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2022 Travel Guide to Greece: Tourist Best Guides.

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Greece, the world’s origin of democracy with some of the finest hospitality practices in the world is a perfect vacation location for many but visits can be challenging especially when you do not have adequate information about the activities and lifestyle of the people. A travel guide to Greece is essential to help you navigate different vacation locations and make the most of your vacation. 

The Greek isle is home to some of the most beautiful islands and the sunniest places in the world. Over 80% of Greece is made up of mountains with impressive coastlines.

This travel guide to Greece will help you understand and clearly make the right decision on which places of interest to visit. You can discover some incredible islands like Mykonos, Corfu and Santorini while you are there in Athens or rent a scooter for exploration of island villages that have retained their old-world traditions. 

In fact, Greece is characterized by lots of historical attractions such as fortresses made with stone from nearby quarries giving them magnificent peaks when compared to European fortresses with totally rough walls built from dry-stone masonry. There are several important recommendations in this travel tips to Greece

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Greece is officially known as the Hellenic Republic. The country has so many archaeological museums, and is popular for its national drink known as “ouzo.” It is home to the Island of Karia which is one of the five blue zones in the world which the Greeks believe gives long life.

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Greece has Athens which is the largest capital in Europe. You can never be disappointed going to Greece, from enjoying the beachy sands to tasting different delicious dishes and so much more.

In addition, it offers remarkable architectural wonders including the Acropolis with its 5th century monumental structures. You can discover the remains of ancient temples and other cultural relics as well as New Historic Sites such as Plaka, where you will find countless pharmacies selling hand-made sun salvers.

Consider international travel tips and travel tips when traveling with toddlers to help evaluate your overall travel experience.  

Travel guide to Greece islands

In this article, we have compiled the most comprehensive travel guide to Greece to help you enjoy your vacation and have the best experience exploring Islands in Athens and other beautiful locations in Greece.

1. When is the best time to travel to Greece?

The population of the island is small so you will need to do so over places with good hotels. The best months are April, May and June but autumn is also amazing for Greek destinations because most tourists tend to leave during the summer season which reduces the crowd in many venues. 

This travel guide to Greece advises that if possible visit during August or September since these are low seasons when it comes to tourist attractions outside Athens where peak tourist numbers gather at Kardamili Museum World Heritage Site near Attica Lake National Park on southern Peloponnese Peninsula. 

During winter, December through February nights become cold due to the mountains and often unexpected snowfall throughout Greece. 

What to do during winter? Get a heavy coat or blanket as it is not uncommon from March till May for place warming without heating systems in almost all hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions due to the low electricity supply resulting in cold temperatures.

2. What are the Best Places to Visit in Greece?

  1. The Greek Islands

Greek islands are generally mild-tempered which makes them the preferred destination for most travelers. There is also an amazing variety of rarefied landscapes ranging from perfectly sculpted mountains to wild crags that are scattered into stunning bays with great beaches for sitting, chatting and observing nature. 

You can even spot some caves along the coasts having impressive shapes like the Laconia Caves near Spartiatolimachi in western Greece where you will find wonderful ocean views on all your trips there. 

The Greek islands are made up of quite a lot of individual smaller island communities. Within the group, there are minor variations in culture and architecture that make each location distinctive from all others. 

  1. The ancient city of Athens

In truth, the city of Athens has a very unique atmosphere that gives you a strong impression. You can be mesmerized by its numerous museums and even enjoy performances at the Theater of Dionysos or have fun with local nightlife in clubs such as Apollonas where live music is the order of the day. 

  1. Delphi – journey to the centre of the earth

Delphi is often considered in ancient Greek as the centre of the earth. The archaeological site of Delphi is situated in the northern part of Greece and because it stands on the southern foot of Othrys mountain, travel to its centre can be challenging with boulder trails following narrow paths fit for ponies while hiking through mountains crowned by precipices makes crossing even more difficult.

  1. Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus is popular for the panoramic view that it offers. Its peak is the place where every other thing looks smaller than itself. The busy ports are also suitable for basking in sunshine due to the large expanses of land surrounding them which make bright skies seem even brighter especially when you are far from a city covered by smog and haze. 

