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Have you recently made the decision to go camping with some pals but are now finding it difficult to think of things to do? Alternatively, suppose you already have a list of enjoyable camping activities in mind and are wondering how to spice up your list.

Whatever it is you need, this article provides the best ideas for fun things to do while camping with friends for an exciting adventure. It doesn’t matter whether you get along well with some of the friends coming on the camping vacation, these activities will lighten the mood and break the ice for an easy flow of positive vibes and entertainment.

Tips For Camping With Friends

When discussing activities to do when camping with friends, it is wise to keep in mind that a lot will depend on where you will be camping. So, to help you think of entertaining activities to do while camping with friends, here are a few pointers to remember.

Choose a Great  Campground

a beautiful campsite to choose - things to do while camping with friends

So choose a campsite that will allow for fun and enough adventure with your buddies. Some campgrounds are not just it and that isn’t what you would love especially when camping with your buddies because camping with friends means more adventure and opportunity to go wild and free.

Research the Campsite 

a lady doing a research of the campsite - things to do while camping with friends

Finding out what’s obtainable and the quality of facilities at the campsite you intend to go camping will go a long way in helping you know what fun activities to look forward to and to better figure out what fun things to bring with you for camping entertainment with friends. It will also help you determine whether a particular campsite suits your camping goals.

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Involve and Inform Your Camping Teammates About Every Plan

friends talking about the fun they will have during camping - things to do while camping with friends

Your team of campmates will also decide what they’ll love, you don’t want to look forward to activities that only you will enjoy. You might be in charge of planning the camping with friends, however, you should not keep your friends in the dark. Even if you are not the one planning the trip, make an effort to be a part of the planning process and offer help where necessary.

Things to Do While Camping With Friends

Camping activities shouldn’t be monotonous and definitely should be ones in which every member of the camping community gets excited at the thought of participating. 

On that note, this article has a broad list of things to do while camping with friends anywhere, anytime, and even enough varieties that will surely have everyone in the best of spirits:

Make a Bonfire

friends around a bonfire they made for things to do while camping with friends

Without a bonfire, camping is impossible. Every enjoyable nighttime camping activity takes place around a campfire. There are so many enjoyable camping activities that are sparked by the fire, which exudes excitement. Additionally, cooking food over a campfire is a really enjoyable experience, so take advantage of it whenever possible.

Plan who will cook on certain days of the camping trip and who will be in charge of building the campfire on various days. One of the intriguing things to do while camping with friends is to get firewood, which allows you to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in other enjoyable outdoor activities in the woods. Be careful to avoid being hurt while doing this.

Erect and Decorate Your Tents

a decorated tent at night - things to do while camping with friends

Everyone’s first standard camping pastime is setting up their tents, but it is much more exciting when done in groups. You can, however, decide to make the exercise enjoyable at all times. Let everyone take turns helping one another pitch their tents rather than lazily struggling to set up your space alone.

It will also be a lot of fun to see everyone get involved in creating lovely decorations to hang in their tents and the nearby trees to spruce up the area. The team’s more creative members should assist the others in coming up with beautiful designs and color-coordinated decorations.

Engage in Some Team Games

team games with friends - things to do while camping with friends

When there are many games and enjoyable activities to partake in while camping, team games are the greatest to do with friends. For lawn games and other sporting events, splitting the group of friends into two groups that compete against one another will be a great idea if there are at least four participants.

Ropes courses and other camping-related outdoor activities are excellent ways to get a group of friends to stick together and support one another through the challenge. Card games, board games, ISpy, and scavenger hunts are among other cooperative games.

Give Camping gifts 

friends wearing friendship bracelet gifts to each other in camp - things to do while camping with friends

Given that this isn’t a luxury trip in a location where the top brands have stores nearby, it might not have occurred to you to buy gifts for each other, but you might want to think about doing so. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift to be kind. Even in the midst of nature, you might produce a present or discover one. It sounds like a terrific idea to spend some time together at the camps making something you want to present to one other. Artworks like carvings, sculptures, paintings, drawings, leaf rubbings, paintings, colored pebbles, friendship bracelets, etc. are examples of camp gift ideas that can be made right there at camp.

Engage in Water Camping Activities 

things to do while camping with friends

You must be aware that there are plenty of water camping activities to enjoy with friends if you are camping near a body of water, right? The possibilities for activities in the water are endless. Among the most enjoyable water camping activities are:

  • Kayaking/Canoeing.
  • Swimming.
  • Bathing in a Spring.
  • Fishing.
  • Snorkeling.
  • Castle Building (if around a beach).

Engage in Competitions

beach side campers engaging in sports activities - things to do while camping with friends

While working as a team is enjoyable, you don’t always have to keep together to avoid a monotonous and boring camping trip. Nevertheless, this is a fun camping activity that you may enjoy with your buddies rather than an unhealthy competition. Compete against one another in events while screaming your lungs out to support your partner or celebrate your victories. Here are some fantastic camping contests to enter:

  • Swimming competition.
  • Cooking competition.
  • Sports competition.
  • Card and board games.
  • Song competitions.

