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Understanding the most important things to do and when to do them are very essential to the success of your trip to Mexico. There are some travel tips to Mexico you must know in order to have a safe vacation and avoid troubles with the locals and authorities. 

Mexico is popular for some violent and non-violent crimes, kidnapping and drug fights are common throughout Mexico. A report by Mexico Travel Advisory recommends the use of caution in areas outside of the frequented tourist areas, although petty crime occurs frequently in tourist areas as well. U.S. citizens and LPRs have been victims of kidnapping.

This is why these travel tips to Mexico are essential before you embark on any journey or vacation to Mexico. Like travel essentials, it is recommended that you get acquainted with these travel tips to Mexico before you begin your vacation. 

If you’re traveling with your family, there are some travel tips when traveling with toddlers you have to know, other travel tips during covid-19, are essential to help you stay safe and make the most of your vacation to Mexico. 

Why Travel to Mexico?

Mexico is now one of the best places to visit in the world. From the plethora of beaches in Yucatan to the variety of gateway options in the capital city; there are several ways to get entertained in Mexico.

So, planning your trip to Mexico is in order as this is one of the rare opportunities you have to enjoy the wonderful food and the rich history of the Mexicans.

20 Best Travel Tips to Mexico you Must Know

Here is a compilation of the best travel tips to Mexico to help you have a smooth vacation and the best experience:

1. Choose the Ideal Location

Mexico was famous for being the abode of drug cartels. This necessitated the need to classify some of the areas as “risky.”

You don’t want to be caught in the crossfire when one of these cartels starts a fight; neither do you want to be exposed to crime.

Therefore, consult the State Department in the country to find out the best places to stay. This is an important travel tip to Mexico you must know in order to enjoy a safe vacation. 

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2. Don’t go into a Restroom with the Initial “M”

Note that any restroom with the door marked as “M” does not translate to male because that is the initial for Mujeres – a Spanish word for Women.

Instead, look for restrooms with the initial “C” meaning Caballeros, or another with the initial “H”; an initial for Hombres. Both terms mean male. This is an important travel tip to Mexico that will help you stay out of trouble with the locals. 

3. You Can’t Tour Entire Mexico

You may not be able to cover the length and breadth of the country because it spreads out across 2 million kilometers square.

4. Get a Local SIM Card

Get a local SIM card so your communication wouldn’t be interrupted. This option is recommended if your network operator doesn’t have a roaming package.

5. Be Careful with Water Intake

Do not drink any other water except one that has been purified or filtered. This is because of the potentialities of food poisoning, as well as the diseases that could be passed along through that.

6. Don’t Flush Toilet Paper

Only a few resorts in Mexico build the toilets wide enough to flush tissues. For this reason, you want to throw the toilet paper into the trash can after use.

7. Eat the Local Food

Dwell in the typical Mexican dishes, such as Chilaquiles, Tacos al Pastor, and Cochinita Pibil.

8. You Can have Ice in Your Drink

Most tourists are skeptical about adding ice to their drinks, considering that most Mexicans don’t drink tap water.

The simple logic is that since tap water is not consumed, it would possibly be used to make ice.

9. Make Copies of Your Documents

Your credit cards and passport(s) should be photocopied and taken along with you on the trip.

10. Don’t Look Flashy on the Streets of Mexico

You might just be setting yourself up for robbery or harassment when you dress “flashy.” Therefore, “keep your bling” (the likes of pieces of jewelry and watches) at home or your hotel room before going out in the street.

11. Get Travel Insurance

Protect yourself against unnecessary expenses by getting travel insurance. This comes in handy if you are involved in an accident or getting into debt-inducing conditions.

12. Ask the Fare before Boarding a Cab

Most of the cabs in Mexico are not metered. Therefore, you want to ask about the fare before boarding.

13. Consider Using an ADO Bus to Get Around

Looking to tour Mexico on a budget? Consider using any of the ADO Buses to tour the country. You can pay as low as $10 for a fare.

14. Pay in Cash for Fewer Purchases

Mexico is a cash-based economy. Paying for items in cash is better, especially if you are paying for only a few items.

You may only be allowed to use credit and debit cards if you are paying for larger purchases.

15. Be Wary of Cheap Car Rental Offers

Understandably, you want to hire a car for the lowest cost. While this is not out of place, you don’t want to pay an outrageously low amount for a car.

Avoid car rental offers that look overly cheap.

16. Consider Bringing Medication

Mexico is far from being free of the Coronavirus pandemic. Consider bringing medication to bolster your immunity.

If possible, get vaccinated.

17. You Maybe Unable to Buy Bus Tickets Online

Your prepaid credit or debit cards might be rejected when you want to make online payments. Therefore, use the traditional method of buying those tickets from the bus station.

You may also want to make a reservation online, and then pay the fare at the local OXXO convenience store.

18. Bring more Cash with You

Always take more funds with you. This can be used to take care of miscellaneous expenses, including paying for services you didn’t factor in when making the budget.

19. Connect with the Locals

Mexicans are not only friendly. They are also ready to help if they can. As a tourist, take advantage of this friendly invitation to make friends with some of the locals.

You may also consider learning some Spanish to help your communication with the locals.

20. Haggle Smartly

We understand that you want to save some money when touring Mexico. One of the travel tips to Mexico that we have mastered is never to haggle for everything. For example, it is almost impossible to haggle for food.

But you can have a field day beating down the prices of other items, especially souvenirs.

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Plan your trip to Mexico so you can start on the right foot. The country is vast, has many attractions, filled with lovely and most important – ideal for tourists who are looking to have a vacation on a budget.

As an international traveler, there are other international travel tips you should know, these travel tips will help you stay safe, enjoy the most thrilling foods and entertainment and give you a smooth traveling experience. 

We have also made a list of the best travel bags and the best travel subscription boxes to help you enjoy a smooth vacation in Mexico and other parts of the world. 

What do you like the most about Mexico?

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