Hydropolis has various unusual attractions like hanging gardens where spring water falling into a reservoir floats on water lilies giving an illusion of islands rising out of the water.

3. Obey Greece Covid-19 guides

With covid-19 defining new sets of travel regulations for different countries, Greece is not an exception. In order to stay safe throughout your stay, it is recommended to:

  • Get vaccinated before your departure
  • Avoid public and crowded places if you have not been vaccinated
  • Always use your face mask and personal hand sanitizer
  • Frequent washing of hands 
  • Get acquainted with important travel tips during covid-19

4. Transportation

Transportation in Greece is excellent. the best ways to move around different locations in Greece is by bus and train. some of the buses offer free Wi-Fi while you are on board; any information about your next destination can be provided online with all through operational updates such as seat allocation, arrived destinations and more features that add to the convenience of travel in Greece Guide.

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Advance booking is essential for Greek air tickets because delays affecting flights from Europe to Athens during the holiday season sometimes leave travelers stranded until days before departure date even if they had made advance bookings earlier. Check out available flights on here!

Travel guide to Greece

5. Bookings and Accommodation

Hotels in Greece are amazing and something that you just would not find anywhere else. They keep in mind the comfort of travelers while they are there to ensure customers get a decent experience. A vacation is incomplete without staying at local hotels because it becomes easier for guests to connect with locals during their stay, thus gaining mutual respect towards each other which makes them more patriotic.

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6. Food and Restaurants 

These travel guides to Greece will help you organize your itinerary with tips on Greek islands and specific suggestions of which restaurants to visit. The Greek cuisine is authentic and not just an imitation from places like Italy or France but actually many dishes such as Fakiha Souvlakia (Pork leg) that is usually served for guests during Ramadan in Maroussi Relais Kolonaki, Acharakuza grilled pork neck in Kessariani beach cellars keeping their traditional recipes since 1965. There are also craft beers in Athens they started brewing gyros right after World War II because it is still desired for its plant-based meat flavors.

7. Cultural Activities and Beliefs

The Greeks are a people who are vested in their culture. They have significant days of celebration which include: Name Days, Engagement Carnival (in which a groom engages the family of his bride before engaging her), the Ohi Day and some superstitious beliefs such as “The Evil eye.” The majority of the Greeks coin their name after a saint, they believe the power on the saints will be transferred onto them.

Travel guide to Greece on religious and cultural beliefs

8. Lifestyle of the people

The lifestyle of the Greeks is centred around family and social life. Unlike western standards of privacy, such as in the separation between public and private spaces (such as washrooms) or home curtains; Greeks will traditionally engage anyone they know intimately at all times with their friends not discriminating gender differences is probably one of the reasons why Greece is recognised by United Nations Organisation for Peace and Development that no greater value can be found than through trust and friendship throughout society. 

9. Religious Beliefs

The locals in Greece are mostly Orthodox Christian. Mystra, Athene and Helios are famous deities of Greek mythology according to historical evidence of Ancient Greece. 

The Aegean islands were once heavily influenced by ancient civilizations which are reflected in religious practices present today with thousands of Pilgrims visiting particularly holy land on every Easter Sunday following St Paul who was born there before becoming known as Apostle. Melissa claimed holy spirits even comes out with people finding miracle healings done during Eucharistic celebrations.

10. Security

Greece has high security, there are rarely any violent demonstrations, and their government ensures peace and stability. They also have a low crime rate level. Individual protection is necessary and as such visitors are advised to avoid taking pictures around sensitive places such as the military base, locking of cars and leaving important documents in the hotels is not encouraged in the case of petty thieves and pickpockets.

Travel guide to Greece - Greek ancient military


A travel guide to Greece is just what it sounds like, a guide to the country written for tourists. To give you an idea of how complicated traveling in Greece is, relevant information on the locals and their lifestyle, the best places to visit and how to stay safe in Greece are provided in this travel guide to Greece. This travel guide provides a recommendation of some of the best places to visit in Greece and the best activities to keep you entertained. 

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