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All applications for the Nigeria passport renewal in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other parts of the world are made through the Nigeria Immigration Service online passport application portal where a passport application form is filled and submitted online.

No manual application form is accepted at the Nigeria consulate in Abu Dhabi or the Nigeria embassy in Dubai, all applications for the Nigeria passport renewal in UAE must be made online.

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Requirements for Nigeria Passport Renewal in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Before proceeding with your application for the Nigeria passport renewal in UAE, it is necessary to ensure that all the required documents are provided to avoid delay in the issuance of a new passport. Based on the Nigeria immigration service portal, the following are the requirements for Nigeria passport renewal;

  • Completed online passport renewal application form
  • Payment slip for your passport renewal fee
  • Acknowledgment slip
  • Expired Nigeria passport
  • Photocopy of applicant’s data page of Nigerian passport
  • National identification number (NIN)

For minors, the following documents are required for Nigeria passport renewal in UAE;

  • Copy of completed online application form
  • Letter of consent duly signed by both parents of the applicant
  • Photocopies of passport data page of both parents of the applicants, one must be a Nigerian passport
  • Proof of payment which must bear the first and last name of the applicant or at least the last name if a family card is used
  • Acknowledgment slip
  • Two recent passport photographs with white background as preferred choice.
  • Letter of approval from state ministry of women and child development or a court order, this options applies only to adopted children.

How Do I Renew My Nigeria Passport in Abu Dhabi, UAE?

The process for the Nigeria passport renewal in UAE is easy and can be done following the steps described below:

Step 1: Go to the Nigeria immigration portal and create an account or login to an existing account

Step 2: On the columns as seen in the image below, select “apply for passport renewal.”

Step 3: Select the type of passport, that is; standard passport or e-passport

Step 4: Click on processing country and select the United Arab Emirates

Step 5: Click on start application and fill out the form with the right information

Step 6: Ensure you make payment with a credit or debit card bearing your name or the name used for the application

Step 7: Submit your application online

Step 8: Print your application documents and take it to the Nigeria Consulate in Dubai for submission

Step 9: Do not forget to go along with your old passport and two passport photographs for submission

Step 10: Book a passport interview appointment with the consulate office and submit your application documents on your appointment day. Currently, they only attend to people with valid appointments due to covid-19 regulations

Step 11: Attend your passport interview with your Covid-19 vaccine compliance certificate and observe all Covid-19 protocols at the embassy in Abu Dhabi

Obey all covid-19 regulations at the Nigeria embassy in UAE during your passport interview. Ensure you wear your face mask and practice social distancing.

This step by step process can be followed to easily renew your Nigeria passport in Abu Dhabi, UAE, remember to have all the requirements listed in this article before proceeding with your online application.

Address and Phone Number of the Nigeria Consulate in Abu Dhabi UAE

It is important to note that all completed application forms must be printed alongside the payment and acknowledgement slip and presented in person for biometric registration on passport renewal appointment.

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The address of the Nigeria embassy in Dubai is given below;

Address: No 642/3 off Arab Gulf Road, Third street, near Singapore embassy, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Phone: +97124431503 Workdays: Sunday – Thursday; 9 AM – 2 PM

The address and contact information of the Nigeria consulate general office in Abu Dhabi is given below;

Opposite consulate general of Singapore Villa 14 73B street Al Satwa Dubai, United Arab Emirate Website: https://nigerianconsdubai.gov.ng/ Workdays: Sunday – Thursday Time: 9 AM – 2 PM.

How Long Does it Take to Renew Nigeria Passport in Abu Dhabi, UAE?

Getting a new Nigeria passport is easy but the job can be made cumbersome especially if a third party is involved. All applications should be made through the Nigeria immigration website with no variations in the first and last of the card used for payment and the applicant take 1 – 3 days to reissue a new passport.

Can I Renew my Nigerian Passport Before it Expires?

Yes! The best time to apply for a reissue of your Nigerian passport is usually six (6) months before its expiration, this helps to avoid challenges that may come with the unavailability of passport booklets and others.

How Much Does it Cost to Renew Nigeria Passport in UAE?

The cost of the new standard Nigerian e-passport may vary depending on the number of pages required, the table below summarises how much it cost to renew a Nigerian passport in Abu Dhabi, UAE and other parts of the world;

NAIRA (N) (local)DOLLAR ($) (foreign)
1.32 Page 5-year Standard Passport25,000.00130.00
2.64 Page 5-year Standard Passport35,000.00150.00
3.64 Page 10-year Standard Passport for adults only (18 years and above)70,000.00230.00
4.32 Page 5-year Official Passport15,000.00N/A
This is according to the latest data from the Nigeria immigration portal

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Reasons for Renewal of Nigerian Passport in Dubai – UAE

The Nigeria consulate general in Abu Dhabi does not issue a new passport and so all passport renewal must be made through the Nigeria immigration service portal.

