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Read my Foreo Luna Mini 2 review to learn about my thought regarding the usage of this product.

The Luna Mini 2 is bigger than the original Luna Mini. The soft bristles take up more room on the device, allowing you to cover a larger facial area with each swipe. It still has that tiny depressed spot where you press to turn it on and off. When you press the buttons on the bottom of the device, it lights up again. Whoops, I said “buttons”? That’s right! The only switch on the original Mini was turned off by pressing it four times because that switch also regulated speeds. 

Fortunately, there are only three pulsating speeds in this version rather than three distinct settings like before.  On the very right end of this row (the right side) is a small, black button. This button turns on and off the Mini 2. The + symbol indicates increasing intensity, while the – sign indicates decreasing intensity. It now has eight speeds and may be adjusted by pressing + to increase intensity or – to decrease it.

Here are the Top 5 Foreo Luna Mini 2 Reviews from our Editor’s Desk

1. Foreo Mini 2 is one of my favorite purchases in 2022!

My skin is oily, sensitive, and prone to breakouts. I’ve always been hesitant about chemical exfoliants because most of them irritate my skin and cause me to break out more. For a while, I used a cheap brush-style exfoliation device (not a Clarisonic) that did the job well for several months until I couldn’t locate replacement brush heads anywhere and was back in the market for a new brush. 

The fact that I wouldn’t have to purchase replacement heads was the first thing that attracted me to the Luna mini 2. I purchased it on Amazon however, it is a little pricey. In the evenings, I employ this brush with either a liquid African black bar soap or Accrue’s cleanser. Typically, I use the “oily skin” side of the brush for the full three minutes that it will stay on at one go (the first minute is (4) 15-second sessions for each cheek, chin, and forehead before it stays on for another 2 minutes), followed by my normal toner and serum. 

I use a slightly slower speed of 5 evenings each week to remove oil build-up gently and a somewhat faster speed twice per week to polish away dead skin cells. My skin was the most smooth it has ever been after my first usage! The only (minor) drawback is that, for the first few days or weeks, I saw a brief “purge” of gunk from my pores, which resulted in a temporary rise in blemishes, as reported by other users, but this was thankfully short-lived. I put my Foreo down on a Friday night, and I’m still raving about it today. 

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After nearly a month of use, I have noticed that my skin is more radiant, softer/smoother, breakouts less frequently, and even that the size of my large pores is decreasing (which no product has ever given me before-so yay!). So for me, the results took some time to show (and they’ve been totally worth the wait!), but the product absolutely delivered as promised. Even better, it accomplished all of this without causing any irritation. Needless to say, I’m very pleased with this item and have been telling everyone about it. Thank you so much for making Foreo!

Foreo Luna mini 2 review

2. Awesome Device!

I have sensitive, dry skin, and using too many exfoliating causes my skin to get flaky patches. I’ve been using this product on a daily basis for the past four months, and I can honestly state that my skin has never looked better. With my Burt’s Bees mild cleanser, I use both sides for 2 minutes on each side. This gadget has only been charged once, and I’ll adjust the intensity as needed. Overall, I enjoy this device and am happy that I purchased it. Keep reading my foreo luna mini 2 review to see if it meets your needs.

3. I love Foreo Mini 2 dearly

I bought this on a whim, not really believing it would be as wonderful as everyone claimed. I’m in my early to mid-twenties and have had trouble with adult acne since I was young. My skin is a combination, and on humid days it can get oily. For the past three months, I’ve been combining this with Glossier’s Milky Jelly face wash, and my skin has never looked better. I haven’t suffered from a single pimple in weeks; my skin’s texture is the best it’s been in years. 

This is it. This is the one! I’m familiar with it and know how much you adore it, so I’m confident in recommending this to you. I use it twice a day on my face and even combined it with the La Roche-Posay Effaclar cleanser on my arms and shoulders when I have any tiny breakouts or KP flare-ups. Overall fantastic buy. At first, purchasing the $30 alternative that was being discussed made me feel sticker shocked, but now that I’ve made the real difference, there’s no way I couldn’t be happier.

Foreo Luna Mini 2 review

4.  Better than a Clarisonic

I have the Foreo Luna facial cleansing device. It is a lot easier to maintain than a Clarisonic or any other brush with bristles that I’ve ever used. Now for the caution: I have severe acne, so I figured it would be a good idea to turn it on at its highest vibration in order to make a difference. WRONG! If you begin on the maximum setting, purging will occur. My condition worsened for a week and a half before correcting itself (thank God). 

So, after reading several reviews/forums, I discovered that many others had faced this problem as well. My skin is sensitive, and I became aware that if the vibration was decreased, it would not irritate it as much. Low and behold, it worked. My skin isn’t only softer; it’s also smoother and free of pimples. Definitely superior to any other cleansing device.

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5.  Gentle Yet Effective!

I already had excellent skin, and the FOREO Luna Mini 2 is still improving it. It was apparent after only one usage! Prior to that, I used a Clarisonic, and while the Clarisonic cleans well, it is not as gentle as this. It removes all of your oils so that you must moisturize fully every time. In comparison, the Luna Mini 2 feels more like it is working with your body and cleaning it in a holistic way. My skin feels pliant, smooth, and naturally moist. If you have drier skin like me, you will appreciate it immensely.

The Luna Mini 2 is also smaller and more streamlined, with no brush head to attach. It’s a minor thing, but I dislike having to remove the brush every time and make sure all the water is removed from the gap where it goes. Not to mention making certain that your brush is clean and completely dry. The silicone on the Foreo Luna Mini 2 seems so much cleaner in comparison. I hadn’t realized how much I hated my facial cleaning regimen until I started using this product. Now I’m anticipating it eagerly.

Foreo Luna Mini 2 Review: Final Thought

I’d like to point out a few things. I ordered three different gadgets to compare: the Luna Mini 2 in mint and sunflower yellow, as well as the Luna Mini 2 PLUS in lavender. When I compared them at their maximum intensity, all three of these devices vibrated at various intensities. All three should have the same 8000 T-Pulse technology with 8 distinct levels of intensity.

I corresponded with customer support by email (this is the second subject I wanted to address-several reviews here state that they did not receive a response after emailing, and I want to inform everyone that this was not my experience) and had a fantastic customer service encounter. 

The woman I spoke with believes that one of the gadgets was malfunctioning (vibrating at the lowest frequency), while the other two differed owing to their being from different batches. She explained that since this item was introduced in 2016, it has gone through several generations, and devices fluctuate somewhat from batch to batch. It’s just something to bear in mind.

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