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Travel blogging, the ultimate guide on how to start a travel blog

Travel Blogging: The Ultimate Guide on How to Start a Travel Blog

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Travel blogging gives you life and the experience of different cultures and lifestyles that make up the world. This is in addition to being a source of income. If you have ever fantasized traveling the world for a living then travel blogging is for you. Whether as a part time or full time job, travel blogging can be an essential source of income. This is why it is important to learn how to start a travel blog website if you want to make money through travel blogging.

Learning how to start a travel blog website should be the first step in your journey to becoming a travel blogger. It is, however, totally feasible to become a highly successful travel blogger and travel around the world, but you will need to put in a lot of effort to get there. You need adequate information and understanding of what a travel blog is, the niches involved, how to develop a travel blog website, the best content management system to use, hosting options and many more to become a successful travel blogger. 

This article will assist you in smoothly preparing for the stages while also highlighting crucial aspects of travel blogging business. We’ll go through the essentials you’ll need to know to manage a successful blog. Don’t worry; learning how to start a travel blog website isn’t challenging as people presume it to be; all you need is to have the correct mindset and effort. 

What is travel blogging? 

Travel blogging is a way to share your experiences with the world and make money while sharing such information. It’s about telling stories, sharing photos, and having a platform for all of those experiences. Travel blogging is a popular online genre of writing that can be used to document experiences and share information about travel destinations and travel tips.

Some benefits of travel blogging are:

• Travel blogging is a source of income for travel bloggers

• Travel blogging is a way for bloggers to have the freedom to pursue different topics and interests in a single blog. 

• It helps create social media buzz around the world. 

• Travel blogging allows for storytelling about personal experiences with others around the world who may also enjoy similar topics.

Who is a Travel Blogger?

A travel blogger, often known as a travel writer or just a “blogger,” is someone who goes around the globe gathering material for writing about their travel adventures, earning money from both online and offline sources. So what is the best way or approach to starting a travelling blog?

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Here are the 10 Best Ways to Start a Travel Blog

Travel blogging is not scary, here is a step by step guide on how to start a travel blog website that is profitable without breaking the bank:

Choose a Domain Name for your Travel Blog

Picking a memorable domain name is essential in travel blogging, it is one of the first things to when starting a travel blog website. One of the most challenging components of starting a travel blog website is generating a perfect name for the blog site. However, if you can come up with a name that is not offensive or weird at the end of the day, then you’ll be fine. Consider names that are memorable, creative, not long, and appropriate for your personality. 

Your travel blog name should also be unique and professional. Hyphens, numbers, overused words, and similar branding should all be avoided. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s a name you’ll like for years to come because changing a website’s name isn’t an option after you’ve grown followers or community. Think and make a list of great names you love. Go to NameCheap or GoDaddy and search the availability of the name you chose. So, now that you’ve come up with a clever domain name, what’s next? Let’s go ahead and establish your brand name.

Choose a Suitable Hosting for your New Domain

Your domain name requires an internet “rental” space called “Hosting”. Hosting is a location where you keep all of your blog’s data, files, and photographs so that anyone in the world may access it by typing in your domain name or keywords that are related to your content. Your host is responsible for providing the actual servers on which your website runs and maintaining the software required to keep your website online and performing. 

Web hosting services are offered by various companies and providers, each with its own features. Some web hosts provide one-click WordPress installation, while others have a cPanel control panel. Choosing a hosting plan for your travel blog website should be based on your website needs.

There are different types of website hosting to choose from when starting a travel blog website:

1. Shared Hosting – These are the most common type of hosting services for small businesses and individuals to host their websites or blogs on. With shared hosting, you share your server space with other users which can lead to slow speeds when it comes to loading pages or high-traffic periods. 

2. VPS Hosting – Virtual Private Servers (VPS) offer more speed than shared hosting but still share resources with other customers and use shared hardware such as memory and processing power in order to save costs and increase efficiency. 

3. Dedicated Server Hosting – A dedicated server is usually used for high-traffic websites that require greater speed and resources than what a VPS provides but do not need the same level of security provided by a managed private cloud environment like Amazon Web Services (AWS). This type of hosting is also considered more expensive than VPS or shared servers because it has its own hard drive that does not share with any other customer’s site, meaning there is no overhead for administration fees or software licensing fees associated with multiple sites sharing the same physical hardware within a data centre.

After setting up your host, we’ll go on to the next phase in learning how to start a travel blog website – designing the layout and appearance. 

Install WordPress

Another best approach on how to start a travel blog is learning how WordPress can be of help. Why WordPress may be very popular and easy, there other good options such as Wix, Squarespace, Webflow, etc. After you’ve picked your hosting package and secured your domain name, the next step is to install WordPress. 

Installing WordPress with your Host Account is a breeze because it can be done with just a single click. You’ll be able to connect to the WordPress dashboard with your new username and password and begin developing your site after it’s been installed. Note that WordPress offers helpful tips and resources. You’ll be amazed at all the things they bring to the table. You can access them on their official website here.

Use a Professional WordPress Theme

Put a lot of attention on your theme as you discover how to become a travel blogger. Though the scope of your travel blog is most vital, a beautiful design is equally essential. When individuals arrive on your page, you want to establish a good first impression. People make snap decisions about whether or not they can trust your website in a fraction of a second. A lovely layout will entice people to remain and visit again. After installing your theme, you’ll need to install a few WordPress plugins to give your travel blog some extra functionality. 

