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In order to attain order and top-notch fun, the ideal family vacation requires careful planning and preparation, including consideration of the budget, travel arrangements, itinerary, lodging, and packing, among other things.

If you are wondering how to plan a family vacation, note that family vacation planning involves many people, with diverse personalities and age brackets so it requires considerably more thought than planning any other holiday. The process of organizing a family vacation involves making decisions about your trip’s hotel, method of transportation, travel subscription boxes, and how to choose a perfect vacation destination.

Given the difficulty of preparing, you may b wondering; why even consider taking a family vacation? However, there are benefits like the opportunity to decompress from all of life’s commitments, including academic and professional ones, while spending time with loved ones, and it is also an avenue to reflect on the past and make plans for the future as a family.

Things You Need to Know About Family Vacation Planning

how to plan a family vacation and make it special

It Is Not a Business Trip Or a Romantic Getaway.

If you are certain that you won’t be able to take a few days off from work, it is advised that you avoid organizing a family vacation; instead, think about taking a business trip or going alone. If you need to spend some time with your partner, it is advised that you plan a romantic holiday.

This is due to the fact that I would abhor going on a family vacation where everyone is engrossed in their laptops and paperwork from work or when everyone is so obsessed with their relationships that no one has time to do things together.

Such family vacation will be terrible! So allow me to state this: EVERY ACTIVITY THAT DOES NOT INCLUDE EVERYONE IS OUT WHEN ON A FAMILY VACATION.

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Put Everyone’s Interest Into Consideration

If my family vacation is planned without taking my needs and preferences into account, you better know it will be a complete bummer. Consider each party, account for their interests, and reach a compromise. While on vacation, as well as during and after the planning phase, communication is essential.

You must recognize that everyone, including your children, has wants and feelings. Children seldom sincerely appreciate a trip where the destination and the activities were picked without their input.

Yes, trips and vacations are fun, but let’s face it, they can also make people more resentful. Because you forced them to take a certain kind of vacation, your children might not appreciate your efforts.

Family Vacations Shouldn’t be Overly Prolonged.

According to research, a lot of people dislike being crowded for an extended period of time with lots of people. Being somewhere for a lengthy period of time with my parents, siblings, and, worse, the rest of the family hovering over my every move would not be fun for me.

Because of this, it is a vacation, thus it better just last a short while! Before people start to dislike one another and step on each other’s toes, it will be much better if family holidays are shorter. Family holidays that last a long time will weaken rather than strengthen the bond, but short trips foster happy memories.

How to Plan a Family Vacation and Make it Fun

how to plan a family vacation

Now that you’re ready for the perfect trip and are aware of some important information regarding family vacation planning, follow these suggestions to create an unforgettable family getaway:

Decide on Vacation Destination Early Enough

Decide on Vacation Destination Early Enough - how to plan a family vacation

You can’t just get up and leave without having a destination in mind. You want to take your family on vacation somewhere with kid-friendly weather, rules, and activities, not just anywhere, I can guarantee you.

Make a list of probable places with the help of everyone taking part in the trip, then choose the ones that everyone, or the majority of the group, will find enjoyable.

Opt for locations with lots of family-friendly activities, nice climates, and family-friendly amenities in order to avoid any type of catastrophe. You might as well make a list of family-friendly vacation destinations to choose from in order to narrow your possibilities.

Choose a Season and Duration of Vacation

Choose a Season and Duration of Vacation during family vacation planning

Because your vacation destination has its own distinctive seasons, be sure to travel during a time of year that will be enjoyable enough. But aside from that, the seasons do have some impact on travel costs, go for what suits you.

Make sure your trip is not longer than two weeks and not less than three days. Decide on and adhere to your travel dates and duration.

As you plan your trip, consider if it will be a single place or a trip to several locations. You won’t just start taking trips around the world because you can, especially if you have kids with you. It is therefore best to plan everything out in advance.

Make and Have a Budget

to know how to plan a family vacation, make a budget

To know how to plan a family vacation that won’t affect your finances, make a budget. By evaluating the costs per person for everything, consider the number of people going on vacation and alter your budget as necessary.

Do you have to set aside money for your trip? Do you insist on the adults contributing a specific sum of money to the trip? What are the financial costs of the trip? What kind of spending limit have you set for a family getaway?

All these questions will help you decide on the destination, season, lodging, meals, and any other activities that will be on your family trip itinerary.

Do Your Research

Do Your Research during fanily vacation planning

Study each vacation destination you have chosen in-depth, learning about its climate, cuisine, culture, and regulations. Even if you’ve been there before, especially if it’s been a while, you should look out for any new changes.

