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Considering international travel? There are significant international travel tips that you need to stay safe and travel better.

International travel can become cumbersome without a good knowledge of international travel tips and best practices.

From varying laws, food and attitude of citizens, international travelers can get into trouble when adequate preparations are not made.  

There are some important travel tips that can be applied when moving from one country to another.

As someone who travels a lot, here is a compilation of the best international travel tips to keep you safe, healthy and happy throughout your trip. 

1. Use the 24-Hour Rule to Your Advantage

You already booked a flight, but after a few hours, you realized that you need to make some changes.

You can do all that and even cancel the flight if you stick to the 24-hour rule. This rule allows intending passengers to either change their travel dates or cancel the trip, provided it is done within 24 hours. It is a common international travel tip to know when preparing for your next vacation or conference. 

2. Check to see if a Visa is Required

Some countries require visas before allowing passengers to come in, whether by flight or train. So, find out if you need a visa for the trip.

3. Decide Where to Go for the Trip

Decide on the best destination for your trip. consider whether you want the destination to be close to your home country, as well as the things to keep you entertained during the trip.

4. Register with Your Embassy

Ensure you register with your country’s embassy on arrival at your destination. This can save you if a crisis breaks out or you have health challenges.

5. Inform Your Bank before Traveling

This is one of the international travel tips that has helped thousands of international travelers not to get stranded.

Always inform your bank or credit/debit card provider of your travel. The reason for this is so that the bank or provider’s fraud alert radar doesn’t freeze up your card considering that it is used outside a location where it was issued.

6. Book in Advance

It is better to book everything in advance. This includes booking your flight, hotel accommodation and even a cab when possible. This is one of the best international travel tips to consider, it helps to save cost.

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7. Double-Check Your Passport

How well do you know the passport rules of the destination you are traveling to? Double-check your passport to be sure it complies with those rules.

Some countries require travelers to have up to six months remaining on the passport from the time they are to travel.

So, if yours is not in line with that, it would be wise to renew the passport before traveling.

8. Get Covid-19 Vaccination

Stay safe and get vaccinated, especially if it is required by the tourism department of the country you are traveling to.

9. Confirm the Exchange Rate

International travels often involve the exchange of currencies. So, confirm the current exchange rate at your destination so you can take enough cash to cover your expenses.

10. Find Local Restaurants

Some travelers develop intolerances when they eat meals that are not peculiar to them. If this is you; consider looking up local restaurants at your destination. There are several African restaurants in Canada, New York, and Uk in this review if you have a taste for African Foods. 

11. Take a Credit Card that Doesn’t Cost Much

Contact your bank to see if they can issue you a credit card that doesn’t attract foreign transaction fees.

12. Pack an Extra Set of Clothes in a Carry-On

The aircraft might lose your luggage. Prepare for this eventuality by packing a set of clothes to change, even if you lose your luggage.

13. Learn about the Destination

Try to read up information about the destination before booking a flight. This is an important international travel tip to keep in mind.

14. Take a Guidebook or a Map

You may not have a tour guide, but you can very much find your way. Take a guidebook or get a map, preferably Google Maps so you can stay guided throughout the trip.

15. Bring a Portable Phone Charger

Get a portable phone charger so you can recharge your phone’s battery even while on the go.

16. Maintain Common Sense

There are some things you can do while traveling even without being told. That is where common sense comes in.

You want to stay away from alcohol, quit smoking for a while if you have been smoking, and only have public dates.

17. Make Copies of Your Important Documents

Make copies of your passport, and other important documents. Always take the copies so that you can retain the original, even if the copies were lost. This is among the best international travel tips to help you protect your documents when traveling.

18. Change Your Currency

You may not be allowed to use credit cards in some places. Local cash or the currency of the country is what you need.

So, ensure you change your home country’s currency to that of your host country so you can have frictionless financial transactions.

19. Get Insurance for Your Travel

Liaise with your insurance provider to select the insurance plan that can cover most of your travel needs.

20. Check Your International Phone Options

Check with your phone network’s provider to see the options you have for international trips. Also, find out the costs for roaming and whether you need to take a mobile hotspot.

21. Pack Important Travel Essentials

Packing travel essentials is also an important international travel tip to consider before embarking on your journey. Imagine leaving only to discover that several travel essentials are missing in your bag.


If you travel with cats, you may consider getting cat sedatives for travel before you begin your vacation. Using an appropriate travel litter box is essential to keep your travel friend happy throughout the journey.

For someone, who loves several happy packages in a box to keep you engaged and entertained, especially if you’re traveling with toddlers, choosing appropriate travel subscription boxes is the best way to get the most of your trip. 

As a traveler, learning and mastering these international travel tips will help you stay safe, eat the most appropriate food, stay out of trouble and make the most of your vacation or conference. 

If you’re someone who travel with kids, considering getting acquainted with these travel tips when traveling with toddlers for the best safety experience and smooth vacation.

Examples of the best international travel tips include: use the 24-hour rule to your advantage, check to see if a visa is required, decide where to go for the trip, register with your embassy, book in advance and double-check your passport.

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