How to find a good wife to marry in 2021

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One of the most difficult tasks a man faces is the ability to find a good wife to marry. Every lady is a potential wife material but not every woman is a potential good wife to marry. Remember that the bible describes a good wife as a virtuous woman. It is every man’s dream to find a good wife to marry or a good woman to marry.

Men are generally challenged on ways to find a good wife to marry, this is popular among men who flirt with pretty ladies but do not consider them as good enough for marriage but just good enough for sexual satisfaction. 

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Many relationships that have lasted up to three years or even more have ended sadly because the man no longer considers the lady as a good woman to marry. When it comes to marriage, most men are scared of the choices they make as this will impact many areas of their life throughout history. Most men tend to be very careful and scared of their choices. This is because men who are married to bad women have been reported to live sadly and often die younger due to a lack of happiness and frustrations in their homes.

how to find a good wife to marry as a good woman
married couples

First, to know how to find a good wife to marry, it is important to discuss who a good wife is before considering how to find a good wife to marry. Let me ask you some questions, who are you? Are you a good man? Do you consider yourself as someone that deserves a good wife?

If you have personally answered these questions correctly, then it is time to define who a good wife is.

Tips on how to find a good woman to marry

It is one thing to find a good woman to marry and another thing to find a good wife to marry and keep her.

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  1. A good wife is not necessarily a virgin. Virginity is a matter of self-consciousness and a question of religious beliefs. There many men who have endured hell in their marriages just because they went all out for a virgin because of some religious or traditional beliefs. One can be a virgin and not a companion in marriage or simply is not matured for marriage and lack everything it takes to keep a man in a relationship or marriage. Finding a good woman to marry does not revolve around her virginity status alone.
  2. There are men who prefer marrying uneducated and unexposed village girls in the search for a good wife. Being a good wife is totally not related to the level of exposure a lady has gained. There are some Nigerian men who believe that a lady who has a Ph.D. or some good level of education and who earns very well from here job should not be preferred for marriage because she may be overexposed. This is a fatal belief system and it’s totally wrong. 
how to find a good wife to marry as a good woman
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It is one thing to find a woman to marry and another to find a good woman for marriage. You can walk up to any beautiful, intelligent, and a working class lady and make a proposal. Being submissive or recognizing that a man is the head of the home is what every man wants to see in her woman. 

Submissiveness has nothing to do with the level of education or the job a lady has, it is related to upbringing, personal beliefs, life experiences, and religion. Being submissive is one quality of a good woman. In your quest to find a good woman to marry, it takes a brave and intelligent woman who knows what she wants to tell you that she is not ready for marriage.

How a woman’s maturity affects her qualities as a good wife or good woman to marry

Whenever the word maturity comes up, the majority of us think about the age of a person, this may also be a factor but maturity is not measured by age and qualifications. The truth is that maturity is not in age, in my personal encounter, I’ve met women who are above thirty but still acts like ten-year-old girls,  The maturity of a woman is seen in her character and actions, and her approach to life situations. 

  • How does she react to things?
  • How does she handle relationships?
  • How does she handle the people that have wronged her?
  • Does she have a forgiving spirit?
  • What does her relationship with her family and colleagues look like?
  • Are people scared whenever she is around? 
  • Does she believe in the existence of God?
  • How does she treat people?
  • Is she tolerant and understanding?

Positive answers to these questions are what determines the qualities of a good wife to marry and also check her maturity level. A mature woman is a good woman to marry.

When you dig deep into a woman’s life try to find out her understanding of life generally, how does she take life? Is life a serious business to her? What are her opinion of others and their way of life? Does she believe in others and the ability of humans to make positive changes even after fatal errors?

When you are looking for a wife to marry, pay attention to a woman building capacity, this is because, as a woman, she is the chief architect of your home and therefore will define the structure of peace and beauty that is witnessed in any home. 

A woman was naturally created as a help mate, this recognizes her powers to bring out the best in her man, a good woman is an architect and can build or destroy you. Can she leverage on good foundations built by your partnership for excellence? 

Before you start searching for a good wife to marry or a good woman to marry

Moreso, it is pertinent to first discover yourself as a man, know your strengths and weaknesses, and how a woman can complement them. It is when you discover yourself that you can find someone that will complement you. 

Marriage and relationships are mainly about strengths and weaknesses. It is the woman that complements you that is a good wife to you, this implies that a good wife to Mr. A can be a bad wife to Mr. B. 

how to find a good wife to marry as a good woman
Happy man

A good woman is a life support to her husband and can greatly affect how long he lives on earth. Every man’s dream is to find a good woman to marry. Most men who are happy in their marriage tend to live longer than those who are continuously sad as a result of one or more factors. There are tips on how to find a good woman to marry.

God destined marriage as a union of lovers who look out for the best in each other at all times, marriage is a holy institution and a man should be able to respect and treat his wife well. This a source of joy and happiness in every home because you cannot be treating someone wrong and expect them to treat you right. Most people have no right to ask for what they are asking for in a woman. 

Relationships and marriage are a question of choice and one should easily back out when that choice no longer seems right. Enduring relationships and marriage is what a good number of women do in order to keep away from the shame of divorce, this is very common in Africa where women endure torture and violence in their homes just because they have kids they cannot abandon.  

In your choice of a life partner, ensure you find someone that you can tolerate all her faults and weakness and still love her in return. Love is strong and powerful and will keep you together for a very long time. It is not okay to trade the place of prayer when you are searching for a good wife to marry for anything in life. Pray and ask God to show you the things that are hidden from you, this is a way to avoid marrying an angel who turns into a beast immediately after a wedding ceremony.

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