When planning a road trip, you should also look into the security of the roadways. If you’re flying, make careful to acquaint yourself with the TSA policies of the airlines and airports you’ll be using to avoid breaching any laws and preventing your vacation from starting in the first place.

Have a Checklist

how to plan a family vacation - Have a Checklist

If you want to make sure that your vacation is enjoyable and that your family vacation planning goes without a hitch you really need to have a physical checklist. It must include your trip papers, your transportation schedule, reservations for hotels or other accommodation alternatives, vacation travel essentials (see the list of things to bring when traveling abroad and accessories for road trips as well), logistics for the host place, etc.

You must ensure that your checklist is updated and that you are happy with what you have accomplished before getting in the car and driving to your destination. Check out some hacks and travel packing tips to stay organized. There are a few items to tick off the list and they include:

  1. Accommodation 

What kind of accommodations are you seeking? Do you know somebody who requires a wheelchair because of a medical condition? So, is it possible for someone to utilize a wheelchair to access the hotel’s amenities? Do you want a resort with on-site food options, parks, pools, and entertainment facilities, or a detached hotel where you can drive yourself to the many fun areas and find amusement elsewhere? Prior to traveling, make reservations for your lodging. Because many facilities are always reserved during specified seasons of the year, it is best to make reservations in advance.

Things to consider when booking your family vacation accommodation:

  • Proximity to the entertainment hubs you want to visit.
  • Logistics options in the resort or easy access to one outside of your hotel.
  • Choose resorts with enough parks and swimming pools for families as well as other entertainment alternatives.
  • Is there a full menu available, or will you need to purchase food from other cafes and restaurants?
  • Internet accessibility.
  • Security.
  • Cost of accommodation.
  • Facilities for Special needs and comfort.
  1. Kind of Trip

Are you traveling abroad or to a different city in this country? This should be noted on your list so that you can plan the ideal family vacation. Maybe you should put this at the top of your list.

  1. Road Trip or Flight?

Decide whether you’ll be flying or taking a road journey that includes a private or commercial vehicle. Then, if it’s a road trip, plan your routes, look at some road trip necessities like car accessories, accessories for everyone, road trip activities, and road trip games, and make sure everything is in order.

When traveling by air, be sure to pack appropriately. Read up on some packing tips for vacations, familiarize yourself with the TSA’s regulations, and then reserve your boarding pass/tickets.
Remember that in order to take a vacation overseas, every member of your family—including your child—needs a passport and a visa. Before you depart, confirm that everyone’s passports are current and all essential documentation has been completed.

  1. Transportation and Logistics

Which would you choose—hiring a car or using the public transportation system—for logistics and transportation within the destination? Are these services available at your hotel? It is best to think over your options, make a decision, and arrange it before you even leave. For all of your vacation reservations, check Booking.com or TripAdvisor.

  1. Feeding

Bring some small snacks and non-greasy meals if it’s okay for your flight. You should have read the flight regulations to understand what is allowed and in what quantities. There are no limitations on the quantity of breast milk or infant formula you can carry with you if you are breastfeeding.
Plan out your diet for the duration of your vacation: Will you decide to eat outside at cafés and restaurants or your lodging have a potential breakfast and dinner option? How much money are you willing to spend on feeding?

Bring extra food for the full journey when driving rather than waiting to stop at a gas station. Take a look at these healthy road trip food ideas for the best feeding option in while transit.

  1. Safety/Emergencies 

As much as your TSA policies permit, bring some medications with you just in case. Bring first-aid supplies with you because treating minor injuries or allergies at home (by home I mean your hotel room/suite) will be less expensive than visiting a hospital or clinic at your vacation destination.  It is best to have a travel insurance policy in case of a critical emergency as it will be highly expensive to pay for damages or health from your pocket, in a far-off location where you are supposed to be having fun during a holiday.

  1. Clothes 

Dress appropriately for your vacation activities by packing appropriate clothing in your travel luggage. Don’t pack too many clothes though. Check out this comprehensive travel packing list to help you prepare for your trip.

Don’t Outline Fun Activities Before the Journey

Don't Outline Fun Activities Before the Journey - how to plan a family vacation

Even though I enjoy order and planning, the vacations I enjoy the most are those when there are no predetermined enjoyable activities for each day before the trip even starts. I get that we want to have as much fun as we can, so listing the potential entertainment at various sites is good, but don’t specify what and when to do things ahead of time.

