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Oahu is the most visited island in the Hawaiian island chain. It is perfect for a family vacation because there are so many things to do here with kids. The enchanting island is home to several beautiful, soft, white-sand beaches, luxury resorts, and lots of facilities that reek of sophistication. The city is perfect for a vacation with family and for romantic vacations as well as business trips.

If you are looking for things to do in Oahu with kids, you just have to know where to look to find a plethora of activities for kids and there are lots of them.

If you are thinking of a vacation to Hawaii, then Oahu should be your chosen location. The activities and beach offer a perfect juxtaposition of entertainment and serenity for a perfect family getaway, at any time. There are so many things to do in Oahu with kids and, certainly, your children will never run out of fun. There are also great restaurants to try out super delicious dishes that can only be found on Oahu and of course shopping centres to indulge your vanities. Yes, shopping is a unique family fun activity. 

The activities in Oahu will leave you feeling excited from the thrilling adventurous activities, simply relaxed from the time at the beach, or filled with joy and lots of laughter from any other fun activity. Everyone will get to experience this joy in this perfect tropical paradise. If you’re searching for the best things to do in Oahu with family, this article is for you. Save this list for a perfect family vacation in Oahu. 

Here are the top 10 things to do in Oahu with kids you should try out today:

Swim with the Dolphins

kid swimming with Dolphin: things to do in Oahu with kids

Everyone will enjoy swimming with the dolphins. This activity is not limited to just the kids but adults are allowed to indulge too. Some hotels offer this entertaining activity in Oahu and you do not necessarily need to lodge here to get yourself booked for the session. One such hotel is the Kahala Hotel and Resort. The hotel runs several dolphin quest programs and you only have to choose to get to enjoy any of the sessions best suited for your family.

The most ideal kid-friendly program has to be the Family Swim Program, it involves several top things to do in Oahu with family. The program accepts about 6 people in a session for this experience and it is a private session. There are so many other swimming activities for kids to enjoy but getting to swim with the dolphin has got to top the list for me. You can go for whatever ticks the box for your family though.

Visit the Mystical Byodo-In  Temple

Things to do in Oahu with kids

Your kids will be intrigued by the enchanting Buddhist temple, a much smaller replica of the ancient 954-years old temple in Uji, Japan that was built in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the first immigrants to Hawaii from Japan. The temple is non-practising and open to the general public of any religion. You can choose to meditate here or just appreciate the beauty of the temple. 

Some of the interesting things your kids will appreciate after the tour and historical lecture in the temple would be banging the gong which is believed to bring one good luck and watching the fish pond which houses several hundreds of interesting fishes. A trip to this Buddhist temple is one of the things to do in Oahu with kids that would be appreciated by everyone in the family.

Watch the Turtles at Lanaikea Beach

Things to do in Oahu with kids: watching turtles

The beach has such a fantastic view with the turtles sunbathing in the water. It is popularly called “Turtle Beach” for this reason. People love to head to this beach not just to enjoy the serenity of beach time but because it will leave your kids giddy, from watching the green sea turtles do their thing. The Animals are not permitted to be harmed or taken away. 

Explore Ka Moana Luau

Lady performing magic shows; Things to do in Oahu with kids

There are many activities to choose from at Ka Moana Luau. A luau will involve watching native dancers dance in beautiful colorful costumes, eating extraordinary traditional foods that no one can resist, animal exhibits, other magical shows like coconut tree climbing, and the grand finale show which is the Fire Dance. The landscape of the place is a show on its own that your kids will love to see.

Hawaii is a great city with so much promise for entertainment. There are cool hotel pools in Hawaii for couples and other activities that guarantee fun and happiness. Here is how to plan a trip to Hawaii. If you’re considering a vacation in Hawaii, check out how to enjoy a vacation and make it special. 

Tour the Waimea Waterfall and Botanical Garden

Towering botanical gardens - Things to do in Oahu with kids

The Waimea waterfall is a kid-friendly place to explore as a family. It has one of the most amazing things to do in Oahu with kids to consider. Swimming is permitted at the pool that is part of the waterfall, with the offer of life jackets and under the watch of lifeguards who are constantly on duty.

A tour of the garden will give you the chance to learn about the culture and history of the earliest inhabitants of the valley, which is currently the waterfalls and botanical garden. Buying a ticket to the garden and waterfalls is a form of support to the not-for-profit group that educates the tourists and helps maintain the gardens, valleys, and wonders of nature there.  

