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Free dating sites in Nigeria

10 Best Free Hookups and Dating Sites In Nigeria

By on July 30, 2021 0 922 Views

Looking for sex or casual or serious relationship in Nigeria? There are free dating sites in Nigeria that are set up to satisfy all your sexual and relationship needs at any time of your choosing.

Dating sites in Nigeria provide opportunities for Nigerians to meet other Nigerians from any part of the world and connect or start a relationship. These platforms can be used to find serious hookups that can lead to marriage.

There are individuals that must be actively engaged in sex and other activities to maintain a good productivity level in their daily activities.

Free dating sites in Nigeria provide such people with the solution to their relationship and sexual desires as there is a range of people to properly screen and choose for any form of relationship.

One of the reasons people are skeptical about using free dating sites is because of the high rate of fraud experienced on such platforms as people are taken advantage of in so many ways. 

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There are, however, free dating sites in Nigeria with strict surveillance on their platforms and that constantly strive to totally eliminate any form of fraud on their platform.

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What are Dating Sites?

Dating sites are platforms where people meet lovers for various reasons including relationship and sexual satisfaction. They include social mobile apps and websites that allow strangers to meet and discuss their relationship goals and needs.

In this article, we have reviewed the best free dating sites in Nigeria for you to explore.

10 Best Free Dating sites in Nigeria

The following are the best free dating sites in Nigeria that adults can explore:

#1. AfroIntroductions

Afrointroductions was founded in 2002 and currently rank as the largest African dating site with over 4.5 million users in Africa.

This free dating site in Nigeria has successfully connected countless number of Nigerians to their life partners making it one of the most trusted dating sites in Nigeria and other African countries.

AfroIntrocutions connects thousands of single men and women all over the world. It is a part of a cupid media network with over 30 reputable niche dating sites and who are totally committed to connecting singles all over the world to their love.

#2. Tinder

Tinder is one of the oldest and most used free dating sites in Nigeria, it allows users to meet, chat, and date. 

Tinder enjoys great acceptability due to its high-security network that ensures that members are free from scams that is a norm in dating sites in Nigeria and other countries of the world, particularly the USA.

There are over 50 million active users of this platform all over the world. Tinder stands as one of the best free dating sites in Nigeria and other parts of the world with such a population of active users.

#3. Meet Nigerians

Meet Nigerians connect you with Nigerians all over the world, it stands out as one of those free dating sites with great specificity for Nigerians and a popular choice for many.

Nigerians in other countries Like UK, USA, France, etc, are able to connect and form formidable love affairs with their partners through this platform.

It is a popular dating site in Nigeria. Everyone is welcome to join as long as you are 18 or over and interested in meeting new people for a genuine relationship. MN has all the features you will need to make your usage and time on the site a good experience.

#4. Sexy Naija

Sexy Naija stands out with great features such as instant messaging and chatting, a forum of members, and a blog. It is one of the best free dating sites in Nigeria.

It was founded in 2005 and has over 15 million active users. Here, one can easily find relationships and sexual satisfaction.

#5. Friendite

Friendite is a dating site in Nigeria that allows users to connect with single men and women and start a relationship. The platform provides a string dating network. The mission is to create a dating and social platform for Africans by Africans blending to our culture; Guided by the belief that mobile technology will fundamentally change the cultural, social system.

#6. Mingle2

Mingle2 is an indigenous Nigerian relationship and dating site, founded in 2006, the platform is localised for Lagosians interested in meeting other locals for dating, sex and relationship. The platform is available to all single Nigerians and has over 39 million active users worldwide.

#7. Metro Date

Metro Date is a free dating site in Nigeria with use throughout the world, the platform is available for singles from Uk, India, US and other countries. It is easy to chat, share images and videos with others using this platform.

#8. Soul Singles

Soul Singles is a dating site in Nigeria that is available to everyone from all African countries. The platforms allow singles to meet and interact, share pictures and videos as well as chat. People from other African countries can chat and create a relationship using this platform.

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Soul Singles is a secure free dating platform in Nigeria that help people find dates and relationship. It is specific to Africans especially Nigerians and has a support system that helps to get rid of spams and scams.

#9. Khedoo

Khedoo is a newly launched free dating site in Nigeria. The platform was launched in 2021 to connect Nigerians and other African citizens. It is an “African only” dating site where singles find relationships and sex. The platform has subscription plans with an active support system.

“Khedoo is where relationships start. It is a fun way to connect with new and interesting people (Africans) around you. Swipe right to like or left to pass on the people khedoo recommends. Khedoo is how Africans meet. We’ll help you meet other Africans anywhere in the world – be it in USA, UK, Canada, Seychelles, Brazil, Australia. In fact everywhere. Download today!!” – China Mouka (Founder).

#10. Badoo

Badoo is a top dating site that takes your location into consideration. The platform matches you with other singles living in your location and so it is easier to meet and discuss outside the app.

It is a special dating site in Nigeria and enables you to set the app to match certain criteria such as age, location, gender, etc. Users can chat and interact with each other, view and rate photos on the platform.

It is one of the most widely used dating sites and has over 522 million users all over the world.

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Reasons Why People Use Dating Sites

Wooing a lady

There are numerous reasons why people engage the services of dating sites in Nigeria to kill the loneliness they face in their daily lives.

The majority of men out there find it extremely difficult to woo a lady and win her heart over, this may be a result of their busy schedule or simply because they are shy and scared of talking to girls to prevent certain forms of insults.

Readiness for relationship

The majority of people who are in a relationship do so because they want o to satisfy their sexual desires and keep a high libido in check.

A relationship has more to it than sex, there are responsibilities that come with every relationship such as caring for and respecting your partner. Most young people who are out there also get into a relationship for the wrong reasons and basically just to satisfy their sexual desires. 

Lack of Time

This may be occasioned by the nature of jobs an individual is involved in, there are paid jobs that require an average of 12 – 14 hours of active work per day.

Individuals that are involved in such jobs lack time for themselves and opportunities to meet great people for relationships, they only resort to the help of dating sites to have successful relationships.


Most people that engage the services of dating sites in Nigeria do so solely for the financial benefits of activities such as sugar mummy and sugar daddy.

They basically get paid to provide sexual satisfaction to their partners and are involved with numerous partners, such activities provide a breeding ground for the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

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There are numerous dating sites in Nigeria to find relationships, sex and meet people. When using dating sites, people should strive to ensure self-respect, care for their partners, purity, genuineness, and a pure and ready heart to love and cater to responsibilities that come with a relationship.

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Dating sites in Nigeria have helped to bridge the gap created by difficulty in finding a partner in different African and European countries and even more. Nigerians living in any part of the world can meet and create beautiful relationships using these dating platforms discussed in this article.

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