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Burbank is a city in California, brimming with entertainment. It’s a small town no doubt but has so many rich attractions for its size. If you’re in Burbank and searching for fun activities and things to do, relax, there are things to do in Burbank that are thrilling and satisfying. Keep reading!

If you’re big on Hollywood entertainment, you should be excited about the prospects of touring the “Media Capital of the World”, and finding out for yourself the sets of your favorite Hollywood production in the different studios like the Warner Bros.Studio, the Walt Disney World Studio, and so many others spread all around town. You will also get to see the behind-the-scenes sets of your favorite movies and the life stories of your famous stars in Hollywood.

There are lots of fun activities to keep you entertained throughout your stay in Burbank. Check out these Disneyland rides for toddlers as part of things to do with kids in Burbank. 

Aside from Hollywood entertainment and exploration, there are so many other interesting things to do in Burbank. There are golf course centers, hiking trails, an Ice skating center, great restaurants, and Parks. How can I forget the Museum tour? The town oozes perfection and promises thrilling adventures and a wealth of knowledge and history of the famous Hollywood and Burbank city.

Traveling can be fun but the experience can be taken further by exploring how to enjoy a vacation and employing the tips during your trip to Burbank. Whether you’re traveling with your family, we got you covered in this list of things to do in Burbank, CA. Here is the complete list of things to do in Burbank you should save.

1. Shop at the Burbank Town Centre

Shopping at Burbank Town Centre is one of the things to do in Burbank

There’s no better place to do your shopping either as a souvenir or any item you’d need in the course of your vacation in Burbank. The Town Center is a plaza that comprises 170 stores ranging from shopping centers, entertainment hubs, theatres, and restaurants. You just can’t miss the Burbank Town center if you’re in the city. It opens from Monday to Friday from 10 am-9 pm, Saturday from 10 am-8 pm, and on Sundays from 10 am-7 pm. The mall is usually busy with lots of people from different races, it’s an opportunity to watch people and observe their diverse cultures.

Some of the stores in the Town Center include:

  • Forever 21.
  • Macy’s.
  • Cost Plus World Market.
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond.
  • Five Guys Burgers and Fries.
  • Barnes and Noble, etc

You are sure not to go hungry while sightseeing or shopping in the Town Center because there are cool places to grab a bite and cappuccino from. The restaurants here serve the best. 

2. Chill at Johnny Carson Park

Chilling at Johnny Carson Park is one of the fun things to do in Burbank

This park is a form of monument immortalizing the famous Johnny Carson who was popular for introducing special guests at his show usually late-night hours and putting smiles on people’s faces while at it. He was the host of the Johnny Carson Show before he became The Tonight Show’s leading personality. There’s a bronze sculpture of Johnny Carson in the park, named after him. The park is just directly opposite the studio where he recorded and hosted his shows. Attending the shows is one of the things to do in Burbank at night.

3. Stop by the Market City Caffe

Exterior view of a cafe at Burbank

This is your best stop for classic Italian recipes and dishes. It is said that the recipes were handed down to the owner by his family members who lived in Naples, Italy. They serve homemade ravioli amongst other amazing dishes that keep customers dropping in. Their meals are family-friendly and even your kids would enjoy them. 

Their decor is appealing and classy with polished pieces of furniture.

You shouldn’t miss their Red Sauce Sundays and beer dinner, both specifically curated events. Regardless of the time of the day, whether brunch, lunch, or dinner, you’re sure to get served delicious dishes from this restaurant.

4. Tour the Warner Bros. Studio

There’s so much to explore at the Warner Bros. Studio in Burbank. Often one of the top attraction sites for anyone visiting Burbank, the studio leads you to an exposure of your favorite TV shows and movies, where and how they were made. You’ll get to join a group of other tourists to see the back-lot sets as well as sound stages where Mom and Shameless are being recorded. You get to see the central cafe from the popular “Friends” and get an informed knowledge of the green-screen technology.

