, noisy, as well as nasty.

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Enjoy Japanese Delicacies

Things to do in Japan with kids

Trying out Japanese delicacies is such a delight and one of the fun things to do in Japan. If you haven’t tried Japanese cuisine, you really should. Japanese restaurants  and meals are a foodie’s paradise, and each city has something unique to offer. 

Tokyo is the home to many national delicacies and there are so many different kinds of food there. Try the sushi, please. Similar to pizza in New York, but better. Visit the Monkayaki if you’re looking for the best restaurant in Tokyo. They can supply you with any type of food your tummy desires. It is really well-liked.

Visit The Japanese Temple

Japanese temple: things to do in Japan

In reality, everybody is welcome in Japanese temples. Don’t be doubtful. It’s time to see some golden sculptures, and the shrine is open to everyone, regardless of where they are from. The country of Japan is home to a huge number of temples. Go with your camera to capture images of the renowned Shinto god, but remember to always ask the villagers or shrine guardians for their permission before taking any pictures.

A Shinto shrine is a fundamental component of both modern and traditional Japanese culture. It may be viewed for social and spiritual reasons. There is a place for prayer and wishing. You should avoid walking down a route that is in the middle of the temple when visiting a Shinto shrine– they are not for humans but divine beings.

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Visit The Ninja Museum

silhouette g78fd7bf95 640

Interestingly, there are Ninjas here and now. It’s time to actually meet them. Ueno-Marunouchi, Igyaru, is home to the ninja museum. You can still view the weapons, attire, and scrolls used by ninjas in this museum. You may always see the ninja show in the mini theater as well. Bring some cash if you want to make your trip exciting. From 9 am to 5 pm, the museum is open.

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Tokyo Disney Land

Disney land rides; things to do in Japan

Tokyo DisneyLand is among the most well-liked theme parks in the entire world, and with good reason! It is teeming with wonderful sights, breathtaking scenery, and fascinating people. There are lots of things to do in Japan at this park.

Tokyo DisneyLand is conveniently accessible by train or subway from the center of Tokyo. There is something for everyone at the park, which is enormous and has more than 20 activities.

The Beastly Kingdom, which has attractions based on Disney’s well-known animated films, Tokyo DisneySea, which features a sizable maritime theme park, and the new Marvel Universe section, which features attractions based on Marvel comics and movies, are some of the most well-liked attractions.

Tokyo DisneyLand is a must-see destination for any Disney fan! There are many Disneyland rides for toddlers to keep them entertained and thrilled. You should visit this location if you are vacationing with your family.

Nara Deer Park 

Deer in Japan national park: things to do in Japan

One of the most well-liked tourist locations in Japan is Nara Deer Park, and for good reason too! It has some of the most beautiful landscapes and some of the best deer in the nation. The park is free to enter and is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

You can spend as much time as you like exploring the various trails that wind through the park. Several rivers and ponds also provide stunning views of the deer. In addition, the park has a teahouse and a lovely garden with hundreds of cherry trees. Additionally, there are several eateries and coffee shops that serve delectable meals and beverages.

Be sure to stop by Nara Deer Park if you’re nearby! Anyone visiting Japan must see it.

Visit The Blue Cave

Cave entrance

Blue Cave in Japan is the perfect vacation spot if you’re seeking something different and exciting. This magnificent grotto, which is not far from Kyoto, is home to some of the most amazing waterfalls in the entire world.

In addition to its stunning environment, Blue Cave is a well-liked tourist destination because of all of its amazing attractions. There are tourist-friendly cafés and stores, as well as museums devoted to history and cave paintings. If you’re seeking for things to do while visiting Blue Cave, you can ride the funicular railway or explore the numerous hiking trails that lead to the various waterfalls.

The things to do in Japan are endless here. There are also a number of attractions like the amusement park or the swimming pool if you don’t like trekking or would rather unwind with others. You’re guaranteed to have a great time in Blue Cave no matter what you decide to do there!

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Tokyo Imperial Palace

hawa mahal gf7a0ae9fe 640

The Imperial Palace Museum should be on your itinerary if you’re looking for things to do in Tokyo Imperial Palace, Japan. A sizable collection of historical items from Japan’s imperial era may be found in this museum. The palace grounds also include a lake, some old buildings, and a lovely garden.

