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Like every successful society, successful relationships are built on sound relationship ethics and morality, relationship ethics and morality are the determinants of any progress achieved in relationships.

Relationship ethics with culture and society is a major component of our society today, different cultures exhibit values that are significant and represent a set of moral compass that guides their behaviour, such principles or morality greatly affects how a relationship is perceived in such societies.

Ethics are moral principles that are responsible for an individual’s daily behaviour and how they react to their environment. 

relationship ethics and morality

Ethics is a major part of every decision making in determining what is right and wrong which is generally a product of weighing the advantages and disadvantages of every value and interest that is represented.

Morality, on the other hand, is usually based on a religious view of the values and interest in a decision process. Morality forms a steady component of our ethical characters in relationship ethics and morality. Morals are usually a part of our upbringing and internal compass, ethics are generally based on extrinsic rules which are set to guide us all.

Most professions have codes of ethical conducts that guides what they believe and say and what they do when one’s ethics equates to one’s morality it is called integrity. Ethics is a set of principles developed purposefully over time. Morality is something one feels intuitively. Ethics is a map of how one makes choices. Morality is an established code that can be used to judge behavior. There are relationship ethics and morality that guides an individual’s activities in their sexual or professional relationships. 

relationship ethics and morality
Relationship ethics

Morality is an essential aspect of our daily lives, it defines how we relate with and appreciate people, morality helps our mind live at peace, it is usually taught in various religions to be of good character with people and do things that God in heaven will appreciate and that which will also glorify the name of God. Ethics and morality must be the core of every relationship in God’s sight.  

Relationship ethics examples

In business, ethics involves being honest in all your business dealings and offering products and services that can be backed, and ensuring total customer satisfaction, a policy that establishes and maintains good customer relationships with the company. There are several relationship ethics examples that can be applied in our daily lives to better our interaction with people. Relationship ethics and morality constitute an essential part of our daily lives.

This is what makes a business successful. Relationship ethics must be followed to ensure a successful and homely relationship. Numerous relationship ethical issues include the following;

  • Lying
  • Cheating
  • Stealing
  • Breaking of promises
  • Moral duties
  • Sexual activity
  • Double standards


Relationship ethics and etiquette and relationship ethics and religion prohibit the art of lying and breaking promises. Most relationships that have failed are a product of lies and empty promises. Lying is a bad relationship etiquette and an act of neglecting one’s social responsibility. Lying is a bad moral behaviour, and breaks the foundation of trust in a relationship, most successful relationships are built on the ethics of trust between partners, good relationship ethics and morality prohibits the act of lying.


This is one act that is very difficult to deal with in a relationship, there are different forms of cheating such as sharing emotional relationship with another partner and involving in sexual activities with other partners, cheating is a bad relationship ethics and negates any form of morality in a relationship. It is totally discouraged in many cultures relationship ethics and religion. 

Cheating in relationships serves as a means of distributing sexually transmitted infections, sexually transmitted diseases, and other forms of misfortunes in marriages and relationships. Relationship ethics with society prohibits and totally frowns at the act of cheating, many cultural tendencies tend to totally go against any form of cheating in a relationship, especially in Africa. 


Several relationships today have been marred by stealing, it is highly unfortunate how individuals who claim they are in love steal from each other, some people go into relationships basically to steal and they do so at any given opportunities. Many African cultures frown at stealing and people who are caught stealing pay deep prices, sometimes with their lives. Stealing is not a good relationship ethic and should be avoided by all means possible. 

Breaking of promises

There are numerous relationships and marriages which are built on empty promises, this is one of the reasons for many broken homes in the society and increased number of divorce witnessed in any part fo the world. People make vague promises that can never be kept just to create relevance and influence in a relationship. Good relationship ethics should avoid any form of promises that are made to entice a partner and can never be kept. Breaking promises is bad moral behaviour and should be totally discouraged. 

relationship ethics and morality

Sexual activity

Good relationship ethics and morality involves sound sexual activities between partners who are married. Married partners owe sex as a duty in their marriage, good sexual activity helps to create a stronger bond and intimacy in a relationship and marriage. However, sex outside marriage is totally condemned on good moral behaviour and ethics upon which beautiful homes are built. Many cultures in Africa strongly condemn any form of sexual activities outside of marriage. It is among the related ethical issues that the society frowns at on moral and ethical laws in a relationship. 

Double standards

There are individuals who exhibit various forms of inconsistency in their attitude in a relationship, such partners suffer from double standard which is bad moral behaviour in a relationship, inconsistency in our behaviour grossly affects our relationship and how the society perceives us and our character. Most relationship ethics require a good level of consistency in behaviour among partners who are in a sexual relationship. 

Consistency in actions is a way that people measure our relationships and how it affects society and our partners, in your marriage, show some good level of consistency in actions, in your workplace, exhibit a great level of consistency, it plays a major role in your promotions and other benefits at work and in your relationship with your colleagues at your workplaces and homes. Consistency also increases the level of trust in a relationship and is very vital for the success of your marriage and numerous business and official engagements. 

Relationship ethics

Relationship ethics involves activities that promote good culture and principles in our relationships, good relationship ethics helps to create a strong bond in our relationships, it increases intimacy levels and trust in a relationship. There are relationships built on good ethics that each partner can vouch for the other at any point in time whereas others exist where the partners have to scrutinize to be sure of every word that comes out of their partner’s mouth because of lies and a high level of inconsistency in their actions and behaviour. Relationship ethics helps to achieve peace, respect, and love in a relationship. 

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There are other ethics and principles that can be applied to make your relationship successful and achieve long term happiness in your home or marriage, this article on relationship ethics and morality is poised to ensure that you have a better relationship and happy home. Send your comments in the comment section below. 

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