While there are other waterfalls in Oahu, Waimea tops the list when visiting with kids for its safety and family-friendly nature. 

Enjoy a Cruise in a Catamaran

Group enjoying Catamaran cruise - Things to do in Oahu with kids

Your kids will love taking a catamaran cruise. One of the best feelings you can give your kids while in Oahu would be a catamaran cruise off the Waikiki coast that offers scenic views of the crystal blue water, Diamond Head, and the Oahu coast.

One of the best catamaran companies is Maita’i Catamaran. They have different sessions and one of the most fun is the Tradewind Sail, which offers morning, afternoon, sunset, and moonlight sailing. You will pick the session that is most suitable for your family time.

Your kids should opt for positions in the boat that will allow water to splash on them, kids love splashes and they might just be lucky to spot a few sea animals like dolphins, whales, and turtles. Tickets are free for kids from 3 years and below.

Hike the Diamond Head

Hawaii diamond head - Things to do in Oahu with kids

Diamond head is one of Oahu’s famous landmarks. Hiking the Diamond Head is one of the most amazing things to do in Oahu with kids. I mean what is a trip to Oahu without hiking the Diamond Head? The top of the Diamond Head offers an interesting view of the Pacific and the entire Honolulu. This activity is best done in the morning to avoid getting exhausted easily or the scourging of the day’s heat. No, the hike is not in any way strenuous. 

You will be rewarded with a stunning view that is sure photo-worthy, as some form of souvenir for your time and effort. Nominal entrance and parking are not free, so have some cash with you.

Tour the Dole Plantation

Things to do in Oahu with kids

This is a pineapple plantation where your kids will get to learn about the process of pineapple plantation and growth. The kids are free to wander through the world’s largest maze and be sure not to get lost. However, keep an eye on them! Not forgetting to have them take the 20 minutes tour of the plantation on the Pineapple Express train.

The session will include being rewarded with very sweet and yummiest pineapple ever, the best the kids or anyone would have ever tasted. This is because when you are on the world’s biggest pineapple plantation, you got to have the best of them.  

Explore the Honolulu Zoo

Kid playing with an Elephant in a Zoo - Things to do in Oahu with kids

This is where you can find wildlife Cheetahs, Elephants, and Orangutans in Hawaii. The zoo has a beautiful landscape and you will have a great time wandering through the expanse of the zoo. The kids will have a nice time watching the Elephant bath-time and the giraffe’s feeding. The bird’s songs will captivate the kids and they can even spy on the nene also known as the Hawaiin goose, which is the Official State Bird.

Grab some food and snacks while on the tour and even picnics are allowed at the zoo. Feeding the animals is prohibited though. Having a picnic amid wildlife sounds like so much fun.

You can head on to the Diamond Head or the Waikiki beach if the kids still have so much energy left to exhaust, as the zoo is located between these two points of attraction.

Enjoy Matsumoto Shave Ice

Enjoying Ice cream - Things to do in Oahu with kids

Ice cream is refreshing and a perfect treat to indulge in while on a family vacation. One of the best in Oahu is the Matsumoto Shave Ice which offers great flavored shave ice. 

This age-long place has been in existence since 1951 and has stayed offering the best shave ice that your taste buds can ever come in contact with. And there are so many flavors you’d be confused about which to go for. They include bubble gum, pineapple, watermelon, vanilla, cotton candy, papaya, and lychee. There are actually many more flavors, just check them out!

Now with your shave ice in your hands, you can go ahead to tour the district and simply just have a spot to sit and enjoy the serenity while you lick the sweetness away and have it melt in your throat. Life couldn’t have been much better than that moment.


Planning a trip is fun and stressful, especially for first-time travelers. There are unique Caribbean islands for couples and families. The small city of Oahu is promising with many things to do with kids. You just have to step on the island to decide that there is so much more to the valley and you may just end up confused as to where to start. 

Oahu is a blend of cultural heritage, education, history, nature and serenity, and sophistication. The city calls on a great number of visitors, especially families for a vacation, to explore its magic. If planning a family vacation, you should make reservations for a visit to Oahu for the best time with the kids, take some road trip essentials for kids for the journey if you want to add extra experience using road trip. The activities are quite fascinating and won’t leave you with kids sulking the entire period from boredom. 

Save this list of Things to do in Oahu with Kids to help you prepare for an awesome family vacation experience. 

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