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Here are the top outdoor adventures you can imagine having in one trip if you’re looking for the most daring outdoor activities in Japan to partake in order to make the most of your holiday. While there are many enjoyable activities and tourist attractions in Japan, it is always a task to identify perfectly suited adventurous outdoor activities in Japan. Some of these fun activities will allow you to explore the country’s cities and learn about its culture while having fun, here is the perfect place to pick your favorite outdoor things to do in Japan.

In a place like Japan, what would a holiday be without exploring the country in all its splendor? Even while exploring the country on your own is enjoyable, you shouldn’t just wander around looking at things like a foreigner, even if you are! You should be able to visit Japan while taking part in various outdoor activities that will make your heart race. Whatever kind of outdoor activities in Japan you may be hoping to do, this article gives a vast variety of only the greatest kinds of adventurous things to do in Japan. Some outdoor activities, however, are not adrenaline driven yet pleasant nonetheless.

Hike Mount Fuji

hiking mount Fuji is one of the best outdoor activities in Japan

July and August are the best months to travel to Japan if you want to trek this peculiar mountain, which is almost perpetually shrouded in mists and mist. So if you want to experience the adventure of Mount Fuji, schedule your trip around this time of year.

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Shinto religion holds Mount Fuji, Japan’s tallest active volcano, in high regard as a sacred mountain. It is situated southwest of Tokyo, the country’s capital. Hiking Mount Fuji is one of the highly sought-after outdoor activities in Japan due to its rarity.

Relax at the mountain’s base after you’ve finished your hike. At the base of the mountain, there are a ton of enjoyable fun activities in Japan to indulge in. Five lakes surround the mountain, providing a stunning backdrop and a wonderful setting for your beautiful photos from your Japan holiday. There is also the Shin-Fuji station and the Chureito pagoda, both of which offer stunning views of the surroundings while serving as excellent snacking locations for Japanese cuisine.

Skiing, visiting an art gallery, and the Fujisan Sengen Shrine are some other exciting and adventurous things to do in Japan around the mountain.

Participate in the Hanami Festival

the Cherry bloom festival is one of the outdoor actvities in Japan

The Cherry Bloom Event is another name for the Hanami festival, while the former is its original Japanese name. One of the most well-known and anticipated festivals in Japan, it is observed all around the country. It takes place between March and April. Make arrangements to participate in the enjoyable eating, drinking, and dancing that take place in parks throughout the festival by keeping an eye out for the month and date it falls on.

The Cherry Blossom Festival honors the two weeks in springtime when the flowers known as  Sakura and Ume blossoms bloom throughout Japan. To commemorate the sight of the delicate pink blooms, people from all over the world throng to Japan’s parks and gardens to party and chill alongside other Japanese who gather with friends and loved ones.  It is often an evening of food, drinks, and music under blooming cherry trees. 

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It goes without saying that taking part in this festival is something that visitors to Japan should keep an eye out for, so it would be best to schedule your vacation around this time of year if you want to enjoy all of the traditional entertainment. It is one of the best outdoor activities to participate in that leaves you with a wealth of memories.

Below is a comprehensive guide on outdoor activities in Japan to keep you edutained throughout your vacation: 

Visit Shibuya Station for a Nightlife Experience

experiencing nightlife at shibuya Station is one of the adventurous things to do in Japan

Shibuya Station is the place to go if you want nighttime celebrations and clubbing! The area provides a ton of enjoyable nighttime activities for the nightlife lover to enjoy. This tourist spot in Tokyo comes to life at night, humming with events and entertainment of all kinds.

The famous robot restaurant is here, as well as Karaoke bars, ramen restaurants, nightclubs, and pinball parlors.

Even if you don’t enjoy loud clubs or can’t sing along to songs from around the world at karaoke bars, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to have fun while eating instant ramen or authentic local meals like grilled chicken, seafood, fried tofu, and vegetables at this establishment at night with other excited visitors.

Even going to the robot restaurant at night has a unique vibe. Join in on these nighttime activities even if you don’t enjoy the nightlife; having a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Tokyo at Shibuya Station is one of the most adventurous things to do in Japan.

