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Travel subscription box

20 Best Travel Subscription Boxes for the Best Experience: 2021-2022 Review

By on September 15, 2021 0 42 Views

The idea behind travel subscription box is to throw in different items that the buyers will love. It also means being careful about the types of items to add, especially because the buyers may not need them at the moment.

Travel subscription boxes are continually in demand at different times in the year. From festive periods like Christmas to taking a trip – the need for a travel subscription box is always there.

Not to worry. We have gone ahead for you and made incredible choices of the best travel subscription boxes that you will need for your next trip.

Travel Subscription Box: Meaning

Travel subscription boxes are creative ways for you to feed your travel bug. Originally, subscription boxes were meant to be surprise packages, but now, travelers can use them as well. Think of having your favorite makeup kits packed into a box or maybe your favorite designer wears sorted and placed in a box so you can reach out and put them on any time you want.

That is the idea, and that is why you should have at least one travel subscription box on your next business trip or vacation. It is a great way to keep journey everyone happy including pets and kids. 

Travel susbscription box

Types of Travel Subscription Boxes

Travel subscription boxes are not a new trend. You may have seen a couple of travelers taking chocolates out of a box on the plane. Or a loving mother unpacking her kid’s favorite toys out of a box. 

Here are the most common types of travel subscription boxes you will find:

1.    Self-Care Boxes

As the name implies, these are travel subscription boxes that contain most of the items you need for your grooming. The items could be anywhere from toothbrushes to combs and eyeliners.

2.    Snacks 

These are the most popular types of travel subscription boxes. You need snacks to keep your sweet tooth happy during a trip. So, consider getting one of the snack travel subscription boxes to satisfy your taste buds.

3.    Box of Toys

From toys for your kids to pet toys, there are toys for everyone and anything. You can be lucky to find travel subscription boxes that contain toys for pets, including cats and dogs. The boxes can also contain treaties to keep your pets happy.

Likewise, there are toy travel subscription boxes for kids who want to keep their energy high during a trip.

The List of 20 Best Travel Subscription Boxes

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. Perhaps you have toys or you are looking for a creative way to teach your kids geography while on transit. Never mind about how to connect all those dots because we have researched and come up with a list of the 20 best travel subscription boxes that meet different needs:

Check out the reviews of travel subscription boxes below:

1.    Little Passports Early Explorers Subscription Box for Kids

Do you have kids between the ages of 3 and 5? Are you taking them on a trip and you are looking for a way to inspire them about where you are taking them to?

Consider getting the Little Passports Early Explorers Subscription Box for Kids. This is one of the travel subscription boxes designed for kids between the ages of 3 and 5.

Aside from the geographical undertone that takes the kids through educational travel; it also teaches the kids about oceans. Your kids will learn more about the underwater plants, as well as the tentacles of an octopus.


  • The kids will learn more about art, the ocean, and space.
  •  Includes hands-on projects to feed the kid’s curiosity.
  • Your kids will be thrilled with the delivery of new packages every month.
  •  It comes with interesting stickers.
  • Your kids will love the decent quality of the map.


  • Some buyers suggest that the box is ideal for older kids.
  • It seems to be overpriced for the quality.

2.   Which Way USA Subscription Box

Taking your kids to the States? Purchasing the Which Way USA Subscription Box proves to be a better way to get them acquainted with the States.

This subscription box is equipped with engaging puzzle books, colorful maps of the United States, and exciting activities/challenges that will get them more excited about being in the States.


  • It inspires the kids to learn geography in a low-pressure way.
  •  Each of the puzzles helps the kids to have a sense of accomplishment.
  • Comes with answer keys at the back of every puzzle book.
  • A great way to explore America without the kids leaving the home.


  • Some buyers wished that the different States had different puzzles.
  • ·It is not clear if all the 52 States are in the year’s membership.

3.  How to be a Redhead Friendly Approved Beauty Products Subscription Box

Some women like to get redhead once in a while. This right here is one of the types of travel subscription boxes that give you the redhead you so much want.

The subscription box is packed with some of the redhead products you can think of. From skin care products to makeup and redhead-friendly hair – these are amazing products to get you a fabulous redhead.


  • These beauty products have been tested and approved on a redhead.
  • The boxes are never repeated.
  • The Quarterly H2BAR Box includes 10 travel-sized products that include body care, makeup, and lifestyle items.
  • Affordable


  • Some of the samples are small.
  • It may contain questionable makeup color choices.