Other attractions abound, including the Meiji Shrine, one of Japan’s most popular shrines and home to a sizable shrine honoring Emperor Meiji. Visit Nikko National Park, which is renowned for its stunning forests and lakes, if you’re searching for something to do outside of the city. Alternatively, you could explore the area’s numerous shops and eateries. Whatever you want to do, make sure to plan it in advance because Tokyo Imperial Palace is very well-liked and can get very busy.

Go To The Kamakura Daibutsu

Visiting Kamakura Daibutsu is on my list of things to do in Japan and on this one, don’t forget your camera at home– and I mean it! The second-tallest bronze statue of the buddleia in all of Japan is located in Kamakura. From the historical library at its base to its gleaming feature, it provides plenty of opportunities for relaxation. I suggest taking the train when coming from Tokyo. The trip to Kamakura will take an hour and a half.

Zao Fox Village

mountaineers g4fa29bdfb 640

Looking for things to do in Japan? The stunning village of the Zao Fox is complete with activities you would enjoy. Visiting the Zao Fox Temple, taking in the breathtaking gardens and canals, and trying some local cuisine are just a few of the highlights. There are many chances for hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities if you’re searching for something more strenuous.

Zao Fox Village is a fantastic spot to stay if you want to explore the neighborhood. Nearby attractions include the Okazaki Koyo-en Garden, the Omiya Takachiho-no-machi in Shiga Prefecture, the Temples of Ise and Hiei, and the village is only a short distance from Kyoto.

So, Zao Fox Village includes activities for everyone, whether they want to unwind or be active.

Visit Lake Ashinoko

Local village spot

In the Chugoku region of Japan’s Ashinoko National Park is Lake Ashinoko, a stunning and remote lake. There are many activities in Japan, such as hiking, fishing, and cycling, and the scenery is breathtaking. The different settlements scattered around the lake can all be explored.

Lake Ashinoko is the ideal location if you’re seeking for a spot to unwind and re-energize or escape the rush of city life.. The weather is mild, and the mountains that surround the lake offer breath-taking views. Relaxing at a soft spot while taking in magnificent views is one of the things to do in Japan that every introvert would like.

Under Water Fireworks Festival

fire works: things to do in Japan

Does the idea that there are fireworks underwater astonish you? Well! It is genuine and is only available in Japan. Only in Japan does it occur; nowhere else in the world. As a result, you shouldn’t pass on such a fascinating encounter. When you arrive, find a seat, some ice cream, or some sushi. It’s time to witness the imagined event. The summer months of July and August are generally the greatest for experiencing this. Without mincing words, this is one of the exciting things to do in Japan that will live long in the memory.

Tokyo SkyTree

Festival during japan visit

Here is a perfect list of things to do in Japan, and I am talking of Tokyo SkyTree. With a height of 634.1 meters, this iconic tower is one of the tallest structures in the entire globe. It offers a number of attractions, activities, and events. On the ground floor of the tower, there are numerous shops and restaurants where you can eat and shop. You can also visit the observation deck and ride the tower. Trust me,  there are just too many adventurous things to do in Japan here.

Along with regular events, the tower hosts a number of unique occasions every year. Participating in the Lantern Festival, Cherry Blossom Festival, Golden Week, and Halloween are just a few of the well-liked activities in Japan. A visit to Tokyo SkyTree is a must if you want an experience you won’t soon forget.

Osaka Castle

Castle visit - things to do in Japan

Osaka Castle is a commanding building that houses a number of attractions, such as a lovely park, a museum, and a zoo. It was initially built in the 11th century during the late Heian period, and it has since been enlarged. It was taken over by the military in the 16th century during the Sengoku era, and only in the early Meiji era was it eventually returned to its original state.

Today, Osaka Castle is one of Japan’s most popular tourist destinations and is famous for its beautiful gardens and its long history. The castle is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm from April to November, and from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm from December to March. All visitors are granted free admission.

Visit The Universal Japan Arena

music g056b23669 640 3

Universal Japan Arena is a state-of-the-art entertainment complex that has something for everyone. 