Watch a Sumo Wrestling Show

sumo-adventurous things to do in Japan

Going to the Ryogoku neighborhood to see a Sumo exhibition is one of the best outdoor activities in Japan. Sumo is one of the country’s top sports. The Japanese have a long history with sumo and highly value it.
It is only possible to be sure that you will fully experience Sumo while in Tokyo if you go on a tour with a local who can explain all the techniques and the history of the Sumo tradition. There is also a museum that is solely focused on teaching about the history of Sumo and has a number of exhibits related to that subject; you should go there as well.

Prior to the official sumo show days, there are also early morning practices that are open to the public. You can opt to watch them practice because it is just as entertaining to do so as to see them compete. Watching the show will cost 1000 yen for entry.

Tour the Atomic Bomb Museum

outdoor activities in Japan

Since it was the only nation to experience an atomic bomb attack during World War II, the nation has memorials honoring the victims and the harm these bombs caused.

In Hiranomachi, Japan, the museum is situated exactly where the attack took place. You will learn about the history of the World War and how it affected Japan’s development in several fields. In that way, despite these hurdles, you will be able to admire their flawless rise and growth. One of the best suggestions for educational outdoor activities you can partake in when in Japan is taking a tour of the museum. It is the ideal location to learn about the nation.

Aside from a bookshop and a snack area, the museum has an exhibition room, a video room, and other spaces where visitors can sit and reflect on the sad incident.

Reflect and Meditate at the Ise Grand Shrine

visiting a shrine in the forest is one of the outdoor activities in Japan

There is an interesting fact about this shrine: not a single nail was utilized in its construction! That information is intriguing enough to pique your attention and prompt you to look into visiting this place.

This shrine honors the sun goddess and is situated in the middle of a holy forest. Do not be alarmed; it is very safe and warmly inviting of tourists and other people who wish to utilize the facilities only out of curiosity or in order to pray and meditate. It should be viewed as an exciting outdoor activity to reach one of these spots because the shrine is one of the holiest places in Japan and brings quiet and peace to those who visit. You can be sure that your prayers will be answered here.

Visit a Theme Park

there are theme parks to visit if looking for outdoor activities in Japan

Japan is home to Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disneysea, and Universal Studios. One of the adventurous outdoor activities in Japan for families is visiting these parks. But this experience isn’t just excellent for children; it’s also available to adults who would like to go back in time and relive their childhood.

I’m sure you’d appreciate Fuji-Q Highland and Edo Wonderland, which are also places worth a visit if the Disney Resort and Universal Studios don’t offer what you want or maybe tire you because you’ve been there before.

There are plenty of enjoyable fun activities in Japan and for park lovers, you won’t run out of things to do in these theme parks. These theme parks offer far too much to do in a single day.

Soak in an Onsen

soaking in an Onsen is one of the adventurous things to do in Japan

In Japan, onsen is a type of hot spring spa. Japan has a large number of onsens because of the country’s frequent volcanic activity. The fact that there are separate onsens for men and women means that neither gender can utilize the same onsen, which is a good thing. There are also onsens that are enclosed and those that are open to the public. You should choose an outdoor onsen as you’re looking for outdoor events in Japan.

After receiving a bath from the Japanese residents in charge of the onsen, you must enter the traditional bath naked in order to enjoy the excitement of the activity; oh yes, you are given a bath before you enter the onsen. This is because the hot spring is revered and you shouldn’t join it without performing purification ceremonies. You should look forward to the excitement of this experience.

Be Part of the Japanese Pop Culture

dressing like one of your favorite anime characters is one of the outdoor activities in Japan

Touring the streets of Japan while wearing the attire of your favorite pop culture character is one of the unusual activities in Japan.

Visit the pop culture hotspots of Akihabara and Harajuku to get a taste of Japanese pop culture. You’ll see amusing figures who are obviously individuals walking the streets dressed as their favorite anime characters.
Get these costumes, dress up as your favorite anime character, and then go to a manga cafe to relax and have fun.