The Nigeria passport is a necessary tool to get your Dubai visa or tourism visa for UAE, before application for Dubai visa or UAE visit visa or tourist visa for UAE, ensure that your Nigeria passport validity is above 6 months, this will help to reduce the stress on Nigeria passport renewal in UAE. The UAE visit visa extension in Dubai and Dubai visa require a good passport validity period.

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The Nigeria passport renewal in UAE is an easy process and can be achieved in 1 – 3 days, applications for Nigeria passport renewal in UAE must be made online, applicants must ensure that all required documents are submitted to the Nigeria embassy in Dubai or Nigeria consulate general in Abu Dhabi depending on proximity to the applicant. Individuals who are applying for a work visa or Dubai visa should ensure that their passport has a validity period of at least 6 months to avoid extra hassles with Nigeria passport renewal in UEA.

Here is also how to renew your Nigeria passport in Canada.

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  1. I want to renew my Nigeria passport but I only have cash. I can’t pay with card because I don’t have. Is it possible to pay with cash payment.

  2. Pls I need to know, how long it will take me to book an appointment with the consulate on the fone, because it’s taking forever, I have completed the form and print it out, only for to book appointment, I then I discovered they will keep me on hood until the call end, pls what can I do?

  3. Please my Nigeria passport expiry last year 19th July 2020.but I want to renew it before traveling back on June 2021.hope I can still renews it before end of this month April. 2021.

    • Thank you Ekene, once you provide the right information and documents listed here, your passport will be reissued in 1-3 days. Just make sure that you don’t make any mistakes filling the form online.

  4. One of the best informative article on this topic. Easy steps to follow on Nigeria passport renewal in UAE. Thank you for this!

  5. Thank you for this article, I’ve been looking for ways to renew my Nigerian passport in UAE, this piece makes it very easy.

    Thank you!

  6. This is rather late but I’ll still send it any way.I made payment for visa renewal (2018)to another immigration account online.I have sent tons of email but no response at all.Please,how do i get my money back?Hoping I get this resolved.Thank you in advance.

    • Hello Lara,

      We’re sorry about your experience with the immigration office.

      Please note that payments for “passport renewal or visa renewal” are only made through the online portal and not to a bank account. The immigration office does not collect payments using any bank account number. All payments are made directly on the portal.

      Hope this helps, please do not hesitate to let us know if you need further clarification.

  7. Since 22 August 2021 I apply for new passport in nigerian embassy in abudhabi till now I hv not hear from embassy for collection of my passport and I need to use it and apply for new visa by ending of next month

    • Hello Emeka!

      The Nigeria immigration is dealing with some challenges regarding printing of the passport booklet.

      A report by premium times said that there is an issue of bad contract between the Nigerian government and their passport booklet printing company that has drastically caused booklet shortages all over the world.

      This is what many have been subjected to. We’re sorry that you have to go through this.

      There was a report of new booklets last week. What you can do is call the immigration office to confirm whether or not your passport booklet has been printed.

      Please do not hesitate to let us know if you need further clarification.

  8. When trying to make payments online, can you use a friends card or another person’s card to make payment if you don’t have one?

    • The major information to look out for is your application ID and reference Number unique to your application. You can learn more about all the process required for the Nigeria passport renewal here.

      You can use any card as long as those information are correct.

  9. Hi,
    Can someone without a credit/debit card make payment in the immigration office at Abu Dhabi?
    How much is the cost of renewal?
    After application, when likely can one gets the new International passport?

    • The immigration office does not collect cash payments. All payments for passport renewal are made on the website. The cost is also shown in this updated document here and may vary based on a few factors. Please note that there is scarcity of passport booklets at the moment, and the duration of collection may vary significantly. Usually, when booklets are available, reissue takes 1-3 days.

      A piece of more comprehensive information is found here!

  10. I want to renew my passport but don’t have details of my own passport because I lost it,it is possible for me to renew it

  11. Please when will booklets be available for the people that have already finish their capturing, a lot if people are about loosing there jobs because of expired passport. says:

    Please when will booklets be available for those that have already finish there capturing here in Abu dhabi, some people are about loosing there jobs because expired passport please.

