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Nigerian passport renewal in UK is simple and straightforward. If you have met the prerequisites for a passport renewal, it is not at all stressful or bone-wracking. The initial application is always submitted online using the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) portal’s official website. It is best to begin the process of renewing a Nigerian passport in the UK six months before the actual expiration date. If you need to travel urgently and your passport has already expired or is about to, it is best to apply for an Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC), as reissued passports typically take at least three weeks to be ready.

In-depth instructions on how to renew Nigerian passport in UK are provided in this article, together with information on the requirements for doing so, for people of various ages, and a step-by-step procedure for applying for and receiving the reissued certificate. Aside from the administrative fees of £20 paid at the office of the Nigeria High Comission in UK and the passport fees paid via the immigration portal which vary depending on the applicant’s age and the number of pages they want in their passport, there are no further expenditures associated with the process.

The conditions for physical verification for renewing a Nigerian passport are listed below:

List of Requirements for Nigeria Passport Renewal in UK

Nigerian passport renewal in UK

General Requirements:

  1. Original Nigerian Passport.
  2. A printed copy of the passport application form that has been completed, dated, and signed.
  3. Copy of National Identification Number (NIN) (Keep in mind that your NIN information must correspond to your passport’s information.). 
  4. Copy of appointment schedule booked via Nigeria Immigration Service (Click here to book an appointment).
  5. A United Kingdom Postal Order for £20.00 made out to the Nigeria High Commission in London as the administrative charge.
  6. The Mission will be able to ship your passports back to you if you provide a stamped Royal Mail C4 special delivery envelope because there won’t be a physical collection once the biometrics have been taken and verified.

 IMPORTANT: There must be no spaces between the PostCode. For instance, WC2N5BX MUST not be typed as WC2N 5BX.

For Minors (0-17 years old):

  1. If both parents’ names are listed on the Long Birth Certificate, a copy of the data page from BOTH of their passports is required. Keep in mind that at least one parent must be a Nigerian citizen.
  2. Consent form with both parents’ signatures. Proof of sole custody from the court is required in the absence of any paperwork or either parent’s approval. 
  3. A copy of the Death Certificate must be given in the case of the passing of a Nigerian parent.
  4. The applicant’s( the child or children) Long Birth Certificate.

In the Instance of a Change of Name:

Only via marriage or divorce is it possible to change one’s name. In this situation, you’ll need the following paperwork to renew your passport:

  1. Marriage Certificate.
  2. Consent letter with the husband’s signature.
  3. Data page of the husband’s Passport.
  4. Valid passport of the applicant.

In the case of divorce where a change of name occurs, the applicant is to provide the following:

  1. Divorce Certificate.
  2. Proof of maiden name, e.g. Passport before marriage.
  3. Other legal identification with the maiden name.

Change of name by deed poll is not acceptable.

For Nigerians Born in the UK:

  1. Passport of Nigerian parents.
  2. Copy of the data page of the Nigerian parents’ passports.
  3. Long Birth Certificate of the applicant.

How to Apply for Nigerian Passport Renewal in UK

Nigerian passport renewal in UK

Here is a step-by-step process for renewing your Nigerian passport in the UK if you can meet the prerequisites given above for passport renewal in the UK:

  1. To start an online application, go to the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) website.  Click here to apply for your Passport.
  2. Click CONTINUE for those applying outside Nigeria. Remember you are applying in the UK.
  3. Choose PASSPORT RENEWAL from the menu.
  4. Click on the passport type and choose “standard”.
  5. Choose the processing country. It is the United Kingdom for those applying in UK.
  6. Read through the guidelines and extra information that will pop up.
  7. Click Start Application.
  8. Pick between YAHOO, GOOGLE, and OpenID. Click to create an account or simply log in if you already have an account.
  9. Fill out your correct details on the form.
  10. Use your discretion to follow through with the steps to complete your application.
  11. Make payments for your passport.
  12. Print out the filled application form.
  13. Print out the acknowledgement slip that will be sent to you.
  14. Book an appointment for physical verification at the office of the High Commission in the UK via the Nigeria Immigration Service. Click here to book an appointment.
  15. Print out a copy of the appointment slip.
  16. For your biometrics and physical verification, bring the previously mentioned requirements to the Nigeria High Commission office in the UK.
  17. After verification, your passport will be mailed to you in no less than three weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nigerian Passport Renewal in Uk