4.  COCOTIQUE Deluxe Travel Products Subscription Box

This is a travel subscription box specifically for women of color, as well as people of color. The products are not only full-sized but are also specially curated for you every month, meaning that you will get different products every month.

It is also thrilling to note that the subscription box contains different items of self-care. These items include but are not limited to cocotique, makeup, black radiance, and cosmetics.


  • Full-size and travel-size beauty products.
  • Curated for specific beauty concerns.
  • Direct shipping to your mailbox.
  •  Specifically curated for women of color.


  • You cannot choose what to get in the box.
  • The products may contain questionable ingredients.

5.  GQ Best Stuff Subscription Box

This travel subscription box is specifically for men that want to travel light. You rest assured that sunglasses, deodorants, and grooming products can be included in the box.

One of the fascinating features of this travel subscription box is that it includes specially chosen or limited-edition products. So, you might as well just be one of the first to get any of those products.


  • Get access to the GQ editor’s favorite products every quarter.
  • It includes different items ranging from style accessories, apparel, and grooming products.
  • You will save up to $800 in value per year 


  • Opinions are divided on the usefulness of the items.
  • You may not get a sample of some of the products.


We are striving to build an eco-friendly world, where greenhouse emissions and natural disasters can be kept at bay.

You can contribute to your quota by using more eco-friendly products. From buying meat with paper bags to using eco-friendly plastic-free products – you can make it happen.

That is why eco-friendly enthusiasts embarking on a trip go for the KIWI ECO BOX. This travel subscription box is not only filled with some of the best eco-friendly products. It also has recyclable packaging and is 100% biodegradable.


  • Receive up to 7 eco-friendly and plastic-free products every month.
  • 100% recyclable packaging.
  • The subscription box contains a variety of sustainable products, including stationery, cleaning products, and cosmetics.
  • Perfect for people who are interested in reducing plastic pollution.


  • Some buyers wished there was a bit more in the box.
  • You may receive something you already have.

7.  My Panty Women’s Panties Monthly Subscription

Look no further for comfortable panties to put on when on vacation. The My Panty Women’s Panties Monthly Subscription box got you covered with 2 pairs of cute and comfortable underwear.

The comfort aside, the panties are also designed to fit women of all sizes. With the rotational delivery of the subscription box, you can get lacy boy shorts this month, hipsters the next month, and lacey hip huggers two months after.


  • The package comes with a variety of different women’s panties, including sensual briefs, boy shorts, and thongs.
  • Comes with a wide range of colors to match most of your outfits.
  • Most of the buyers are delighted with the selection and the quality of the panties.


  •  Some of the pairs may run a little bit smaller.

8.  BarkBox Monthly Subscription Box

Treat your canine friend to a box of pure canine bliss with the delivery of the BarkBox Monthly Subscription Box.

This is one of the types of travel subscription boxes meant to offer dog lovers the opportunity to provide their dogs with dental chews and dog chews.

The package also includes a wide range of toy varieties, including squeakers, dog toys, toys with spiky balls, and toys for aggressive chewers.


  • Included in the box are a drool-worthy chew, 2 dog toys, and 2 bags of dog treats.
  • The items come in three sizes: small, medium, and large.
  • You have the option of choosing allergy-friendly treats.
  • The toys are very durable.


  • It is a bit overpriced.

9.  Little Learning Hands World Explorers Subscription Box for Kids

Give your kids hands-on learning about the world we live in. The exploration that comes with the subscription box is one sure way to inspire your kids to become interested in inclusion, traveling, and diversity.

The box comes with different items that will help your kids become better explorers. The items range from play money, 2 hands-on learning activities booklets, table talk cards, and recipe cards.


  • ·Each box includes fun fact booklets, STEM/STEAM activities, souvenirs, crafts, recipes, and science projects.
  •  The monthly box contents contain kits of countries, including Germany, France, and China.
  •  It builds sensitivity to inclusion and diversity in the kids.


  • A bit pricey

10. Highlights Top Secret Adventures Subscription Box

Detective stories tend to spike curiosity and an interest to make the world a crime-free place. However, detective stories are not meant for adults alone, because kids can also become a part of the “thief-hunting” process.