This multi-use space has held boxing, MMA, pro wrestling, concerts, and family shows among other events. Additionally, it features the biggest indoor arena in the entire globe, which can accommodate about 55,000 spectators. The Osaka Bucks of the NBA call this arena their home. It is situated in Osaka, Japan.

If you are looking to host a large event in Japan, then you should consider booking a slot at the Universal Japan Arena, if you can afford it.

Visit The Aoshima Island

Visiting white sand beaches in Japan-FUN THINGS TO DO IN JAPAN

One of the most stunning and fascinating destinations you will ever travel to is Aoshima Island. It is a haven for nature lovers with its pure white sand beaches and clear waterways and lots of things to do in Japan can be experienced here. The list is infinite, from visiting gorgeous aquariums to strolling along white-sand beaches. It is also a well-liked tourist destination, and many people travel there to take in the island’s numerous attractions.

The Aoshima Aquarium, the Aoshima Jingu Shrine, and the Aoshima Garden are just a few of the attractions that make up Aoshima Island. The Jingu Shrine is a well-liked shrine where visitors can pray and make wishes, while the Aoshima Aquarium is home to a variety of lovely and rare species.

The Garden is a lovely place to unwind and take in the island’s scenery. The garden offers a variety of unusual Japanese activities.Here are the best Caribbean Islands for couples to explore for honeymoon vacations.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

fun things to do in Japan

You should undoubtedly visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park if you’re in Hiroshima and enjoy architecture. Anyone who is interested in history should visit this lovely park, which was constructed in the wake of Hiroshima’s atomic attack in 1945.

The park not only has impressive architecture, but it also has a Peace Tower that was erected in honor of those who lost their lives in the atomic blast. A number of memorials and monuments honor the atomic blast victims, and there are also displays that describe the bomb’s history.

Everyday from 9 am to 5 pm, it is accessible for free. Reservations can also be made for English- and Japanese-speaking guided tours.

Seikei Cutlery Festival

When I said there are enough fascinating things to do in Japan, it wasn’t an exaggeration. You won’t believe it, but there really is a festival dedicated to the art of forging knives. 

The best location to observe indigenous sword crafting is here at the Sekei Cutlery Festival. Carry some cash with you when you go. 

In addition to viewing the conventional display, you can also purchase knives for less money. This takes place in October once a year. Joining the festival for forging knives is one of the fantastic things to do in Japan if you’re there in October.

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With an unlimited variety of entertaining things to do in Japan, the nation is a captivating travel destination for everyone. View the stunning countryside, temples, castles, and a variety of cultures, including the Buddha Dance. Japan has a wealth of activities, including a very efficient transportation system, a rich cultural heritage, and delicious cuisine. The trip to Japan is worthwhile.

A travel schedule designed to be used for a single year is unable to incorporate all of the interesting things to do in Japan.

For your upcoming trip, keep this list of 25 things to do in Japan in mind. Try some sushi, sample some Japanese food, go for a nighttime stroll to take in the stunning surroundings, pay a visit to a Shinto temple, and offer up some prayers. In reality, if you’re willing to learn, your happiness is certain.

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Other Frequently Asked Questions About Japan

What are 5 things Japan is known for?

Japan is renowned for its people, culture, cuisine, technology, and fashion. Here are five of the most well-known things about Japan:

  • Japan is known for its art, including its traditional woodblock prints and samurai swords.
  • Japan is known for its tea, which has been enjoyed for centuries.
  • Japan is known for its Izakaya (pub) culture, where locals and tourists come to enjoy good food and drinks together.
  • Japan is known for its distinctive fashion, including the kimono and the zen-inspired shoji screen door.
  • Japan is known for its influential pop culture, including anime and manga.

What is the popular activities in Japan?

In Japan, there are numerous well-liked pastimes, yet they differ from person to person. Hiking, martial arts training, learning about traditional Japanese culture, and taking cooking classes are among hobbies that Japanese people and visitors alike commonly partake in.

The popularity of anime and manga conventions around the world is another indication of how popular anime and manga are among Japanese culture. Japanese people also enjoy watching movies and playing video games, which explains why Hollywood blockbusters like Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War are so popular in Japan.

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