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Prepare your Kids For the Vacation

a mum preparing her kids ahead of the vacation - how to plan a family vacation

If it’s their first international vacation, inform them of the flight policies. Inform them of how it will feel, the steps they must take at the airport, the potential length of the flight or drive, the culture of your host country, the potential fun they can have, and the fun things they will find so that they can get hyped up. Chat with your children; recognize what they anticipate too, and make a plan to partially or completely fulfill it.

Get Souvenirs/ Give gifts to each other

during family vacation planning, get gifts

While on vacation, surprise each other with gifts. Make plans to surprise one another. Gifts are not the sole option here though. You can get together to pull off a lovely surprise if your parents’ anniversary or anyone else in the family’s anniversary falls around vacation time. However, you should buy gifts for one another. Plan a shopping trip as well so you may bring home souvenirs from your trip.

Create Memories outside the Vacation Initial Plan

create as much fun memores as possible

Create memories that go above and beyond what is on your itinerary. You can create individual or communal memories, but not at the expense of or without concern for others. You can get ideas on how to generate memories and make your trip more delightful by looking at the options offered in these travel subscription boxes.

However, some of the noteworthy activities to create memories you might think about doing include:

  • Going On a Date

While on a family vacation, it is possible to become briefly involved with a fellow traveler. However, you don’t have to stray too far and leave the rest of the group behind.

  • Going for a Stroll Alone

You can go for a walk by yourself and just take the time to enjoy the scenery, the beauty, or whatever else is available to you in your new place. This will relax you and offer you a break from all the activities and people.

  • Sneaking Away With Your Partner

I understand that this isn’t a romantic getaway, but you should get away with your partner to do something hot (or whatever it is you think *Winks*) with your companion. Don’t just become so engrossed with it or with each other that you neglect others.

  • Extra Unplanned Activities

Take part in an exciting, daring, or adventurous activity that is not part of the predetermined plan for the day. For me, it’s always these unplanned activities that stick with me long after the trip has been over.

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What Are the Things To Bring On a Family Vacation?

things to bring on a family vacation

I understand that you want to get the most out of your trip, therefore you’re wondering what to pack for a family vacation to have the most fun. Here are some of the greatest suggestions on what to bring on the trip to keep in mind when organizing a family getaway:

  • Since this is not a work vacation, it is best to dress as casually as you can. You don’t actually need to pack many of those gorgeous dresses though but just a couple of them if you’re hoping for dates.
  • For a swim in the pool and a trip to the beach, pack your swimsuit. Wear something that is both comfortable and simple yet cute (i mean this is a vacation after all so let down your hair and have fun!)
  • In addition to your regular sneakers, keep a pair of hiking boots. Include a muffler and a pair of loose-fitting flat sandals.
  • Pack Outfits for the Season: Whatever casuals you carry, be aware of the local weather. If you’re going on a summer vacation, wearing lightweight clothing that won’t trap heat is ideal, and don’t forget to pack sunscreen and sunglasses. During the winter, go with more pullovers/sweaters. Simply pack for the day.
  • Passports, Other Travel Documents, and Identity Card.
  • Gift Items for Loved ones.
  • Extra cash: A few in the local currency of your location and your credit/debit cards.
  • Fun/Entertainment Items: Be sure to bring extra games and other entertaining items for the journey. For road trips here are some enjoyable road trip games for kids. Also, include stuff in your luggage for vacation fun at your destination.
  • Comfort Item: Bring comfort things for everyone so they can feel at ease and at home even when they are not at home. You don’t want your children to be without their favorite toys, pillows, or lovies.
  • Toiletries: Due to TSA regulations about liquids on airplanes, it is preferable to bring solid toiletry. If you must bring liquids, make sure to bring the proper amount as specified in the TSA regulations to stay out of problems. If you must use liquids, plan to buy toiletries at your location if you can, and only bring a little amount for urgent use.
  • If you have a toddler or newborn, pack enough perfectly preserved breastmilk and baby formula in your carry-on suitcase.
  • Photo albums or anything of shared family memory.


a family enjoying a vation becaus of perfect family vacation planning

With these tips for family vacation planning, I bet your concerns about how to organize a family trip and make it ideal have been cleared. Have you made your travel plans yet? Check out this article on choosing the perfect vacation destination to have the best experience. Here is a list of some of the family vacation spots in Florida, along with the coolest things to do in Fort Lauderdale with kids. If you wish to travel to Europe during the summer, here are the best summer vacation places in Europe

With the help of this travel guide, your family vacation is guaranteed to be a blast. Here’s to the most enjoyable family vacation, where everyone will have the time of their life and cherish the memories long after!

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