Create Visual Content and Vlog

shooting visual contents - things to do while camping with friends

Whether there is a vlogger or well-known TikTok influencer among you or not, you can start a vlog while at camp to record and share your crazy and enjoyable camping experiences. Imagine having a YouTube account or TikTok handle set up by this group of pals so they can make videos and vlogs about their trips together. Sounds fascinating and like something that may go from just going camping together to many more enjoyable times vacationing together in a variety of settings and locations, collecting memories, and sharing them with the world. To get started right away, have a look at these most sought-after cheap vlogging cameras and camera travel cases!


friends viewing pictures they took - things to do while camping with friends

Camping and outdoor exploration are frequently excellent opportunities to shoot stunning photos and record special moments with a camera. You guys are about to start your photography career this way! because you never know what you can capture and how much your photo will be sold for. The campgrounds surely provide picturesque landscapes and backdrops for extremely awesome images.

Have Picnics

friends having picnic -things to do while camping with friends

There is really no way to say that you have truly experienced the great outdoors and all the enjoyment that mother nature and the woods have to offer without enjoying a picnic there with friends. Picnics are one of my favorite outdoor activities to undertake with friends or even by myself because I adore them so much! Unlike your typical picnic at a park, picnics by a campfire, on a mountain, next to a body of water, or just in the woods surrounded by the beauty and wonder of nature have a different and incredibly exhilarating vibe. One of my favorite and finest activities when camping with friends is having a picnic.

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Explore Your Creative Sides

exploring creative sides are things to do while camping with friends

Camping encourages our creative side since nature brings this aspect of us out. This side of us may be seen in everything from plant rubbings to writing, painting, and drawing to creating jewelry, sculptures, and clothing patterns. Being creative isn’t limited to when you’re camping by yourself; you can also be inspired to do so when you’re with friends, which adds an extra layer of enjoyment and excitement to the experience.

Stargazing Together

friends stargazing in camp at night - things to do while camping with friends

Stargazing is at the top of my list of exciting activities for a night of camping, especially when camping with friends! Get a star-gazing chart before the trip and check out the stars you might be able to see from a prime location right there in camp. While staring at the stars, you can even make a wish while holding hands. I’ve heard that doing so increases the likelihood that your wish will come true swiftly.

Climb Trees and Camp Rope Courses

rope courses with friends are things to do while camping with friends

Climbing trees and perching on sturdy branches should be your first choice if you’re seeking an adrenaline-pumping activity to do when camping with buddies. You can also climb trees in quest of wild fruits or simply stand and gaze at the ground below. Ropes courses are also offered by some camps, and they are frequently thrilling and enjoyable to participate in. Be careful not to fall off and suffer injuries or possibly cause a worse accident.

Come Up with Peculiar Camping Activities

campers with unique costumes for some camping activities - things to do while camping with friends

There are some really thrilling things to do while camping apart from the common camping activities that everyone is familiar with, Everyone on the camping trip can think of any activity that would be fun for everyone. Nobody should go camping without having a good time activity planned to share with the other campers. No, picture a camping trip where everyone brings their own unique amusement. It sounds like the most fun you can possibly conceive and would be an amazing camping adventure.

Revisit Memories and Past Events

a group of past photos - things to do while camping with friends

Review enjoyable and humorous memories from the past. Perhaps childhood recollections, such as going camping with pals, or shared experiences from the distant past that you all may have had together, even a few weeks ago. Even if some of these memories were captured on film, in photographs, or in albums, you can bring them with you. Aside from recalling shared memories, participants can alternate in relating stories about their best memories and the funniest or most intriguing prior experiences.

Hook Up With Some Romantic Interests at Your Campsite

couples making out - things to do while camping with friends

You’re aware that you can have a sizzling campsite romance or a few nightstands, right? If you and your buddies are considering doing something wild like that, you can arrange for each other to meet potential romantic partners while camping. You might be drawn to the guy/girl-next-tent because of how sexy or humorous the person is and so would love to explore and exhaust the passion. If it gets intense and you decide to leave your buddy to camp with your love interest, here are some sensual couple camping things to do, to spice up the moment. You can spend your nights by the campfire or your evenings watching the sunset with your friends telling tales of your adventures afterward.


friends doing things to do while camping with friends

The idea of camping with friends is already so much fun and exciting on its own because there can never be any camping adventure that involves friends that would ever be boring.

However, if you are still wondering how to prepare for the adventure, you will find these tips on how to prepare for camping quite helpful. But I assure you that when it comes to what things to do for fun, there are always countless things to do while camping with friends you don’t have to worry much. The ideas just naturally pop because what’s more exciting than getting immersed and enjoying crazy adventures in the great outdoors with your best friends? 

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This article has a list of some activities to engage in with friends but they are only the tip of the iceberg because fun ideas are endless when out there camping with a group of your best people.  So did you really ask what to do while camping with friends or worried you may not have enough fun together? I hope this article opens your mind up to the great number of possible fun that are not even listed here but your mind can already work out by going through this list!

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I’m Daisy, a passionate traveler and adventurer who loves sharing her travel and camping tips. From a young age, I’ve had a thirst for exploration, taking myself to different corners of the world. I enjoy combining my love for travel with camping trips and believe that it's not just about the destination, but also about the journey and the people you meet along the way. Through this blog and social media platforms, I share my travel experiences, recommendations, and tips to inspire others to travel more and explore the world around them. When I’m not traveling, I can be found planning my next adventure or spending time in nature writing.

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