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Road trip games are some of the best companions that most frequent road travelers enjoy. Your bottoms and feet are already hurting by just anticipating the lengthy drive, and you’ve just realized that it would be boring. You’re thinking about how to get through the trip. As your tablets and phones will never perform all the magic, road trip games come in handy for any car trip. If you’re taking a lengthy trip, you’ll need quite a few of them.

These fun road trip games include some old favorites like ISpy, Trivia, Card Games, and Puzzles as well as other carefully crafted games that will keep you engaged and intrigued the entire time. Take a look at these reasonably priced, portable travel vlogging cameras for your trip, and don’t forget to bring all the essential items for your trip. A travel camera is essential to help you keep memorable events throughout your trip. 

What are Road Trip Games?

road trip games are ideal for any car trip

Road trip games are activities that are done while on road trips to keep you entertained and energized. When you’re on a road trip, it can be very tedious and boring sitting in the car all day. To make things more enjoyable, why not bring along some fun games that you can play together? Some popular choices include card games like rummy or bridge, word puzzles like crosswords or sudoku, and strategy games like checkers or chess.

Another great idea is to create a scavenger hunt by dividing your group into teams and giving each team a specific task to complete while on the road. This will require cooperation but also give everyone something to focus on other than driving!

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What are the Best Games for Road Trips?

Whether you’re on a road trip or just bored in general, games can be quite an entertaining way to pass the time. While some road trip games may require payment to either purchase them or subscribe for the service, some are 100% free and are a result of your creativity and also guarantees enough fun and entertainment. Here are some of our favorite road trip games to keep in mind:

Conversation Starter Questions 

This is a fantastic opportunity to get to know other occupants of the car in a way you never imagined. Even though it looks like a game, it’s much more than that. As someone who travels on the road majority of the time, conversation starter questions are some of my favorite road trip games. It lets me understand my companions in a way that I can never imagine, giving great insights into their thoughts about life and other relevant topics.

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Get to know someone by working your way through a lengthy list of printable conversation starter questions. Everyone in the car will reveal a lot to each other this way. It will help everyone to relax and foster bonds between families and friends. 

Road trip Scavenger Hunt 

scavenger hunt is one of the road trip games

During a scavenger hunt, you must complete a list of tasks while traveling to your destination in order to earn your rewards. Our Road Trip Scavenger Hunt Sheets are available for printing or you can access them on your phone to complete them with your family. Any person may stop, go look for, and pick any item they see on the list. The winner of the game is the player who has collected the most objects overall.

Would You Rather Questions

road trip games

One of the most entertaining road trip games for lengthy journeys that never gets old is the would you rather questions. There are many questions you may include on your list, and they can go around and around for a while, allowing everyone to enjoy themselves. Someone gets to select a number and the question on that number is asked to the person. You get to choose a number, for instance, and the question goes: “Would you rather take a train or a cab?” “Would you rather get kissed on a beach or in a bar? “Would you rather date your ex or give some random stranger a kiss?” Create the trickiest inquiries possible.

Left, Right, or Straight?

road trip games

Each time you approach a junction, the passengers direct the driver to go straight, left, or right. You might also choose your options in advance and watch what occurs.
This is one of the most adventurous road trip games you get to find and it can even be played just for fun, around town by taking a drive with family and friends and then just taking random detours as suggested by each participant. However, it is best when you are not in a hurry to get to your destination.

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Music Games

music road trip games
  • Song Humming Game

Take turns humming your favorite tune and it could be from your favorite singer or commercial and TV show. The rest of the passengers must attempt to identify the music as quickly as they can! The person who guessed correctly takes the next turn and hums while everyone else gets to guess, and the cycle continues.

  • Monotone Song Lyrics

Describe the tuneless words to one of your favorite songs. The other passengers must try to determine the music just by the lyrics.

  • Never Ending Song Game

An individual starts the game by singing the tune’s lyrics. The final word sung must be used by other passengers to come up with lyrics for a subsequent song when they stop singing. Once you become bored, the game ends.

Movies Games

movie games are road trip games

For all you movie lovers, here’s another fantastic road trip game. The object of this game is to describe a movie’s plot horribly while having your friends guess the title.  Make the description as horrible and hard-to-get as possible and that is where the fun lies.

The License Plate Game

license plates are road trip games

Print a list of the 50 states’ license plates for everyone to spot. Everyone spots and ticks off the license plate seen and the person who spots all during the course of the journey or one with the highest number of seen license plates becomes the winner. However, it doesn’t have to be a competition, it can be done as fun teamwork amongst car buddies during the trip.