There’s an outdoor tour of the sets of movies like La La Land, and the TV shows, The BigBang Theory and Gilmore Girls. Finally, you will also find yourself on the set of a recreated Harry Potter movie. The studio isn’t accessible to kids below 5 years old. It is wheelchair accessible, stroller accessible, and allows service animals. Your duration is 2-3 hours and tickets are from $69 per adult. 

5.  A Moment at Magnolia Park

Things to do in Burbank with kids

You can’t visit Burbank without a trip to Magnolia Park. However, it is not just a park but a district and a shopping center where you can get to shop vintage apparel and materials like the ones you find in classic movies. 

Events are also held in the park so aside from being a destination for lovers of old-style movies, it’s a perfect destination for nightcrawlers who will enjoy the night shows and events often hosted at the park. 

There are coffee shops, cafes, and unconventional boutiques scattered across the district. 

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6. Listen to Good Music at The Burbank Philharmonic Orchestra

The Orchestra was founded in 1991 and has helped so many students with no financial capacity by donating free instruments to them to fulfill their dreams. 

You should visit here for quality music as it offers great music of any kind whether classical, pop or bands. Whether on a family or romantic vacation, there’s access to everyone and you’d get to listen to Beethoven, Berlin, Mozart, Chopin, and Aaron Copland which Maestro Steven Kerstein has made available at the orchestra. 

7. Laugh out Loud at The Flappers Comedy Club

Comedian ready for show at Flappers Comedy Club

It Hosts the famous Burbank Comedy Festival which happens every year. The club is your go-to for any comedy-related show and comic relief. They’ve been around since 2000 and have offered back-to-back premium comedy performances, comedy workshops, and everything comedy-related. 

Their comedy shows happen every other day, not just the festivals, and are often hosted in 3 arenas; the Bar, the Main Room, and the Yoo Hoo Room.

There are different shows for different age brackets or walks of life, there are family-friendly shows, where your kids can also be accommodated, there’s room for everyone or anyone.

You can grab a delicious meal after or before the show starts at the restaurants within the complex. 

8. Shop at the Burbank Farmers Market 

shopping at Burbank farmers market is one of the things to do in Burbank

There are several farmers’ markets around the region but Burbank Farmers Market is a class of its own and thus tops the list of the farmer’s markets you should visit in Burbank. 

Get to shop goods from local bakeries and other products you would like to get in Burbank from this market. It’s situated just behind the Burbank City Hall. There are several other things to do in Burbank CA, that have been explored in this article. Keep reading and don’t forget to save the list for your next trip. 

9. Take a Look at the Animal walk of fame 

Things to do in Burbank

There’s the popular Hollywood Walk of Fame where every famous performer hopes to make the list but there’s also a list where Animal characters are celebrated and that is the  Animal Walk of Fame.

The Animal Walk of Fame is a list that celebrates famous animal celebrities by displaying their names and paw prints. It’s in front of the Animal Shelter and names of popular animal actors like Lassie and Benji are on the concrete tiles list.

It was established together with the PATSY Awards which sets to celebrate animals in films. 

While in Burbank, visiting the Animal Walk of Fame and going through the list is one of the things to do. 

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10. Explore the Gordon R. Howard Museum Complex

The complex was built in 1887 and houses a lot of historical artifacts and information about the town, the people, and the culture. It’s a destination that takes you away from Hollywood to the history and traditions of the people of Burbank and its original inhabitants. Some exhibitions pay homage to the fire brigade and the police force and also on display are memorabilia from Disney and a retro car.

11. Hiking on the Verdugo Mountains 

Going hiking is one of the things to do in Burbank

For a breath of fresh air, hike your way through the oaks, sycamores, and big leaf Naples trees to the top of the 244 acres of land that is the Verdugo mountains, seated between the borders of Burbank and Los Angeles.

Get a glimpse of the beautiful wonders of nature from the many natural streams and springs sprouted all over and also the vistas created by the Verdugo mountains. 

12. Have Fun at the Brace Canyon Park

Woman jogging at Canyon Park: things to do in Burbank

Here’s a beautiful place to cool off and relax around nature with kids. The scenic landscape is surrounded by mountains and beautiful trees and the green grassy lawn is a perfect place for picnics. 