The Highlights Top Secret Adventures Subscription Box is a mysterious detective game for kids. The subscription box contains a 32-page puzzle book that walks your kids through finding secret codes, mazes, and quizzes.


  • Bonus gifts like a secret agent passport and a world map can be included in the box.
  • The kids will also be introduced to the geography and history of other countries and cultures.
  •  It is a great idea for kids who like puzzles disguised as mysteries.


  • Some of the pictures look very old-fashioned.

11. Toy Box Monthly Kids Toy Subscription Box

Your kids need toys at different stages in their lives. Kids between the ages of 4 and 8 are the ones that need these toys the most.

You can satisfy that need by getting the Toy Box Monthly Kids Toy Subscription Box. This travel subscription box is not like the regular toy boxes you get.

First, you get to save $5 on your first purchase. Thereafter, you will renew the subscription for $25 per month.

The other impressive feature is the inclusion of some licensed toys, all designed to spice up your kid’s fun activities. The licensed toys you will find in the box include Playmobil, Star Wars, LEGO, Avengers, and Batman.


  • The box comes with a monthly card that includes ideas on the activities to do at home, as well as educational themes.
  • The boxes are filled with blind bags and surprise toys, such as dolls, Imaginext Batman sets, and Star Wars figurines.
  •  Ideal for kids who are hard to shop for.


  •  Some buyers are not certain the items in the box are worth the actual cost.

12.  Hunter A Killer Complete Detective Travel Subscription Box

Here is another travel subscription box that will inspire your kids to consider taking a career in the CIA.

The Hunter A Killer Complete Detective Travel Subscription Box is a complete box of murder mystery games meant to trigger the kid’s tendency to point out the foul play in the death of a graduate student.

The box also contains all the six (6) game boxes to be used in the murder investigation. So, rest assured that your kids will have a swell time becoming creative and finding a twist to nail the murderer in the plot.


  • It can be played by 6 players, maximum.
  • Ideal for players of 14 years and above.
  • Comes with puzzles, ciphers, and clues that help the players uncover the motives for the murders.
  • The box is packed with handcrafted evidence that you can touch and feel.


  • It is way too easy to solve the mysteries.

13.  Handy Box Subscription to a Mystery Box

You will need plenty of gadgets and tools to make your trip memorable. Consider getting the Handy Box Subscription to a Mystery Box, which is a travel subscription box for travelers who are expected to do some repair jobs when they land.

The subscription tool is packed with some of the tools you will need for a repair job or a new project. These tools include but are not limited to heavy-duty plier sets, long nose pliers, Duracell USB charger, long nose pliers with a pivoting head, pocket flashlight with suction grip, and vacuum base spring clamp.


  • The box contains a myriad of tools that come in handy daily.
  • The tools are sourced from brands, including DeWalt, Mikita, and Stanley.
  • The subscription can be canceled anytime.
  • Contains a wide range of product categories, such as lighting, garden, gadgets, home improvement, and electronics.


  • The box may contain items you already have.
  • There is a concern that the items are of lesser value.

14.  Zero Pack Zero Sugar Energy Drink and Consumables Subscription Box

The intake of soda or sugary drinks may be “refreshing” to you, but the long-term effects are worrisome.

That is why you need to start taking more zero sugar or sugar-free drinks. Thankfully, you don’t have to buy the drinks one after another, because they have been handpicked for you.

The Zero Pack Zero Sugar Energy Drink and Consumables Subscription Box contains up to 6 top-rated sugar-free drinks.

The drinks are not popular, because they are sourced from hard-to-find brands. The flavors of the drinks are also out-of-the-world. The energy undertone to the drinks is another refreshing factor because you will be cutting down on excessive sugar intake and getting energy the right way.


  •  It includes 6 zero sugar drinks, fitness accessories, and nutritional treats.
  • The packages of each month are themed differently.
  • The drinks are very low in calories


  • Some buyers think the drinks are a little speedy.

15. Match Made Coffee Craft Coffee & Gourmet Cookie Subscription Box

This is the perfect gift for your taste buds. Not only will you be taking coffee (which some wouldn’t like anyway), but you will also be taking it alongside 2 flavor-paired cookies.

The idea is to make you appreciate the blend of coffee and cookies. It will also interest you to know that the 2 gourmet cookies are uniquely flavored to serve as worthy pairs to the coffee.