Interpret the letters on each license plate you pass to play the License Plate Game in a different way. For instance, REG may mean “Run every garage,” and CSB could mean “chicken sounds bad.”


Trivia is one of the classic road trip games

A solid selection of trivia will keep the whole family or travel buddies engaged throughout long vehicle rides. Trivia never gets old as this classic is so entertaining and keeps the journey interesting.


Ispy is one of the popular road trip games

This road trip classic game involves One person saying “I spy with my little eye…. something” and then vaguely describes something they see, like “I spy something red” or by giving the first letter of the item spotted, it could be a particular type of car, a building or anything. The other companions guess what is being described. The other players can also take turns asking yes or no questions until they can guess what the item is.

Card Games

variety of card games are good road trip games

On a road trip, playing cards is never boring or out of style. Take a collection of card games with you on your next road trip to pass the time with your traveling companions. There are many different card games; pick the ones that everyone will enjoy and be able to play.


puzzles are good road trip games

Sudoku and puzzles are wonderful road trip activities. They are among those amusing games for road trips that are also intellectually challenging. You get to enjoy yourself while expanding your vocabulary. It should be on your list of road trip games to bring on any trip because it is incredibly rewarding.

Punch Buggy

Punch Buggy one of the road trip games

 A list of things is created, preferably ones that won’t be easy to find. The person who discovers one of these uncommon items gets to hit the person seated next. 

The rules can be altered, though; instead of a punch, other suggestions might be used, such as urging someone to drink water, or even better, points could be tallied based on how frequently the items are seen, by the person with the most points receiving a prize from everyone.

Fortunately and Unfortunately 

Each participant adds a phrase to an ongoing story one at a time. Each sentence must begin with the word “fortunately” or, alternately, “unfortunately”. The entire cycle will rotate amongst every member of the car and the story should be done in a way that is funny.

Someone begins by saying, “Fortunately,” and then mentions something positive and the subsequent speaker must state anything regrettable regarding the preceding circumstance starting the statement with “unfortunately”

For example;  Fortunately, this will be my first time traveling by air… unfortunately, it will only last for a few minutes. Or Unfortunately, Jane got into an accident on the side of the road… fortunately, her friend Julie was driving by.

Anyone who trips over receives a strike and gets eliminated after three strikes while the last man standing wins.

Truth or Dare

It should be noted that the Dares must be actions that can be taken within the vehicle without endangering any passenger or jeopardizing the trip. One has the option of being dared to do something out of character, and it is required that it is done, or being given a question of any kind that must be answered honestly. If defaulters break the rules, they are subject to penalties. You get to choose your option per time.

Two Truths and a Lie

road trip games

Consider two accurate assertions and one false one. Everyone must determine which of the statements is false once they have told the group. Enjoy the pleasure of taking turns. All it takes is creativity to come up with various entertaining and intriguing modifications, this is one of the greatest road trip games for kids.

Alphabet Games

road trip games are alphabet games

Here are a number of road trip games involving alphabets to check out: 

  • Simple Memory Game

The first person names an object beginning with the letter A and the person next to them must repeat something starting with B, and so on. Keep going as long as you can till you get to the letter Z, and anyone who pauses for too long or can’t get an item beginning with a certain alphabet gets to leave the game till everyone drops out.

You can group the items into categories like places, foods, and names of people and let people name the items alphabetically.

  • The classic alphabet game 

The guidelines of this classic alphabet game state that you must locate words in alphabetical order and that you may use commercial, road, and billboard signs but not license plates. Once a word is pronounced, no one else may repeat it. Whoever finishes first by getting to discover items in all alphabetical order becomes the winner.

Name the Animal/Country/Song

This is one of my favorite road trip games when traveling with kids and it is an incredibly easy game. First, you will begin by naming an animal of any kind. Then, each person takes a turn naming an additional animal whose name starts with the alphabet that was on the last alphabet of the name of the animal that was mentioned last and the cycle continues. For example: An antelope, an elephant, a tiger, a raccoon, etc. The cycle goes for countries like Nigeria, America, Angola, etc and even song titles can be used too.

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Never Have I Ever

telling your story is one of the road trip games

This game is great for road journeys and never gets boring.
Someone in the car begins, “Never have I ever…” and then makes a straightforward claim. As a participant, you get to Lift five fingers, lowering one for each action you take as she lists the events. The winner receives an award for being the one with the most experience, and everyone that dropped out of the game makes a donation to the snack fund.

