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Being able to find a good man to marry is one of the most challenging things to do for busy ladies. As much as you are aware of the existence of bad and terrible men, so also exists men who are understanding and tolerant enough to accommodate all your silly behaviours.

There are significant questions to ask that can help you to get started in your journey on how to find a good man:

  • How do I find a good man?
  • Where can I find a good man?
  • How can I know a good man?

How Do I find a Good Man to Marry?

Ever asked the question, how do I find a good man to marry? From your daily interactions with people, one can easily identify men of good qualities. Here are the four best ways to find a good man to marry:

1. Have a good character or exhibit good attitude at all times

There are different strategies when it comes to finding a man for a relationship, good men can be found in different places; work, market, church, mosque, school, playground, supper markets, etc. When you ask yourself questions on how to find a good man, there are several issues that you must address to be successful in your quest to find a good man.

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When a man is ready for a serious relationship, he focuses on the attitude of the girl he intends to date or marry, sometimes people do not know that your daily attitudes at work, church, or other places determine the type of man that will be attracted to you, always try to be at your best in your daily activities. Your attitude is as important to your intended man as yourself.

2. Develop yourself

The level of your self-development will also determine the types of men that will be available to you, there are people who have no significant skills but are interested in highly skilled men, most times, the men that will come to you will be those at the same level where you are.

Develop yourself at all times, and learn relevant skills that are significant in the current economy, gain some good level of education, get yourself a job, add value and get some respect for yourself. Keeping yourself fully developed with a lot of potentials is one good way to find a good man.

3. Upgrade your fashion sense

Looking your best at all times is one way to attract and keep a man, some men are well attracted to fashion, and ladies with good fashion sense tend to will their heart. Being fashionable does not only imply wearing expensive clothes, shoes, handbags, etc. There are good and affordable dresses that will light up your dress sense and appearance.

4. Self love

One of the best ways to become the best version of yourself is to practice self-love. To be able to find a good man, one must first love one’s self enough to be able to understand and love others equally. Your self worth will open your eyes to the kind of man you would accept around you. When you know who you are, you will know who to call a friend a value system that is significant to your growth.

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Where can I find a good man?

Some ladies make the mistake of looking for a good man in the four walls of their home, being able to find a good man is not a difficult thing to do when you understand what is important. HELLO! You need to step out of your home and comfort zone and interact with men. If you often ask, where can I find a good man, this is for you.

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1. Attend the right functions

There are events where you should never be found, if you are above forty and looking for a man to marry and all you do is attend birthdays of twenty-year-olds, then you are not yet ready to start. Who do you think you will meet there? Your friends’ fathers?

Take yourself to places where your dream men are found and mingle with them. If your choice of men are found at clubs, that is where you should be visiting, if they are always sited at stadiums watching football, you may consider visiting stadiums to watch football too.

2. Look out for responsible men online

Properly using free dating sites is a good way to find a relationship. Don’t be desperate in initiating a conversation with a man online unless he is worth it and has some reasonable sense of maturity. Avoid activities like sending your nudes to a man online to entice him and make him happy.

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In a general sense, a good man can be found anywhere, but the major problem is how to identify them, as a single lady searching for a man, be a “good single lady,” Live right and your Mr. right will find you easily. There are other questions that may seem important.

There are no marks on the forehead of any good man to indicate that he is a good man, most leads are in the heart and are mostly hidden. Some ladies do mistake men who spend freely as good men, a good man has nothing to do with the amount of money a man spends on you.

A good man is known by his character and how he relates with everyone around him, there are men who treat others very badly, men who shout at lunch ladies and waiters on your outing speaks a lot on how you will be treated too. These factors must be considered to know how to find a good man online.

How to identify a good man

There are several ways to identify a good man;

  • A good man loves and cares for all

A good man is concerned about the decisions you take daily and how they will affect your future. The goals you set and how they will be achieved.

  • A man of good prospects is a good man

He may not have all the money in the world or be well established but may have some good plans and set goals that he is focused on and working on.

  • His circle of friends

You will know a man’s true character or hidden by through the company of his friends, always try and check his circle of friends, find useful information on what they like doing, what they discuss most and where they always hand out, these provide useful information on the personality of the man.

  • His relationship with his family

A man who will treat you right has a good relationship with his family, it is important to find out how a man relates his parents and siblings, people who tend to treat their parents and siblings right have a greater potential of treating you right in a relationship.

How to find a man is one question that keeps coming to mind every day this is because the type of man you date will greatly affect your life and level of success.

There are relationships that will bring you totally down and make you lose some sense of belonging or even focus. Such men are usually very bitter about one or two life experiences and tend to dish out bad treatments to their partners. Learning how to find a good man online and offline is crucial to your overall growth and self-development.

How to Find a Man for Relationship

There are several ways to find a good man and keep him fully interested in you;

  • Allow yourself to find true love by giving him a real chance
  • Create some good sense of value and respect for yourself
  • Be truthful about your feelings in a conversation
  • Avoid dangerous competitions
  • Do not forget the place of prayer in your life
  • Be independent as your burdens can weigh him down and kill his interest in you
  • Avoid certain activities that are not tied to your goals

One of the major desires of every lady is to find a good man, it is my wish that this article helps you with your desire to find and good man and keep him.

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