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Without the right entertainment like road trip games, creating road trip playlists with the compilation of the most soul-lifting road trip songs, and the best road trip podcast, adventures like road trips which are meant to be exciting and memorable experiences can become monotonous and boring. That is why this inexhaustible list of the best road trip podcast for adults and kids that will make your entire trip worthwhile has been compiled for you

You need entertainment like road trip podcasts amongst other things like road trip songs, and you get to listen to them at intervals to keep boredom away. However, there are factors you must consider before making a choice from the available list of podcasts you come across.

Also, you must note that podcasts are different from audiobooks; podcasts are audio shows that can be listened to while on the go. You can choose any podcast from a variety of topics and styles, ranging from true crime and mystery to comedy and adventure, which are sure to provide you with a unique and immersive form of entertainment. So if you’re looking to escape into a story, learn something new, or simply have a good laugh, there are road trip podcast here to feed all of your longings and meet your needs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Road Trip Podcasts

road trip podcasts


The podcast should align with your interests and be engaging to keep you entertained during the trip. If you’re interested in history, look for podcasts that cover historical events or figures. If you enjoy true crime, many podcasts delve into fascinating crimes and mysteries.


Consider the length of the podcast episode when choosing a podcast for your road trip. Some podcasts have longer episodes that can last for an hour or more, while others have shorter episodes that are perfect for a quick break during the trip.


Storytelling is an important aspect of any podcast, and the podcast you choose must have a compelling and engaging narrative. The podcast should keep you interested and invested in the story, making the journey more enjoyable.


A good road trip podcast should offer a variety of topics and styles to keep you entertained throughout the trip. Choose a podcast that covers a range of topics with a mix of episodes that cover both serious and light-hearted topics.

Production Quality

The production quality of the podcast is also important to consider. The podcast should have clear audio and be easy to listen to. Good production quality makes it easier to focus on the content and enjoy the journey.

Age Appropriateness

If you’re looking for a road trip podcast for kids, it’s important to consider the age appropriateness of the podcast. Look for podcasts that are designed for children and are age-appropriate in terms of content and language. This will ensure that the trip is both educational and enjoyable for kids.

Top Road Trip Podcasts for Adults

road trip podcasts

Here are some of the best road trip podcasts that every adult would love to listen to n the go. They cut across several life issues, themes, and experiences. They range from podcasts that will evoke the deepest laughter from the pit of your belly to so many other emotions from the deepest parts of your heart.

“Stuff You Should Know” 

Stuff You Should Know” is a podcast hosted by Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant, that delves into a wide range of topics, from science and history to pop culture and strange phenomena. The hosts have a conversational, lighthearted approach to discussing even the most complex subjects, making “Stuff You Should Know” a great choice for a road trip.


“Serial” is an investigative journalism podcast that was an early pioneer of the medium and remains one of the most popular to this day. Each season focuses on a different true crime story, with host Sarah Koenig taking listeners through the events step by step, building suspense, and offering new insights along the way.


“Lore” is a podcast that explores the darker side of history, delving into the legends, myths, and folklore that have been passed down through the ages. Host Aaron Mahnke provides a fascinating look at the origins of some of the world’s most enduring legends, and the impact they’ve had on culture and society.

“My Favorite Murder” 

My Favorite Murder” is a true crime comedy podcast hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, who share their fascination with real-life murder stories and offer humorous commentary on the details of each case. Despite its lighthearted approach, “My Favorite Murder” is a popular choice for true crime fans.

“The Adventure Zone”

The Adventure Zone” is a comedic storytelling show in which three brothers (Griffin, Justin, and Travis McElroy) play a tabletop role-playing game, with their father as the dungeon master. The show is filled with humor, heart, and plenty of surprising twists and turns, making it a fun choice for a road trip.

Criminal” is a true crime podcast that takes a deep dive into individual criminal cases, exploring the motivations and methods of the people involved. Host Phoebe Judge provides a compelling and engaging look at some of the most interesting crimes in recent history, making “Criminal” a great choice for true crime fans.

“The Joe Rogan Experience”

The Joe Rogan Experience” is a long-form conversation podcast hosted by comedian and commentator Joe Rogan, and features a wide range of guests, from scientists and journalists to athletes and celebrities. The show is known for its unfiltered, in-depth discussions on a variety of topics, making it a great choice for a road trip.


Radiolab”  is an award-winning podcast that combines science, philosophy, and storytelling to explore a wide range of topics, from the mysteries of the universe to the quirks of human nature. Hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich offer a unique and engaging look at the world, making “Radiolab” a great choice for a road trip.

“This American Life”

This American Life” is a popular and long-running radio show and podcast that explores the diverse experiences and perspectives of everyday Americans. Each week, the show delves into a different theme, using a combination of personal stories and investigative reporting to paint a vivid and compelling picture of life in America. Hosted by the talented Ira Glass, “This American Life” is a must-listen for anyone interested in thoughtful, engaging, and entertaining storytelling.