Within the park are also large green spaces for sports like tennis, baseball, jogging, and even hiking and zip-lining. There are varieties of things to do in Burbank at Brace Canyon Park, so you should not forget to add this destination to your list. 

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13. Grab a Seat at Bob’s Big Boy

Right there in Burbank is the legendary Bob’s. Walk into the restaurant for a bite of the yummiest hamburger and delicious milkshake served in a 1950s large goblet by this historical point of interest that was built in 1949. You may want to attend the Classic Car Show that happens every Friday night at Bob’s. Never forget to pose for some pictures with the chubby Big Boy statue in red and white checkered attire.

14. Get Transported Back in Time at the Walt Disney Studios 

Things to do in Burbank

A visit to the famous Walt Disney Studios is one of the top things to do in Burbank by tourists. Walt Disney is popular for making most of the famous fairy tale movies in the world and a visit to this studio located at Burbank is a must for any visitor.

At the studio, you’ll get to embark on a tour of the Walt Disney Archives, through its history as well as its original songbooks, music sheets, and other memorabilia.

A tour of the Walt Disney Studio will take you back in time to your childhood and fun memories and this is enough reason to include it on the list of things to do in Burbank. 

15. Comb the Columbia Ranch, Burbank

Bus heading to park

The area is now known as the Warner Bros. Ranch and holds a historical detail of the American movie industry. The ranch features the home of the Waltons, the film, “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” family house, the setting for Bewitched and The Partridge Family, and the fountain in the opening credits of the television show, “Friends”.

The ranch is a 40-acre plot of land and a set for many historical movies so there are many houses of different styles, open green areas, and paved streets. One of the amazing things to do in Burbank is a tour of this famous historic facility that has been the setting for so many movies. 

16. Embark on Sunnyday Scoot excursion 

Old building seen during excursion

Have you considered touring the city of Burbank on a scooter? You should! You’ll get to see as many attraction sites as possible and a ride on a scooter is so much fun on its own. Sunnyday scoot excursion offers this opportunity to explore the town with an expert tour guide to fill you in on important facts about the city of Burbank and of course point you to homes of famous Hollywood actors. Who knows? You may even get to see some of these famous actors.

If you’re on a trip with your partner, Sunnyday Scoots also offers an hour-long romantic package like a picnic, photoshoot, and a private tour of the city for couples on the scooter. 

17. Attend a Show at The Starlight Bowl

A very popular open-air event center that gives the city its thrills from entertainment. It has an amphitheater outlook of 5000 seats; 2000 lawn seats and 3000 covered areas. You should consider booking a ticket to watch a concert performance here as the venue often hosts top performers from all over the world and seats are always easily sold out, you should book your ticket early enough. The shows are usually during the summer season.

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18. Embark on The Wisdom Tree Hike

tree hiking: things to do in Burbank

For those with the adventurous spirit, here’s a free fun activity that will take you through the 7.5 miles of Wisdom Tree Trail up to the Hollywood Sign.

The view from the mountain will leave you captivated as you admire the beautiful Greater Los Angeles landscape.

If you’re considering traveling for work after your Burbank vacation, check out these business travel tips to help you maximize your meetings and schedules during your trip. These traveling for work tips are essential and can be very beneficial for your business trip. 

19. Grab a Bite at Porto’s Bakery 

If you’re a lover of bread and pastries, there’s no other place you’d rather have some bread, meat pies, or sandwiches than Porto’s Bakery. The bakery has been in existence since 1960 and is run by the Porto family who moved from Cuba to California around that time.

20. Go on Crazy Dash Scavenger Hunt 

With other tourists, and just a $10 ticket, go on a scavenger hunt, discover places, and gain points using an app to find the objects in the order you chose. Compare your points to others and challenge yourself to gain more points. Crazy Dash even has a guide you can easily chat with to take you through the hunt. Here’s one thing you’ll enjoy doing in Burbank. 