Go Skiing in Hokkaido

snow skiing is one of the fun outdoor activities in Japan

In the winter, skiing is one of the most thrilling outdoor adventures in Japan, and both locals and visitors adore it. You ought to think about doing it if you’re going to be here at this time. Japan has an advantage when it comes to skiing because of its number of mountains and gorgeous, powdery snow. As a result, it has more than 500 ski resorts, the majority of which are in Hokkaido, Nagano, and Niigata.

But when it comes to skiing in Japan during the winter, Hokkaido is my top choice. This is because you will get the opportunity to take part in the Snow Festival that is held in this snowy city as well. You can enjoy skiing and a festival if you schedule your trip for the time the event is taking place.

Walk the Kumano Kodo Trail

hiking nature trails is one of the fun  outdoor activities in Japan

A historic pilgrimage route known as the Kumano Kodo passes through rural highlands and tiny settlements.

Kumano Kodo, located outside of Japan’s major towns, is more than just a path; it is a rural area that offers peace, quiet, and the feeling of being wrapped up in the warmth of nature. In light of this, trekking through the calm village’s paths is not just an adrenaline-pumping activity, but also one that leaves you feeling peaceful and at peace with yourself.

If you are a creative or a sucker for nature, this location will make for the ideal getaway for you, because not only will hiking the trail serve as an outdoor sport but the nature and calm surrounding you will inspire you. 

Take in the Japan Cities from the Tallest Structure possible

viewing the city from the tallest structure possible is one of he fun outdoor activities in Japan

Japan boasts a large number of skyscrapers that are a source of pride for the country. Go to the Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Tower, or the Harukas 300 in Osaka to get a view of the nation from one of these tallest structures. The various observatory decks on these buildings provide stunning vistas. The several observatories housed in these buildings are currently engaged in other activities. 

Take photos with the lovely settings provided by the cities below you serving as a perfect background. You will feel as though you are near paradise or walking in the skies during the experience. This activity can be classified as both outdoor and indoor activities to get you entertained while in Japan.

Meet the Deers at Nara Park

nara park - adventurous things to do in Japan

Nara Deer Park is a popular tourist destination in Japan. It is famous for its numerous collection of deers which you should meet too! The deers can also be seen magnificently around a number of waterways and ponds.

Asides from being home to some of the finest and greatest numbers of deers in the country, it has one of the most picturesque landscapes perfect for picnics with loved ones and for personal quiet time, and good enough, it is free!
You are welcome to explore the many trails that weave through the park for as long as you desire. The park also contains a teahouse and a gorgeous garden with a large number of cherry trees. There are also many restaurants and coffee shops that offer delicious foods and drinks.

See Snow Monkey at Jigokudani Park

snow monkeys at the park is one of the outdoor activities in Japan

When considering entertaining outdoor activities to partake in Japan, the thought of viewing one or two snow monkeys is an excellent alternative. These monkeys are numerous in Jigokudani Park. The monkeys can be seen roaming the Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park during the winter. Although they hardly notice you, they are fascinating to watch.

The lovely pine trees lining the walk leading to the park, are an extra benefit because they make the place beautiful. The park also obviously has a river and valley, which gives it one of the nicest vistas, and of course, this is where you get to see the monkeys.

Go Shopping

shopping is one of the fun outdoor activities in Japan

Without going on a shopping binge, a vacation is never complete. When browsing the shops and malls in Japan, you can buy souvenirs, Japanese clothing to fit in, anime costumes, or just do some window shopping. Shopping is one of the pastimes that are always in vogue for travel, and it is no different in Japan.

To make your shopping experience even more distinctive, go to Nishiki Market, where you may get any ingredients, spices, and recipes for any Japanese dish you wish to prepare or take home with you to keep as a reference or try out at home. 

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adventurous things to do in Japan

Check out these 25 fun things to do in Japan which provide an additional comprehensive list of activities for both outdoor and indoor entertainment in Japan. If you’re vacationing in Japan, save this guide for all your adventurous outdoor fun activities in Japan. 

There probably won’t ever be a period of time or length of travel to Japan long enough to experience all of its entertainment. Even Tokyo, one of the numerous cities in Japan, has a long list of entertaining attractions to discover, while Osaka has the blue cave, the castle, and many other entertaining spots just waiting to be discovered by tourists and locals alike.

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