  12. I will love to renew my passport here in The UAE , I will like to know if i can renew it in Dubai or most it be apply in Abu Dhabi? I will love to know if it can be done in Dubai without not visiting Abu Dhabi? Thanks

  13. Hello,

    I would like to know if the ten years passport is now available in Abu-Dhabi.
    And my passport will expire feb 2023. Can I renew it now as it still has 1 year validity.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Bisi, I’m not sure when the 10 year validity passport will be available, but you can renew your passport at any time provided it has less than 1 year validity.

  14. My Nigerian passport expires in December, when can i apply for a new one? Also i don’t have NIN, can i still apply without the NIN please

    • Hello Mosunmola!

      The NIN is a new requirement for passport renewal. You need one to renew your Nigerian passport.

      If you don’t have one, you can easily apply for one at the nearest Nigeria consulate.

  15. I once did the enrolment in 2016 in Nigeria but i lost all the record including my slip and phone number, kindly advise me if my data can be retrieve. Thanks

  16. Hello please can I apply for passport renewal without having a valid visa because my visa expired due to the no work permit for Nigerians

  17. am about to apply for my babe born passport in UAE and i have successfully completed the application form, to book an appointment now is now a problem. Kindly assist me with the link or help me how to get the appointment booked before embarking journey to Abu-Dhabi.

    • Hello Semiu! Please note that effective from February 21st 2022, all applicants are expected to book an appointment with the embassy for passport interview. There is a link on your payment slip to book an appointment but if you can’t find the link, you can book an appointment using this link . Just fill in the details to proceed.

  18. Hello Enema,
    Can someone on UAE visit visa apply for Nigerian passport renewal?
    Because I have seen several write ups saying that only those with resident visa can renew their passport.. please can you give more insight on this?
    Secondly I want to ask if the passport booklet issue has been sorted out…
    Are passports being issued on time presently??.

    Thank you

    • Hi Joe! Yes! Once you have proof of Nigerian origin, you can apply for issuance or renewal of your passport at any time. Visas are not an issue to worry about.

      On the availability of booklets, there were booklets recently but I’m not sure if the issue has been totally resolved.

  19. Enema,
    With the present state of things at the Embassy in Abu Dhabi. Which has made the renewal of passport a risky project… Will you advice one to proceed with the renewal process?
    I need to get a renewed passport before the 1st of may as I need to apply for visa renewal..

    I don’t want to get stucked in the middle. Should I apply? will I get the renewed passport before may and Ramadan is coming as well.
    I am asking because you seems to be very updated with the situation around the passport and embassy thing..

    • Hi Joe!

      I think you should be able to get the renewed passport before the 1st of May. The issue with booklets unavailability is supposed to end by middle – end of March according to the acting Controller general of Immigration.

      The duration between now and the 1st of May (2 months) is enough to get the new passport.

      The earlier the better. Waste no more time to apply if you haven’t.

      Hope this helps and please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions.

      • Thank you Enema for taking the time out to treat my queries. I appreciate and will update you if I encounter any difficulty while appropriating the process.

      • Hi enema.
        Please I’m having difficulty in making the payment for my Nigeria passport renewal here in Dubai, I’m using Nigeria atm visa card but keep showing on available details, or is because of Nigeria restrictions on foreign currency policy. Please is there any way that I can make the payment.

        • Hello Umar, please note that since the payment is in dollars, using a Nigerian naira debit card, the banks will not authorize any payment that is above $100. However, this is possible with a Nigerian debit card in foreign currency.

          Hope this helps and please do not hesitate to let me know if you need any other information.

  20. Hi enema.
    Please I’m having difficulty in making the payment for my Nigeria passport renewal here in Dubai.
    I’m using my Nigeria atm visa card but it keeps showing details on available, the amount comes in dollars, please is there any other way that I can make the payment.
    Please advise…

    • Hello Umar, please note that since the payment is in dollars, using a Nigerian naira debit card will not authorize any payment that is above $100. However, this is possible with a Nigerian debit card in foreign currency.

      Hope this helps and please do not hesitate to let me know if you need any other information.

  21. Please I would like to know if I can use my sister debit card to pay online because I don’t have one and I need to renew my passport

  22. Good evening i have my NIN now can you advise when is okay to apply for a renewal passport that expires in December

    • Hi Mosunmola! Usually, it is best to renew a passport six months before its expiration date but there is need to apply now considering the scarcity of booklet issues that one cannot say when it will end. This gives you a good interval to get your passport especially if your visa will be due for renewal in a year.

