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Osaka is the largest Kansai city in Western Japan. The third most visited city in Japan – Tokyo, and Kyoto are the first and second respectively. It is located on the island of Honshu. It is a lively city and the locals are warm and hospitable. In this city lies the rich history of japan. The best time to visit Osaka is during spring when the weather is pleasant and comfortable.

Planning a trip to Osaka and searching for things to do in Osaka to keep you entertained during your vacation? Osaka is one of the most popular cities in Japan, and for good reason. It’s home to world-renowned landmarks like the Gion Matsuri, Umeda Sky Building, and the Osaka Castle. It’s also a great place to enjoy a variety of cultures and food options. There are many things to do in Osaka if you’re planning a trip to Japan!

Here, you’ll find plenty of activities and attractions that will keep you entertained for as long as your vacation lasts. From delicious food to gorgeous scenery, there’s something for everyone in Osaka.

Here is a comprehensive guide on fun things to do in Osaka, Japan. Save this list of activities and attraction sites in Osaka for your next vacation:

20 Fun Things to do in Osaka

Here is the list of 20 fun things to do in Osaka during your vacation to keep you entertained and informed throughout your stay: 

Try Osaka Local Food

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Osaka is known for its delicious cuisine and trying out different Japanese food will be a fun way to learn about the culture.

Explore the Dotonbori district. It has numerous food streets and is highly known for its entertainment Including Glico running man and the moving gigantic crab. There’s no limit to having fun in Osaka especially if you join the Japanese cooking class – you can book a reservation here, it is one of the top tourist attractions in the country and this will help you learn about the food culture in Osaka.

Don’t forget to try the famous takoyaki – these are crisp balls filled with soft diced octopus, spring onion, and pickled ginger often topped with shaving bonito flakes – Yama-chan in the tennoji district has the best Takoyaki spot in town and other Japanese street food.

Visit the Expo Park and Tower of the Sun


The expo park is a very beautiful place to be. Located at 1-1 Senribanpakukoen, Suita, Osaka 565-0826, Japan. Open from 10am-5pm. It is an extravagant building and is a prime example of Japanese architecture. A visit to the expo park allows you to view the city from the top floor deck and enjoy the Japanese artwork around the tower including the tree of life exhibition space. 

Visit the Osaka Castle


This castle is a symbol of Osaka and one of the most outstanding castles located in Chūō-Ku, Osaka, Japan. It is one of the oldest castles constructed in 1583 by the order of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, one of the famous unifying warlords of Japanese history. 

The Osaka Castle is a must-see because of its abundance of nature and serenity. Inside the castle, you will find an 8-floor museum that exhibits the rich and intriguing history of the Osaka castle, exhibits of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, and an observation deck. It is advisable to visit during cherry blossom season to experience the real culture and historical landmarks in the city. The ticket per person is 600yuan; kids below 15 years are given free access.

Ascend the Umeda Sky Building

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The Umeda building is a significant building in Osaka, you can see it from all over the town. Lactated at 1 Chome – 1 -88 Oyodonaka, Kita ward, Osaka, 531-6023, Japan. The building has numerous fun places and new experiences to give, including the Showa retro shopping street where you can shop for fun items. It also has a clinic center, Tenku art museum, shops, and classic restaurants for dinners. The Umeda sky building is in the shin Umeda city with many landscapes that you can enjoy in spring.

A visit to the Umeda Building will allow you to explore; the observatory deck at the top roof, the floating garden Observatory, and the underground market that attempts to recreate the Osaka atmosphere in the 20th century.   

Go shopping in Shinsaibashi

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You can never be bored in Shinsaibashi, because this district sells pretty much everything you can think of, handicrafts, clothes, souvenirs, and even household objects. Feed your eyes with the collection and document your time in this beautiful part of town.

Make a Pot in Maishima Pottery Museum: 

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What better way to have fun than learning the potter skill In the Maishima pottery museum located at 2 Chome -2-98- Hokkoryokuchi, Konohana ward, Osaka, 554-0042, Japan. The main building consists of studios with electric and momentum potter’s wheels, a gallery, and rooms where you can prepare clays. It also has studios for visitors to experience electric potter’s wheel and painting. It is open Mondays-Fridays and even on holidays. This is a way to relax, learn pottery skill, and hear intriguing stories from the Osaka pottery museum.

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The Osaka Museum of History hosts special exhibitions that expose tourists to Japanese tradition. It is located at 4 Chome -1-32 Otemae, Chuo ward, Osaka, 540-0008, Japan. It opens on weekdays from 9:30-5 pm.

The museum collections are displayed on the upper floor of the building while restaurants, shops, and a spacious lobby are on the lower floor. You can explore the top floor which contains beautiful exhibits and special museum prints then co,e down and grab a bite of your favorite Japanese snack.