The coffee is not without some awesomeness, as it is made with different flavor profiles, roast levels, and bodies.


  • The craft coffees remain fresh for one year before opening.
  • Comes with free shipping.
  •  The cookies have different recipes, ranging from Lemon Bar, Red Velvet, and Taro.
  •  It proves to be an economical way to taste new flavors.


  • Each roast and blend wouldn’t be favorable to everyone.
  • Slightly expensive

16.  Bubbles & Books Reading and Relaxation Subscription Box

Enjoy reading thrillers? This is the right travel subscription box because it has up to 2 thriller books of your choice. You will also get up to 5 free eBook downloads every month.

The package also comes with unique bath items so you can have a refreshing bath before settling down to relax with your thriller books.


  •  Includes adorably shaped bath tombs, handmade soap, fizzy bath dust, and body wash.
  • You are allowed to choose your favorite book genre.
  •  Most buyers love the handcrafted products in the box.


  • Seems very cheap and quickly thrown together.

17. BattlBox Survival and Outdoor Gear Subscription Box

3 out of 10 travelers are adventurists. If you fall in that category, you would need to be safe out there. The BattlBox Survival and Outdoor Subscription Box contain most of the items you need to stay safe on the outside.

The content of the box includes take-down bows, a first-aid kit, and a sleeping bag.


  • It includes a Mission Card that provides the details of the items in the box.
  • Items, especially the Knife of the Month (KOTM) are shopped from brands like Bastion, TOPS, and Kershaw.
  • Provides a wide range of survival and camping gear.
  • The items are one of the highest qualities out there.


  • May come with too many mixed bags.

18.  Gnaw Box Nature Gnaws Dog Chew Treats

This travel subscription box contains most of the most popular dog treats sourced from Nature Gnaws.

The treats also support the dental health of your canine friend by reducing tartar and plaque that tend to build on your dog’s teeth.


  •  It doesn’t contain artificial ingredients or additives.
  • Includes a mix of Deer Antlers, Bully Sticks, Salmon Skins, and Jerky Chews.
  • The threats can eliminate bad breath for dogs.
  • Proves to be a better alternative to chemically-made twists and bones.


  • Not ideal for big dogs.
  • Some buyers complain that it doesn’t come with all of the items, as advertised.

19.  X Workbox STEM Subscription Box for Kids

This travel subscription box is ideal for kids between the ages of 9 and 14. It is best if those kids are interested in science and technology.

The X Workbox STEM Subscription Box for Kids is not designed with 3 hands-on projects connected to a STEM theme.

It also includes new science topics in the mystery box. These topics are meant to inspire the kids to learn the skills of the future.


  • The science and engineering kits in the box come with the tools and materials required for the execution of successful projects.
  • The sample projects include Line Follower Robot, Elevators, Hydraulic Arm, Gears, and Solar Powered Car.
  • Features easy-to-follow steps leading to the completion of the projects.


  • The instructions for use aren’t so clear.

20. Bitsbox Coding Subscription Box for Kids

Kids between the ages of 6 and 12 can start learning and mastering the intricacies of coding. This and many more are some of the skills they will pick up from the Bitsbox Coding Subscription Box for Kids.

The coding projects do not only stop at teaching coding. The kids can also learn more about making simulations, video games, and greeting cards.


  • The box provides a perfect way to strike a balance between entertainment and challenge.
  • Each of the boxes comes with a helpful grownup guide to put the kids through.
  • Great for teaching kids the basic principles of coding.


  • For some buyers, this is a bunch of cards with a couple of lines of cards.
Travel subscription boxes

Final Thoughts

Your traveling experience can be jiggered for the best when you have a couple of books, cookies, or sugar-free drinks to keep you refreshed throughout the trip. A travel subscription box is a great way to enjoy a trip. The box contains a mix of several essentials to keep you and your kids happy on your trip, whether you are going on a vacation, a good travel bag helps you pack all your needs in one place.

When traveling, especially when you have to take your feline friend, the travel litter box for cats helps you maintain an easy and peaceful journey, cat sedatives also help your cat enjoy a sound trip without fights and getting jittery on the road.

The guide above will point you in the right direction on the types of travel subscription box ideas to get both for yourself and your kids. Which of the travel subscription boxes ticks the boxes for you? Do well to let us know!

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