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To most people, surviving after graduation is tough and highly dreaded, for others, it’s, even more, tougher because, during school days, they totally failed to plan. How to cope with life after school is sometimes tough if the right foundations are no put in place, life is not a bed of roses after school, different people meet different opportunities and different forms of luck, this is one of the reasons why even though as mates, some become more successful than others and some end up totally as failures even after leaving the four walls of the university.

Different challenges may arise depending on factors such as location, family and relationships, skills, and the individual involved. This makes it more difficult to know how to cope with life after school, each of these factors plays a significant role in how successful an individual becomes after graduation. None should be taken for granted, never. This is the beginning of all your regrets after school.

Be careful! There is going to be a bulk of disappointment after school for those that have laid a proper and those with the right connection. You will fail in over 80% of the job you apply for, except there is the right connection for each position.

Ways to cope with life after school

Handling Disappointments and Discouragements In life After School

Usually, after graduation, disappointment becomes a thing that often leads people to depression, graduands suffer from knowing how to put a good resume together to having a successful job interview and landing their first job, many graduates today have given up on their life’s ambition and dreams at the border of victory and fulfillment. Sometimes it becomes extremely difficult to know how to cope with life after school and accept the challenges that you pass through.

This is why many people are where they are today, unfulfilled. People that allow discouragement and disappointments get at them will find it difficult to cope with life after school successfully, they gave up fighting to win their life battle which is connected to their destinies. Staying focused no matter the difficulty is one great way to cope with life after school. Life after school is filled with countless challenges. Sometimes individuals from countries where the governments have little or nothing to offer suffer more.

Some people may even feel abandoned by their parents or sponsors after school, this is one of the reasons why everyone needs to lay a good foundation for post-high school life or life after graduation. Some felt they could not continue to struggle in life while others felt the responsibilities that go with greatness were too much for them to bear. Sometimes responsibilities pile up and cause great fear that results in poor decisions. Making the right decisions while in school in one of the ways to cope with life after school and achieve great success in your career.

Still, there are others who ignored the opportunities and challenges that should have ushered them into their rightful place in life, refusing to struggle their ways to their peak. Some people suffer after graduating from university because of poor career choices, the university counselling units need to do more to get the majority of their students on the right track to success.

Let us understand that every good dream requires a fight for fulfillment. Discouragement, however, has a way of making people feel, it is already too late for them in life to amend past mistakes. Or to convince people that something good is resident in one. Always remember that your past is not as important as your present which has the power to make your future glorious. Having a good knowledge and understanding of how the real world works after school is a great way to reduce that danger that one is exposed to after school and a good life after school.

Understanding Your Dreams for a Good Life after School

The right attitude and thought- an attitude is like the fire of our desires, and every day, we get to choose the fuel for our future, if our fuel consists of good promise and ambitions, then we put forth a pleasing aroma of success.
Attitude is a choice, Charles Swindol once said: “The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life, we can not change the inevitable, the only thing we can do is to play on the one string that we have and that is our attitude and thought.

I am convinced that life is ten percent what happened to me and ninety percent how I react to it and so, it is with you. We are in charge of our attitude, whenever we have the right thought and attitude, it will affect our confession in time of job hunting.

The Power of Positive Mind and Positive Thought

Positive Thinking: In perplexing situation, remember to overcome your circumstances with the power of determination. Do not entertain worry and anxiety, rather meditate on that which you really want to achieve.
✓ do not allow the glooming discomfort of the present to envelope your ordeal.
✓ When life seems to be at a low ebb, don’t resort to murmuring or complaining, simply be optimistic.


It is just like examination:
It may take a lot of strain and stress to prepare for them and it may take a lot of pain and struggles to pass them, but once successfully passed, they have ways for employment…
Struggles are just like the torturous toil a farmer experience while planting and lending his crops, but when it’s time for harvesting, all the hitches and troubles give ways to exceeding joy. As he beholds the beautiful fruits, his relentless toil has yielded.

Most times when people struggle to achieve certain things in life, it is because they are overwhelmed and need a helping hand to succeed. It is alright to seek a helping hand to succeed in life and achieve great things because life involves a lot of partnerships to achieve reasonable success. Sometimes one just needs a hand to make one or two corrections and uplift one from the current dangers and stagnation in life. There are no short cuts to cope with life after school. There is only a process to make progress in life and achieve great and unimaginable things through partnerships.

In all that we do in our daily life, it is always good to seek the face of God in our decisions and relate well with our father in heaven and form good relationships with the people around us.

How to cope with life after school

To cope with life after school, one may need to ensure that the following are achieved;

  • Good resume for job applications
  • God referees
  • Good and quality skill level
  • Sound judgment
  • Being able to apply for the right job
  • having the skills required for one’s dream job
  • Involving God through prayers
  • Never giving up on oneself
  • Contentment at every level of achievement

The struggle is not meant to harm, they are meant to prepare you, they are meant to bless you. When you bear them patiently and persevering, you will be astonished at the wonderful results they will produce in you!!!

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