  23. How long does it takes to apply for a renewal passport, i still have more than 6months when can i apply for a new one?

    • Passport renewal duration can vary greatly based on certain conditions. In normal circumstances when there are no issues like shortage of passport booklets, it can be done in a day or two but with the prevailing shortage of passport booklet issue, it may take up to 3 months to get a new passport.

  24. How long does it take for renewal passport. I still have 6months to go when can i apply for a new one thanks

  25. Hi good morning as regards to credit card I don’t have but can I use travel card issued to me in Alsari Exachange to apply for the renewal of my passport. Thanks

  26. Another question I have is that since NIN is required to renew passport
    1 where can I get it in UAE?
    2 is it free or I should go with certain amount?
    3.lastly when going should I go with any document?

    • Hello Okafor!

      You can register for NIN at any of these centers in this link . I’m not sure if it’s entirely free but it should not be expensive.

      Yes! You should go with a document that identifies you as a Nigerian e.g passport, voters card, etc.

      Hope this helps, please do not hesitate to let me know if you need any other information.

    • Hi Mosunmola! Use this link to apply: . Please select “Continue” (the option for applications outside Nigeria) and proceed with your application.

      Follow the step by step guide in this article to complete your application.

  27. I tried the link here and it says currently not issuing passport. Kindly advise if i can proceed to apply at the same time please

    • Hi Mosunmola! Use this link to apply: . Please select “Continue” (the option for applications outside Nigeria) and proceed with your application.

      Follow the step by step guide in this article to complete your application.

  28. Hello,
    please, I will like to know the A-Z procedure for Nigerian Passport Renewal as the one I did in 2017 is still valid for 7months, however, I will like to proceed with it.
    Also, I forgot the process back then, so I have to submit the not yet expired passport at the Embassy in Abu-Dhabi?

  29. I don’t have nin but have fill the form online even have print out but have not make the payment because i dont have an account and again i don’t see any bank account for payment please how can i pay my renewal passport money online.

  30. Hi, please i want to renew my Nigerian passport buh i dont have NIN of my own, can i use another person NIN for it?

  31. pls i went for my passport renewal om march 1 ,then we where told there was no booklet ,but now the booklet is available ,pls do you think my passport will be ready by now ,those who went for capturing a week before me has collected

  32. Good evening, i went to Abu Dhabi this morning to submit my passport renewal papers unfortunately there was holiday, i want to ask if the same appointment schedule is valid or i have to re-schedule and again, is it compulsory to do COVID test. Thanks

    • Hi Mosunmola!

      If this was not an interview appointment for passport renewal then there is no need to reschedule. But if passport interview is part of it, you may have to reschedule another appointment.

  33. Okay i went yesterday to submit my passport renewal papers, luckily i did it because there was a lot of people there. After filling the forms and payment online, i printed my papers and went to Abu Dhabi, i did capturing too and was told to go. They collected additional 200aed there. Currently they aren’t using the online appointment date and Covid test is not needed. Thanks *FOR ANY ONE GOING FOR SUBMISSION*

  34. I wish to change my surname and renew my passport here in dubai, how do I go about it. +2347037996035 whatsap me please

    • Hi Okolie!

      Please follow the procedure described in this article to renew your Nigerian passport. If you’re changing a name, please make sure it is the same name you have in your NIN registration. If you do not have a NIN, please go through the comments here to find a link where you can easily register for NIN in UAE. Once that is done, you can proceed with your passport renewal and fill the form with the new name on your ID.

      Hope this helps, please do not hesitate to let me know if you need any other help.

  35. Sir, i want to come and renew my passport. I could have register online but i don’t have bank account in UAE to pay online. Can i come with cash to nigeria embassy and do the registration and pay.

  36. I have a slight difference in the surname in my NIN from the one in passport.Can i stiil use the same NIN to renew my passport?

    • I’m not sure how that may play out, you could visit the office to hear directly from the staff there. Please let us know what you find out at the end.

  37. sure i will let u guys know the outcome once am done with the enquiry.But the nigeria embassy in abu dhabi is the office to visit right?

  38. Hello Mosunmola please how much did you spend in total for your passport renewal, mine is due to expire on the 17th of this month and I want to go so as to get the renewal done. What are the things you did and please can I pay pay in cash at the Consulate

  39. Please my passport expired last month April and I want to renew now. How can I do it to get it very fast thanks waiting for the response

    • Hi Chimara! Please follow the instructions here to apply for passport renewal and go for an interview. The process is detailed in this article.