FAQ on how to renew Nigerian passport in UK

Can I Renew My Nigerian Passport in UK Online?

Online passport renewal for Nigerians is available in the UK. In fact, the entire process of renewing a Nigerian passport starts online before continuing on to the High Commission’s office in the UK to finish your application. In order to renew your Nigerian passport in the UK, you will need to have your biometrics and other data physically verified. This includes your paperwork, which must also contain all other requirements. You can thus renew your passport online, but the process is far from over. Your Nigerian passport needs to be renewed using both offline and online procedures in the UK.

How Long Does It Take to Renew Nigerian Passport in UK 2022?

Your Nigerian passport renewal process will be completed within three weeks at the very least. Due to the fact that personal pickups are NOT permitted, please make sure to include the correct postal information when requesting your passport’s delivery to your destination.

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The best course of action if your passport has expired and you want to travel is to apply for an Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC), as it may take longer than the anticipated three weeks to process your passport renewal. It is preferable to apply for a renewal of your passport well in advance of its expiration, preferably at least six months beforehand.

How do I Book Nigerian Passport Renewal Interview in UK?

You must visit the Nigerian High Commission’s office in the UK to complete the physical verification and biometric clearance steps necessary to renew your Nigerian passport. However, without a prior appointment and verification of the appointment schedule, you cannot just walk into the High Commission’s office. Therefore, you must make an appointment, which may be done on the Nigeria Immigration Service E-passport portal.

You can book an appointment here.

How much does it cost to renew Nigerian passport in UK?

In the UK, renewing a passport doesn’t cost all that much. In actuality, the charge is uniform and does not vary anywhere. Nevertheless, in addition to the usual e-passport fees that you had previously paid with printed proof of payment through the Nigeria Immigration portal, there is a £20 administrative fee that must be paid at the high commission’s office during your physical verification.

The following is a list of the official  E-passport renewal costs everywhere including the UK by age category and the number of passport pages:

MINOR (0-17 YEARS OLD): $77 for 32 pages and $137 for 64pages.

ADULT (18-59 YEARS OLD): $106  for 32 pages and $137 for 64pages.

ELDERS (60 AND ABOVE): $77 for 32 pages and 137 for 64 pages. 

What are the requirements to renew my Nigerian passport in UK?

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You don’t need to meet too many requirements to renew your Nigerian passport–all the requirements are listed here. They include proof of the application, citizenship, previous passport ownership, biodata, payment receipts, and physical presence for verification.

The following criteria must be met in order to renew a Nigerian passport in the UK:

  1. Your expired passport.
  2. A copy of the completed application form.
  3. A copy of the acknowledgement slip.
  4. A copy of the applicant’s biodata on the expired passport.
  5. A birth certificate for minors or Nigerians born in the UK.
  6. For minors and Nigerians born in the UK, a copy of the Nigerian parents’ biodata page from their passports.
  7. A marriage certificate or divorce certificate in the case of a change of name.
  8. A copy of the receipt of payment for the passport renewal.
  9. A copy of NIN
  10. A United Kingdom Postal Order for £20.00 made out to the Nigeria High Commission in London as the administrative charge.

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By just adhering to these instructions and keeping in mind the conditions outlined in this article, I assure you that the passport renewal process will go without a hitch. The issue of renewing a Nigerian passport in the UK is not difficult at all, but you MUST have all the prerequisites since there is no slack in the process at all.

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