Road Trip Bingo

Bingo is one of the famous road trip games

Road trip bingo involves looking out of the window and ticking off things from the checklist as you see them! You can either make your own sheets or use our Free Printable Road Trip Bingo Sheets for your car journey.

Road trip Jokes

cracking jokes and laughing is one of the road trip games

Take turns telling jokes, and the one who gets the most laughs and reactions from other passengers is declared the game’s winner. The most unfunny joke tellers are made fun of for their lack of humor. It is one of those road trip games that promotes camaraderie among friends and family through joke-telling.

Swear Jar/Forbidden Word

forbidden words in a jar is one of the road trip games

Swear Jar is one of the road trip games that will amuse (and possibly anger) everyone on your vacation. It’s also really simple to play.
Choose a few typical phrases that you won’t use while driving. swearing is not required, but it could also be words that are often frequently used but are now set aside as off limits and shouldn’t be used during the trip. 

When people use the word possibly because they had forgotten,  their name is put in the Swear Jar (a hat, jar, or anything else you have laying around can be the Swear Jar).
Add up all the names in the swear jar when you’re finished for the day. 

The most frequent defaulter pays by getting to do anything asked by the group.

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The Categories Game

you can play road trip games in the category of love
  • Naming Game

Pick a category to start with, such as famous persons, drink names, animals, etc. Take it in turn to name something from that category. You lose if you run out of time to come up with an idea. For instance, the names of female gospel performers, the names of countries that begin with the letter R, or the names of drinks.
You can make it more challenging by requiring that the initial letter is in alphabetical sequence (the thing must begin with a,b,c, etc).

  • Word Association

This straightforward and adored game has been played for many years! Each passenger has a turn naming a word after the first person names one, followed by a word that is related to the initial word. For example; monkeys, baboons… Lawyer, wig, gown,court,judge,plaintiff,defendant,etc.

  • Top 5 Game

Consider a subject like music, movies, or fast-food joints. Take it in turn to name your top 5 of whatever the category is! For example, Top 5 Music of the Week, Top 5 Restaurants in the State, Top 5 movies of the month, etc.

This might be a fun method to get to learn and start a conversation between the youngsters. It also comes recommended as one of those enjoyable Road Trip Games for Couples.

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Fast-Food Frenzy

road trip games include spotting the fast food points

Each traveler chooses different restaurant names. For every time your restaurant is visible on a road sign or even the property itself is seen, you will receive one point. The winner will be determined by adding up all the points after the allotted period, say after 3 hours or less.

Story Time Game

story time is one of the road trip games

This game begins with an adult saying a sentence to begin an imaginary story. You could say something like “There was once a friendly walrus named Fred”. The next person then continues with their own sentence, and the story continues. This is a great way to let the kid’s imaginations run wild and see what they come up with!

Another storytime game is This simple road trip game for kids which involves the adults thinking of three nouns such as “elephant”, “Paris”, and “lemon custard”. The kids must then think of a funny story using these three things!

Let your imagination run wild with this fun adult road trip game! All you have to do is take a good look at the people inside a car beside you. Then create a backstory about the people you just checked out. Who are they seeing? What’s their deepest, darkest secret? Why are they traveling? Some really funny stories get invented!

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While You Were Sleeping

road trip games while you were sleeping

You get to wait for someone to nod off before making up a story that is only partially true, adding details from everyone else to make it appear true, and then waking up the sleeper with the tale. Everyone involved must offer a plot thread to keep the tale continuing in order to mislead the sleeper into thinking it is true. Someone loses a point if they act out of character. Each storyteller receives three points if they successfully trick the person. If someone deviates from the script, you question, “Are you sure?” and then silence them and take away their points.

When the trick is successful or the target doesn’t fall for it, there is a reward. The points should be written down in a way that the sleeper won’t find strange.

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Road trip games can be a great way to pass the time while on your travels. Some of the most popular include crossword puzzles, card games, trivia, license plate games, conversation starter questions, scavenger hunts, and word jumbles. These activities not only keep you mentally engaged but also help to reduce boredom and tension. If there is someone in your group who is good at puzzle solving, they may enjoy competing against one another!

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Road trip games can also provide some entertainment for younger passengers by filling them with questions about what is happening along the way. Who knows- maybe they will grow up wanting to become a travel writer themselves!

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