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When packing for a vacation, It is easy to forget travel essentials or carry things that you do not need. This is why you need a printable vacation packing list to keep you organized and well prepared for your trip. A comprehensive travel packing list will guide you on what you need for your vacation, what you’ve already packed, and what will not be necessary for your trip with a printable vacation packing list packing becomes easier and fun. The list can be easily printed and ticked as each item is packed according to your need. 

Once you are done planning your relaxing vacation, it is best to get a printable vacation packing list to avoid distractions that can lead to forgetting travel essentials which can end your vacation before it even begins. Save this printable holiday packing list for whenever you want to explore the world; whether it is a long or short vacation, with family, or alone, this list will serve you.

Printable Holiday Packing List for Every Vacation

Here is a detailed printable holiday packing list of carry-on bags, clothing items, toiletries, travel first aid kits, and all the necessary things to carry while traveling. This printable packing list will help you stay organized and relaxed throughout your trip.

Carry-on bag checklist

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Carry bags are great for vacations as they help you pack light and stay focused on your vacation goal by helping you stick to packing your travel essentials only. You haven’t decided on the bag to use for your trip yet? Check out our review on the best travel bag for your vacation. Carry-ons are usually perfect for short trips – since you won’t need to carry much for a day or a three-day trip. Carry-on essentials include:

  • passport/visa
  • Copies of ID(driver’s license) and other important documents
  • Tickets and hotel reservations
  • Travel and Health Insurance documents
  • Credit cards
  • Ipad, laptop, and Electronic chargers
  • Adapters
  • Wallet/small purse that can house your cash
  • Camera, memory card, and camera chargers 
  • A pen and book, novels, and travel guide
  • Chapstick
  • Travel pillow. Headset and earplugs
  • Snacks and refillable water bottle
  • Sunglasses and eye masks
  • Cellphone
  • A change of clothes, shoes and a small bag of toiletries if you are going for a short trip and this is the only bag you will travel with.

Clothing Bag Checklist

Dressing appropriately for every activity you plan to attend makes your vacation a memorable one, whether you plan to tan your body in the sun, take delight in the amusing historical sites and parks or enjoy dinner in the best restaurants with your spouse, the right outfit is required. Here’s a checklist of outfits that should make your holiday packing list:

  • Sweater or heavy jacket for cold and rainy days
  • Lightweight jackets for the summer season
  • Long sleeves shirts
  • Tank tops 
  • jeans/denim pants
  • Evening dress
  • Swimsuit
  • Raincoat or umbrella
  • Pajamas
  • Underwear
  • dinner/corporate outfits
  • Socks and gloves

Toiletry Bag Checklist

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There are some toiletries we use in our daily lives and you can’t totally ignore them, these can be easily packed in a travel bag for toiletries where they’re safe and protected from external damages. Some toiletries that should make your holiday packing list include:

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss
  • Deodorant, body wash, body lotion, and cologne/perfume
  • Hair products; Shampoo, conditioner, hair brush, and hair ties
  • Make-up; face wash, mini mirror, and sunscreen
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Pedicure items; Nail clippers, tweezers, and blades
  • Glasses, contact lenses, and solutions
  • tissues

First Aid Checklist

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Your health is first even on a vacation and so it is always safe to travel with a first aid kit. First aid boxes are always useful especially when minor injuries or ailments occur during your trip. Do not forget to always visit a health center whenever faced with any health challenge. Here is a list of first aid items that should make your holiday packing list: 

  • First aid kits(bandages, gauze, adhesives, etc)
  • Prescribed medication
  • diarrhea/laxatives, cold and throat lozenges medicines
  • Sunburn relief
  • Insect repellant and sting reliever
  • Motion sickness pills
  • Eye drop, antibacterial ointment
  • Vitamins and supplements

Shoe Checklist

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You have to carry footwears that compliment your dresses and those that can be used for various occasions during your holiday. Sneakers are usually comfortable for hiking and similar sports events you may have during your vacation. Official shoes should always be used for official meetings especially if you’re planning a business trip

Here are some types of shoes that should make your holiday packing list depending on the events you intend to participate in:

  • Sneakers
  • Hiking shoes
  • Flip-flop
  • Official shoes
  • Sandals for an evening stroll
  • boots


Packing can be the bane of your life, I know you just wish you could go on your trip without having to pack but unfortunately, it is only you that can pack your bag to your satisfaction. This printable vacation list of things you need to make your vacation a relaxing one will come in handy. 

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You can not enjoy your vacation without these items; clothes, toiletries, important IDs, passport and visa, first aid kit, and all your prescribed medications, you also need your shoes and skin care products. With this list, you are on the right track, you are neither forgetting nor overpacking, and I’m sure you’ll find packing easy and organized.

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