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Searching for romantic activities for couples? 

When it comes to traveling as a couple, there are a few things that you’ll want to keep in mind. For one, make sure that your travel plans allow for enough time together. This means avoiding busy periods and holidays when prices tend to be higher. Additionally, try not to book all of the tickets at once so that you can take some time off separately if needed. This will also give both of you more flexibility with regard to itineraries and preferences.

Another thing to consider is creating pre-trip rituals or agreements regarding what happens during each stage of the trip: planning stages (including budgeting), travel stages (checking in/out luggage, handling airline delays), and post-travel stages (couples nights out). Having these agreed upon ahead of time will help minimize disputes while on vacation! Having lots of fun things to do on a road trip is a great way to spice up your conversation and keep the long drive exciting. 

Many couples consider traveling on the road as a way to connect and enjoy each other’s company. However, traveling can be daunting if you’re not sure how to go about it. Here are some romantic road trip activities for couples to make your travels as enjoyable as possible for both of you:

Create a Bucketlist

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As you begin your trip, you want to create a bucket list of things you will do together on the trip. This gives you a sense of direction and makes your trip well organized. You know what you want to do at a particular time, what you will do before you get to your destination and what you want to do when you get to your destination. This is fun as both of you write down things you would love to do on your way. It’s a starting point but it opens you to the things your partner likes and how you can make the trip much more exciting than you initially planned.

Have Deep Conversations

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This is the part where you get to know more about your spouse, you can start by using conversation starters like what are your plans for this relationship? What do I do that makes you angry and what would you like me to change? How would you like me to love you? What’s your love language? Why did you ask me to go on a date with you? Why did you accept to date me? These are all conversation starters that can spur a connection between you and your spouse as you get to know their likes, dislikes, and values. It is a good way to be a better spouse because both of you are sharing values and things that can build your relationship and make it healthy.

Netflix and Chill 

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If you are driving, here is where you pack the car, go to the back seat and get cuddled up with boo, and enjoy a romantic Netflix movie like love in the villa, a California Christmas, a perfect pairing, love hard, set it up, resort to love, falling inn love, the next 365 days – if you want to spice things up a bit – all these interesting romantic movies will spark the romance between you and your partner. Hold each other in your arms, cover a cozy blanket if it’s cold, kiss in between movie scenes, and just enjoy each other’s warmth.

Stop by Roadside Attractions

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Stopping by the local attractions is an interesting activity to do while on a road trip with your significant other. It exposes you both to the things you enjoy doing, it’s also a fun way to get to know your partner and enjoy quality time together. You can even get to learn something new about each other in this tourist spot and also learn a thing or two about the attraction you are visiting. It won’t hurt to take pictures and videos throughout your stay at the attraction for memory’s sake.

Read a Book for Eachother

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If none of you is driving, it will be fun if you read an interesting novel or motivational book for each other. It’s time to drop your phone and go the old-school way, let her lay her head on your shoulder as you read a famous romantic novel. If one of you is driving then the one who isn’t should read as the driver needs to focus on the road. Here are some old romantic novels for you: tempestuous reunion by Lynne Graham, price of a bride by Michelle Reid, marriage on the rebound by Michelle Reid, and the virgin’s secret by Abby Green. These are old interesting novels that both you and your spouse can enjoy. You can also decide to go digital and 21st century, do what works for both of you, and make sure to have the fullness of fun on this trip. 

Go Naughty

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What’s a romantic road trip with boo without getting naughty? This is where you get sexual with your partner, you can start by appreciating each other bodies, talking about sexual things they do that you like and what you don’t. What you will love them to improve on and what you will love them to drop. Be honest and open to where this is leading you both. This can be the bonding you need to build this relationship. Make sure no one is driving, you can even have a picnic by the side of the road, in the boot of the car, or in a natural garden for lovers that you find on your way.