21. Discover Martial Arts World 

things to do in Burbank: martial world art

The martial arts world encompasses The Martial Arts Museum built to teach kids about the martial world, like the Martial Arts traditions of several countries in Asia like China, Thailand, Japan, and the Philippines. The Museum exhibits several artifacts used in martial movies like Karate Kids and Chinese Lions, stories of how martial arts are being enjoyed in America, and plays host to the annual expo DragonFest of which the focus is often on Anime, Cosplay, Manga, and Martial arts.

Imagine keeping a sound record of all your activities while having fun at Burbank. Memories, cool memories to always remind you of the amazing time at Burbank. Here are cheap vlogging cameras for travel and travel case for cameras to help you get the most memories for the future. 

22. Brunch at the Another Broken Egg Cafe

Things to do in Burbank

You should consider having brunch or breakfast at this cafe. There are several dishes on the menu. Enjoying new types of food is a significant aspect of every traveler’s life. From getting to know new cultures through food and meeting new people at your table, there is always the awesome excitement that comes with eating something new. 

Asides from their renowned eggs and Brie omelets, they serve lobster and the Southwest Scramble.

If you must eat here, you must make sure to go early because it’s usually crowded with eager tourists waiting to grab some brunch at the popular cafe.

23. Skating at LA Kings Pickwick Ice Center

Skating is one of the fun things to do in Burbank

Pickwick Learn-To-Skate course offers skating training. The sessions are usually in the morning or the afternoon. You should enroll here to enjoy an adventurous moment away from the theatre and Hollywood. Apart from the fun and entertainment, skating is an awesome activity for the body. 

Skating helps to activate every cell and organ in the body. The gliding movement improves joint flexibility and helps to build up the leg and abdominal muscles. It is one of the best things to do in Burbank. Like any workout, skating is great for cardiovascular health – it helps to get the blood pumping and the heart rate up. There is fun, entertainment, and several health benefits attached to skating. When you’re at Burbank and searching for things to do, consider taking skating classes or actually participating in one. 

Check out these travel tips for first-time travelers to see how they can help you stay better organized during your vacation. You may also explore this list of travel bags for toiletries for the best packing experience. 

24. Tour the Universal Studios Hollywood 

Things to do in Burbank

Universal Studios Hollywood isn’t just a movie studio but also a theme park. There is the themed area of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter where Hogwarts and Diagon Alleys are being displayed. Make magical displays come to life with a magic wand from Ollivanders. There are real-life sets from popular movies like Back to the Future, Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas, The Sting, and so many others. There is also live entertainment and don’t forget to look out for animal antics and tricks displayed by Universal’s Animal Actors.

25. Horse Riding at Wildwood Canyon Park

Searching for things to do in Burbank? Enjoy horse riding

You can go hiking, biking, or horse riding in the park or even choose to sit and watch the beautiful scenery from the foot of the San Bernardino Mountains down to the city of LA. When you’ve had enough of the view of the city, you can look out for wildlife like cactus beer or the special breed of birds that can be found in the park.

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When you hear of Burbank, the first thing that comes to your mind should be Hollywood and entertainment. Quite alright the town has a variety of studios and is home to most of the popular studios in Hollywood and movie stars. 

I bet you didn’t know that there’s more to this town, after Hollywood and the entertainment world. Now, this is not to say that touring Hollywood isn’t worthwhile but far from that. I’m just excited to let you know that you have a variety of things to do in Burbank after the tour of the entertainment facilities and they include nice meals, visits to museums, hiking, ice skating, biking, and so many others. Save the list of things to do in Burbank that has been explored in this article for your next trip to the beautiful city. 

Plan the trip to Burbank now and you won’t regret it. Don’t forget to check for the best season to visit so that you won’t miss most of the fun activities and festivals the city hosts. Even if you’re traveling with kids, there are lots of free things to do in Burbank with kids, the city is filled with many sights and adrenaline rush activities to keep you entertained, even for couples, there are romantic things to do in Burbank, Ca.

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