Explore the Osaka Tenmangu Shrine

It’s time to get lost in the fun festivals. This shrine hosts the yearly tenjin matsuri festival where there is pageantry in different colors of the shrine. Located at 2 Chome -1-8 Tenjinbashi, Kita ward, Osaka, 530-0041, Japan. The area is renowned for its bustling nightlife quarter. If you schedule your trip right, you’d be enjoying everything about this festival including the fireworks display in the evening, after the festival.

Play in the Tempozan Ferris Wheel

It is one of the largest Ferris wheels in Japan with about 112.5 in height and a diameter of 100m. Located at 1 Chome -1-10kaigandora, Minato ward, Osaka, 552-0022, Japan. Going round the wheel is so much fun, you might want to do it with loved ones while documenting the moment. 

Visit the Ancient Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine

Exploring one of the oldest shrines in Japan which is over 1800 years is a good way to learn about the ancient landmarks of the city. It is known for its amazing long arched bridge at the entrance and is located at 2 Chome -9-89 Sumiyoshi, Sumiyoshi ward, Osaka, 558-0045, Japan.

Tour the Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum 

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This museum displays high treasure prints like the Kunishige prints created from the Kamigata wood blocks. It is located at 1 Chome -6-4 Nanba, Chuo ward, Osaka, 542-0076, Japan. Go sightseeing and enjoy the fascinating exhibition of the history of Kamigata Ukiyoe woodblock prints as it is the only museum in the world that has these traditional prints.

Visit Universal Studio Japan

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Universal Studio Japan offers a lot of thrilling fun with the theme of popular movies, no wonder it is one of the most visited parks in Japan. There are also seasonal events during Halloween and Christmas. The park has 9 different zones of Hollywood like New York, San Francisco, Jurassic park, Waterworld, amity village, universal wonderland, minion Park and the wizard in the world of Harry Potter. The park has so much to offer and is located at 2 Chome -1-33 Sakurajima, Konohana ward, Osaka, 554-0031, Japan.

Explore the Shopping Street of Tenjinbashisuji Shotengai

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Shop! Shop! Shop! Have fun collecting and seeing different collections on the largest street in Japan with a length of 2.6km. Here you will find traditional Japanese medicine stores, local and classy restaurants, and small and large departmental stores to provide you with whatever you want. It is located at Tenjinbashi, Kita ward, Osaka 532-0011 Japan.

Visit the Osaka Shochikuza Theatre

Visiting the Osaka Shochikuza Theater to enjoy a show of the traditional Japanese dance drama is a way to make your stay worthwhile. It is usually a combination of music, dance, and spectacular drama in various legendary costumes. It is located at 1 Chome -9-19 Dotonbori Chuo ward, Osaka, 542-0071, Japan.

Explore the Cup noodle Museum

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At the cup noodle museum, you will learn the story of the invention of the concept of instant ramen and a cup of noodles while having a cup of deliciously prepared ramen from one of the restaurants on the premises. It is located at 8-25 Masumicho, Ikeda, Osaka 563-0041, Japan.

Relax at the Spa World

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Your trip to Osaka would not be complete if you do not pamper yourself with the treats from the spa world. It is located at 3 Chome -4-24 Ebisuhigashi. Naniwa, Osaka, 556-0002, Japan. The spa world is a hot spring with traditional spa offerings where you can go relax with your family and friends. Your kids can have fun in the water attractions and slides.

Visit the Tsutenkaku Tower

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This tower is one of the recognizable towers in the city, it is also a tribute to the rebirth after world war II. Located at 1 Chome -18-6 Ebisuhigashi, Naniwa, Osaka, 556-0002, Japan.

The statue of the deity of happiness is inside the tower and is said to bring Good luck if you touch its feet.

Check out the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living  

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Located at 6 Chome -4-20- Tenjinbashi Kita ward Osaka, 530-0041 Japan. The Osaka museum of housing and living is one of a kind. Here you can learn about the development of Osaka and have fun sightseeing at different landmarks.


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Go-kart is a popular attraction in Osaka. Dress up in your favorite costumes and drive go-karts through the city with your friends, it is a unique way of exploring the city of Osaka while having a fun-filled moment. 

Visit Kuromon Market

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Located at 2 Chome Nipponbashi, Chuo ward, Osaka, 542-0073, Japan. It is one of the largest markets in western Japan with 180 stores. You can find a huge variety of products in the market – whether it is fresh seafood or dried groceries. 


To Enjoy a vacation you have to learn some Travel tips, do some research on your destination, and thoroughly plan your fun activities especially if you are going with your spouse or friends. Osaka is a beautiful place to be, not to mention the historic landmarks, the nightlife, castles, festivals, varieties of traditional cuisines, and street food.

There’s always something fun to experience in this great city. A visit to the Kuromon Market will expose you to the variety of Japanese seafood and groceries, the Expo Park is a place where you can have a picnic with your family, friends, or even work colleagues. Driving a go Kart is a fun way to explore the city. Dont forget that you can also learn Japanese food recipes if you join the class.  

The city has so much fun to offer. Make a list of the fun things you will do when you get to Osaka. Add these 10 fun things to do in Osaka. Have an enjoyable trip with your friends and loved ones. 

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