Play Couple Games

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Another way to laugh your way through your trip is by playing road trip couple games, it fills your heart with laughter and helps you enjoy your trip. There can be a reward for the winner and a penalty for the loser, this will make it more exciting. Your reward can be a snack or you get the opportunity to ask your spouse for a favor. Here are some interesting couple games you can play with your spouse, truth or dare for adults, never have I ever, two truths and a lie, complete the lyrics, and one word, one answer. You can also take a quiz here to find out what type of couple you are. 

Ask Road Trip Questions for Couple

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Outside of being a conversation starter, road trip questions for couples reveal the type of partner you are dating, it also helps you get to know each other better and how you can improve your relationship. Here are a few questions you can ask: What are my best traits? How would you describe me in one sentence? What’s the most valuable thing in your possession? What are the things you are grateful for in this relationship? What are your biggest fears about traveling with me? These questions will get you answers that can help build your relationship, it will also improve your relationship.

Document the Trip


Another fun thing to do is to take pictures and videos of every fun thing that you or your partner do on the trip. It’s a way of documenting and saving memories. It is also a way of bonding with your spouse, you can take selfies together, and ask random people to take pictures and videos of you whenever you stop at a tourist spot. You can also take turns taking pictures and making videos of each other. Take unaware pictures and videos of your partner, they will appreciate it when they get to see it. You can also get a selfie stick or tripod stand to help you both in the absence of a 3rd person. 

Check out these cheap vlogging cameras for travel to help you keep an awesome memory of your trip. 

Try a New Cuisine with Boo

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Stop over at a famous Restaurant on your way and try a new cuisine, maybe their favorite dish or traditional dish. This can be so much fun. Don’t forget to take a picture for Instagram or memory’s sake, to remind you of that moment – when you were having fun and trying to figure out what exactly is in this new cuisine. You can learn about the culture of the restaurant and the town.

Listen to Romantic Podcast

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Listening to romantic podcast series can create a bond between you and your spouse. You can even make it more interesting by having a conversation after each episode, sharing your thoughts and expectations of each series can be an eye opener to knowing your spouse. There are so many romance podcast series you can listen to like Read me romance hosted by Alexa Riley and Tessa Bailey, Authorized: love and romance hosted by CBS Sunday, and StoryCorps podcast. 

Shop Together 

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Stop on the way and go shopping, it’s a fun way to sight-see, and laugh. Buy things like snacks and others you need for your trip. Sight-see beautiful things and enjoy each other’s company. Hold hands, take selfies and even try out some clothes and hats if it won’t get you both into trouble. Just make the most of your trip.

Hike Together

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This is one way to bond with your spouse, as you hike, support each other, talk about the trip, the relationship, your goals, and everything you can relate to, and if you start your trip early enough you can watch the sunrise at the top of the mountain or if you don’t get to your destination early enough, you can watch the sunset together. It’s usually a glorious sight to behold especially if you are doing this with someone you care so much about.

Avoid Getting into a Fight

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It’s very easy for couples to drift away from the main fun into something disastrous, it will be a sad thing if you go on a trip and end up getting on each other nerves so avoid anything that will make your spouse angry, I need you to be intentional about this trip because only then can you truly have fun with the love of your life. 

Final thought 

Getting away can be so much fun especially if it is just the two of you with no kids. If you can get intentional and avoid getting into a fight then the trip will be so much fun for both of you. You can even organize a small picnic on your way, where you can play exciting road trip games, cuddle, and see a romantic Netflix movie that will stir up some emotions.

Listening to music and singing out loud can also create a bonding experience as you get to know your spouse’s favorite songs and artists, it becomes easier to relate with your partner once you understand certain things about them. You know how to calm them down, their love language and how to create a conducive environment for them in the relationship. Road trip activities may look very simple and insignificant but they play a vital role in your relationship if you do them right.

Hi there! I'm Enema OJ, a travel enthusiast who loves exploring new places and experiencing different cultures. Through my blog and social media, I share travel tips and experiences with a focus on responsible and sustainable tourism. Apart from traveling for the most part of the year, I enjoy doing search engine optimization and other digital marketing activities like content writing and blogging. Let's connect and inspire each other to have our own adventures!

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