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Nigeria passport renewal in Canada

Nigeria Passport Renewal in Canada: The New Easy Guide 2021

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The Nigeria passport renewal in Canada has been made a lot easier due to the ease of online application, from application to the collection, everything can be achieved in a day or two depending on the applicant’s choice.

There are vital information for this process and has all been included in this article, starting with important questions like how much does it cost to renew a Nigerian passport in Canada? How can I renew my Nigeria passport in Canada? Where is the office of the Nigerian embassy in Canada? And many more, all answers have been simplified for you to follow and get your passport the same day of your application. 

How to Renew Nigeria Passport in Canada: Step by Step Guide

According to the Nigeria High Commission, Ottawa, the following are the procedure for Nigeria passport renewal in Canada:

Step #1: Log in through portal.immigration.gov.ng

Step #2: From the passport menu

Step #3: Click on fresh/passport renewal tab

Step #4: Choose “Standard e-passport” from the passport type drop down

Step #5: Select “Country from processing country drop down e.g. United Kingdom

Step #6: The portal automatically redirects you to our international partner’s payment platform Innovate1 Pay site

Step #7: There is an instruction on the front page you must take note of and click on start application. To proceed, you are expected to have an email account e.g. Yahoo or Gmail, in the case you don’t have any of them, the Open ID is the tab you click

Step #8: Click on any of the email tab and log into your email account properly and fill the form and complete the fields provided with the correct details

Step #9: Tick “I accept full responsibility for the information provided in this form

Step #10: The portal generates an application ID and reference Number unique to your application, You are prompted to print the acknowledgment form and “Continue application” and proceed to online payment

Step #11: Print all your application documents and book an appointment for an interview on the website. Ensure you carry all relevant documents including your old passport when going for the interview

Step #12: Attend your passport interview with your Covid-19 vaccine compliance certificate and observe all Covid-19 protocols at the embassy in Ottawa, Canada.

Step #13: Do not forget to present your COVID-19 vaccination or compliance certificate before entry. This is particularly important as the embassy abides by all COVID-19 protocols in Canada which requires that you get vaccinated and wear a face mask.

If you have generated ID and REF Number previously and you want to continue please follow these steps below;

  • Log in through portal.immigration.gov.ng
  • Click Apply online.
  • Click on Application Payment Status.
  • Select Passport or Visa and Insert Application I.D and Ref. No.
  • Click Search Records.
  • Then Click, proceed to Online Payments.
  • Click Continue.
  • Click Start Payments.

Requirements for First Issue Nigeria of E-passport

If you are applying for a Nigeria passport for the first time, the following are the requirements to get your application completed:

1. Passport form to be completed online and printed out

2. Payment Slip print out upon completion of form online

3. Acknowledgement Slip print out

4. Photocopy of a certificate from the National Population Commission in Nigeria

5. Photocopy of state identification Letter

6. Two current passport-size photographs with white background

7. The Machine-Readable Passport (MRP) i.e. the old Nigerian Passport isn’t acceptable as a replacement or alternative for the certificate and native Government Identification Letter.

Requirements for Nigeria Passport Renewal in Canada (e-Passport)

The following are the requirements for the Nigeria passport renewal in Canada:

1. Passport form to be completed online and print out

2. Payment Slip print out

3.    Acknowledgment Slip print out

4. Applicants should accompany the primary Expired Nigerian E-Passport and Photocopy of  Bio data page of the E-Passport.

5. Two current passport-size photographs with white background

Requirement for Persons under the Age of 18 OR Minors

Applicants under the age of 18 (eighteen) MUST provide the next requirements:

1. Completed online application 

2. Acknowledgment Slip

3. Payment Slip

4. Copy of child’s certificate

5. Letter of Consent jointly signed by child’s both parents must be typed

6. Photocopies of the parents’ passport data page. one of the passport data pages must be a Nigerian Passport.

7. Additional documents for single parents (proof of custody of the child/children)

8. Child’s current two passport-size photographs preferably with white background, and

9. Applicants are required to look face to face for biometric capturing

Requirements for Replacement of Lost e-Passport

According to the Nigeria Immigration office, the following are requirements for replacement of lost e-Passport:

1. Passport form to be completed online and printed out

2. Payment Slip print out

3. Acknowledgement Slip print out

4. Police Report.

5. Submission of completed online e-passport form

6. Two (2) passport-size photographs with white background

7. Applicant should provide Passport Number of lost e-Passport.

8. Applicants are required to look face to face for biometric capturing

All passport applicants are required to be physically present on the appointment date specified on the payment confirmation receipt. If the applicant cannot be present on the appointment day, the applicant may reschedule another appointment. Applicants will only be able to reschedule the appointment after the initial appointment day has passed.

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How Much Does it Cost to Renew Nigeria Passport in Canada?

The cost of Nigeria passport renewal in Canada varies based on the choice of passport, the following are the administrative fees for Nigeria passport renewal in Canada. 





Cost of Change of Data on Passport

How much does it cost to change passport data? For Nigeria passport renewal in Canada, the following costs apply for an update of biodata.

(I)  BY MARRIAGE – $100

(II) OTHERS – $150 

Please note that these are administrative charges and are non-refundable except in situations where a double payment is made for one issue.

The Nigeria High Commission in Ottawa accepted mode of payment shall be by money order, payable to the Nigeria High Commission, Ottawa, ONLY.

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General Nigeria Passport Renewal Interview Guidelines in Ottawa, Canada

1. After completing your online application for Nigeria passport renewal in Canada, go to the Nigeria High Commission website and book an appointment using the Google calendar 

2. Your application must contain your entire name as it is on your Nigerian passport

3. For family scheduling please indicate all relations that require renewal as you’ll not be recognized together as a unit. Each member of the family will need to tend a gathering.

4. Upon arrival all applicants must present printed copies of their passport interview confirmation, all relevant documents and express Canada post envelopes. these must be presented before entry into the chancery

5. Applicants aren’t allowed to bring cell phones and bags into the chancery, this is for security reasons. 

6. During a situation where a parent possesses to accompany a minor for the passport renewal process, only one parent would be allowed to return to the chancery with the passport applicant.

7. The hours for passport renewals are 9:30 am – 12:30 pm. anyone who shows up at a later time wouldn’t be allowed into the building, albeit such a private visit features a meeting. 

8. Due to the covid-19 regulations, everyone intending to visit the high commission office must properly wear their face mask

9. Please note that anyone who shows up at the chancery without a printed invitation for an interview wouldn’t be attended to.

10. Attend all passport appointments at the Nigeria Embassy in Ottawa, Canada with your Covid-19 vaccine compliance certificate and observe all covid protocols at the embassy.

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Update on the High Commision website 

“Your appointment slot should be viewed as a guide only.  The Nigeria High Commission doesn’t guarantee that you simply are getting to be attended to at the time selected. We do however guarantee that we’ll accommodate all applicants who reach the Chancery between the hours of 9:30 am and 12:30 pm. you’re therefore enjoined to please bear this in mind as you create your travel plans and other necessary arrangements.”

Address and Phone Number of the Nigeria High Commission in Ottawa, Canada 

If you’re preparing for an interview for the Nigeria passport renewal in Canada, below is the address and contact details of the Nigeria High Commission in Canada. Please note that you must book an appointment at the commission’s website before proceeding with the interview.

NIGERIA High Commission OTTAWA




 Phone: +1-613-236-0521-2

Time: Gen (M-F): 9:00-15:00 EST; Con (T-F): 10:00-13:00 EST.

Email address: [email protected] 


Nigeria passport renewal in Canada is simple and applicants can follow the processes described in this article to get their new passport even in a day depending on their choice.

This article contains all guides you need to renew your Nigeria passport in Canada, replace stolen or lost passport, update passport information, and other necessary information specially coined to ensure that you enjoy a seamless passport renewal application and interview. You can also learn how to renew your passport in UAE here.

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Got any further questions about Nigeria passport renewal in Canada? Please message us or use the comment section for further interactions and assistance.


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