Platforms such as Codecanyon and Themeforest provide amazing WordPress themes for various purposes. Professional travel themes are essential for travel blogging.

Design a Logo for your Travel Blog

It’s essential to have a logo to give you a brand identity and help you stand out from other bloggers. But I’ll jump in and say that I don’t believe it’s something you should put a lot of effort or money in. What is more important than the style of your site is the quality of your content. Once you’ve established that, you can focus more on the design. Therefore you can design your own logo, it’s very easy; anyone can do it. Use canva to create an amazing logo – for free!

Install Plugins 

Plugins are great features (just like Apps) for building, designing, and functioning of a blog. Most plugins are totally free but there are some with paid features, don’t be afraid to bring out your wallet when there’s a need to spend, you want to make money travel blogging right? Installing plugins is a must but you should be careful about plugins that may slow your website and hamper your SEO efforts. 

A plugin, like a theme, is a piece of software that improves the appearance, feel, and functionality of your travel blog. The primary distinction is that while themes focus on the overall appearance of your blog, plugins focus on specific functions. They enhance the functionality of your blog. The majority of plugins are free, while some need payment. You can download new plugins in the “plugin” section of your WordPress Dashboard.

Create your Online Persona

Make a page about yourself. It is an essential aspect of travel blogging. Making an “about us/me” page for yourself in your blog tells the world who you are, your background, and why they should follow up. Maintain a lighthearted and approachable tone. Make it clear to your readers that you are offering them a lot of value! Connect your social media accounts to create a popular and profitable travel blog. Acquire a cheap vlogging camera for high-quality images and videos for your social media profile and blog posts. 

Write your First Travel Blog Posts

Travel blogging involves sharing a lot of stories about travel experiences that can benefit other travelers. The best thing to do is start producing blog entries now that you’ve constructed your site’s primary pages and established a social media presence. Make a post about yourself for your first blog post. Explain why you began the blog, what it’ll be about, where you’re going, and where you’ve been. Always remind yourself that quality triumphs quantity when it comes to travel blogging.

You can start planning your content by doing keyword research with tools like Google keyword planner, Semrush, Ahref, Ubbersuggest and many other tools.  

Invest in yourself and Take a Travel Blogging Course

Consider attending classes in numerous areas when launching a travel blog. One of the most important principles about blogging, and self-improvement in general is – you must prioritize investing in yourself. If you want to be a great travel blogger and earn money, expand your horizon, meet or learn more about it – from successful travel bloggers.

Start Travelling 

Is time for adventure! Go to places that not just You love but your readers would love too. Take pictures and videos to create content for your blog. Now while this may be very personal you can do something general that don’t necessarily have to put you on the view such as blogging about places and offering useful info about those places. Here is a list of the cheap places to visit in Europe for your vacation. One of the best ways to become a pro traveler is to learn how to plan a trip in a way that cust costs while still maintaining maximum comfort and security. 

Earning Money from your Blog

Starting isn’t easy unless you are not really new to it. In the early stage, your family and friends might be your sole readers at first. But that’s all right! That’s how we all started. Later, you’ll need a broader audience than simply family and friends to start making money with your travel blog. 

The more people who visit your travel blog, the more money you can make. Building an audience and increasing traffic takes time. Instead of getting money right away, concentrate on improving yourself and offering value and every other thing including money shall be your reward.

Monetizing a travel blog is easy as long as you know what needs to be done in order for it to work out well for you. 

First of all, make sure that your website has been optimized so that people can find it easily when they search on Google or other platforms like Bing.

Then make sure that there are ads on your site so people will get familiar with your business. 

Lastly, make sure that you have an email list where customers can sign up for updates about new products and services offered by my company which they are looking for.

Do Travel Bloggers Make Money?

If you are a travel blogger, you get to see different places and explore the world. You can also make money by sharing your experiences with other people through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You may also write blog posts that help people plan their trips better or if they have any queries related to travel. 

In addition to this, you can also work on affiliate marketing which is a way of earning commission from referring visitors to websites or companies that sell products related to your niche area.

So Yes, they do make money.

It is a great profession that allows you to travel and take pictures of the places you visit, write about your experiences and earn some extra cash in the process.

How Much does it Cost to Start a Travel Blog?

The cost of starting a travel blog is not too high and usually vary depending on individuals. It all depends on the type of content you will be publishing and what kind of website you want to make.

A good way to start is by purchasing a domain name that can be used for your blog. Domain names cost around $4 to $20 per year except in circumstances where an individual desires premium domains that may cost thousands or hundreds of dollars.  Creating a website with WordPress or any other CMS, then buying hosting. Hosting usually cost between $35 to $700 per year or more depending on your choice and type of hosting preferences. 

There are many tools available that will help you create content like editing software, image editors, web design software and marketing tools like email newsletters and analytics software. Other costs may include the cost of providing content and professional web development if you have no such experiences. These costs usually vary depending on the individual and experience level. 


Getting into travel blogging will become less challenging if you practice all the steps discussed here. There are social media features to add, blogs to write, photographs to post, and tweaks to make and all of that requires dedication and consistency but trust me, if you set your goal to achieve that today and work hard on it, it will make a successful travel blogging business, you’ll definitely be happy you did it. 

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If you still have questions about how to start a travel blog website, let me know in the comment. I will be happy to help with more travel blogging tips that may be specific to your needs.  

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