  40. Good evening. Please will I be able to renew my passport in Dubai instead of going to Abu Dhabi. And how much does it cost to renew passport And the requirements please

  41. Good evening please I tried to apply online after filling the form it required NIN which i don’t have it. Where can I get NIN in UAE or should I use my younger brother own in Nigeria?

    • Hi Goodluck! Check the comment section of this post. There is a link to where you can register for NIN. If you can’t find it please let me know.

  42. Pls I t tried to register my passport renewal online but I cant make online payment, can I go to nigeria embassy to register and pay in cash on tuesday sir?

  43. Please good evening my passport expired this month and i want to renew gide or should i go to embassy straight

  44. Good evening, my passport has less than one year validity can I go ahead and make application for renewal here in Dubai? Secondly my DOB on my passport is different from the one on my NIN, Is it going to be an issue or no worries ? Please let me know

  45. Good morning. Why I can’t renew my passport. I went to Nigeria consulate in Dubai they told me to book appointment then after appointment date of appointment might be February next year Why is it like this please

  46. Please if I renew my passport now, will I be able to get it in 3weeks, I am on visit visa and I have to travel back on the 24th next month

    • Hi Martina! I don’t think it’s possible to get your passport within 3 weeks. However, during your appointment, you can make further findings about fast-tracking the process.

  47. I want to ask if anyone who enrolled for passport renewal in April has collected because i emailed the embassy in Abu Dhabi they said it’s not ready yet and they would call me.. That was last a month ago

  48. I registered for my renewal passport on March & my appointment date was on June 12.went for capturing, but they told me i was holding the old appointment date, they changed. And an applying for another appointment date again. How fast can i get my new passport after capturing, because my visa is expiring in July & my passport is expiring in September. I have to get my new passport before my visa expire next month July for my processing of my visa boss

    • I think the best way to find out how fast you can get your passport is during the interview. They’ll be able to relay the latest information regarding booklet availability to you.

  49. Good evening, please i just applied online for my passport renewal,
    1, i didnt put my NIN because i dont have it and i just find out on your page its important..How can i fix that because i made payment already.
    2,There is no available date for appointment until next year August which is too far,Can i just go there with the documents? and what days of the week can i go

    • Hi Samuel! There are no booklets currently. If you were able to submit your application without NIN then it’s nothing to worry about. I’ll also advise that you visit the consulate with your application documents. Most people who do it this way are lucky and often get everything done easily.

    • please how did you made the online payment? i have been trying to make payment for the past 4 days both with my uae masters card and my siblings visa card but it is not working. i am confuse

  50. Good evening. Please i would suggest a topic on travel requirement from UAE to Nigeria for residents holder. I want to travel but i don’t know if it requires any document or if the ID is enough. A kind response will be appreciated.

    • Hi Mosunmola! Your suggestion is well appreciated. I have taken note of this and will give you an update once we have an article on that topic.

      kind regards,

  51. My passport will expires on the 28th of September 2022, and my current work visa’s will expire 2024. I intend to apply for passport renewal 2nd week of next August this year. I want to know if I apply can I get my renewed passport before the end of August?

  52. Hi am planning to visit Nigeria consulate tomorrow for the renewal of my passport, please how long will it take me to receive my passport or I should travel to Nigeria and renew my passport which one is best for me any advice says:

    I want to renew my passport tomorrow, when can I receive my new passport, if start processing tomorrow thank you

  53. hello good afternoon, i just registered for my reissued passport without an NIN and i have been trying to make a payment but it is difficult. i have tried with my uae personal masters card and i also tried with my siblings card and still yet the payment is not going through. what would be the problem?

  54. Hello, my passport will expire in February 2023. Due to the information I’ve heard about the delay in getting a renewed passport, so I’ve registered for renewal of my passport online but I’m yet to make payment. Should I proceed with the payment now and go for capturing or I wait till it’s close to the expiration date, like around December?

  55. Hello, please I want to asked if you are not yet vaccinated can you still book an appointment with Nigeria embassy?

  56. Good day, i am yet to go for collection as i am told my passport might be ready but i don’t know what day is for collection. I’ll appreciate if any one can share the day for passport collection thanks

  57. Good day, Thank you for the information shared on your website. Please kindly share with us what are banks that can give checkbook to residents that are non-salaried. An update will be appreciated, Thanks in anticipation.

  58. Hello, thank yo so much for this wonderful post. Please am based in Dubai and i tried paying with my card for my daughters passport renewal but it was not successful. Kindly assist me on how to go about it. I have tried using both my Nigerian and UAE card and it saying same thing.

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