Whether you’re a fan of true crime, human interest stories, or simply great storytelling, “This American Life” is a podcast that will keep you captivated and entertained for hours. With its unique blend of humor, heart, and insightful commentary, this show is a staple of the podcasting world and a must-listen for anyone who loves great storytelling.

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Top Road Trip Podcasts for Kids

road trip podcasts

Here are some of the best road trip podcasts for your kids that you could ever come across. As a parent looking for fun things to do on a road trip for kids, These podcasts are sure to keep your kids entertained, engaged, and learning on any road trip! All of these podcasts are a great way for kids to engage their minds and learn about the world around them while on a road trip.

“Brains On!”

 “Brains On!”  is a science podcast for kids that features experts, scientists, and kids themselves who answer questions about the world. Kids can learn about everything from the human body to the depths of space which makes it one of the best road trip podcasts for your kids. 

“Tumble Science Podcast for Kids” 

“Tumble Science Podcast for Kids” is a podcast that takes kids on a journey through the fascinating world of science. From exploring the mysteries of the deep sea to learning about the latest scientific discoveries, kids will love this educational and entertaining podcast. It is one of the best road trip podcasts for kids that I’m sure your children will love so much. 

“The Story Nook”

“The Story Nook” is a storytelling podcast for kids that features classic and contemporary tales from around the world. This is one of the best road trips podcasts for children to listen to and get transported to new worlds and experiences. 

“The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel” 

“The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel” is a fiction podcast for kids. It is a serial mystery story that follows the adventures of a group of middle schoolers as they try to solve the disappearance of one of their own. With suspense, humor, and heart, kids will be hooked on this captivating podcast. 

“Circle Round” 

“Circle Round” is a storytelling podcast for kids which features folktales from around the world, including Native American, African, and Scandinavian tales. Children can listen to these tales and learn about different cultures and traditions. 

“But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids” 

Have you ever heard a kid ask a question and been blown away by the depth of their curiosity? That’s exactly what “But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids” is all about. This podcast provides a space for kids to ask questions about the world and have them answered by experts in a variety of fields. Whether it’s the science behind a rainbow or the big questions about life and the universe, “But Why” is here to help satisfy kids’ curiosity. 

“The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian” 

Are your kids ready for a wild intergalactic journey? Look no further than “The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian.” This fiction podcast follows the adventures of a young boy named Finn and his friends as they explore the universe aboard a spaceship. With humor, imagination, and heart, this podcast is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages. 

“Wow in the World” 

Do your kids love science and technology? Then “Wow in the World” is the perfect podcast for them. This show takes kids on a journey of discovery and awe as they explore the latest breakthroughs in science and technology. From the depths of the ocean to the reaches of space, kids will learn about the world in a fun and engaging way. 

“The Past and the Furious” 

Are your kids interested in history? Then “The Past and the Furious” is the perfect podcast for them. This show takes kids on a journey through time as they learn about the people, events, and ideas that have shaped our world. From ancient civilizations to modern times, kids will learn about history in a fun and engaging way. 

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Where to Find More Road Trip Podcasts.

Here are some additional websites, resources, and apps for listeners to find more road trip podcasts. By exploring these resources, listeners can easily discover new and exciting road trip podcasts to add to their playlists.

Apple Podcasts

Apple podcasts is a popular platform for discovering new podcasts, with a wide selection of road trip-themed shows.


Spotify is another popular platform for discovering new podcasts, with curated playlists and recommendations for road trip-themed content.

Podcast Aggregators

Websites like Podbean, Stitcher, and TuneIn offer a large collection of podcasts, including many road trip-themed shows.

Podcast Directories

Websites like iTunes, Overcast, and Pocket Casts have extensive directories of podcasts, including many road trip-themed shows.

Social Media

Many podcasters use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to promote their shows and connect with listeners.

Podcast Communities

Websites like Reddit, Slack, and Discord offer online communities where listeners can discuss and recommend their favorite podcasts, including road trip-themed shows.

Podcast Reviews and Ratings

Websites like Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Podchaser offer user reviews and ratings of podcasts, making it easy for listeners to find the best road trip-themed shows.


There is no shortage of road trip podcasts that can provide endless entertainment and education for both kids and adults. From true crime and mystery shows to educational programs and comedy, there is a podcast for every taste and preference. Whether you’re traveling with kids or just looking for something to pass the time on a long drive, these podcasts are sure to keep everyone engaged and entertained. 

Some of the best road trip podcasts for kids include “Stories Podcast,” “Brains On!”, and “Wow in the World.” For adults, “Serial,” “Criminal,” and “The Joe Rogan Experience” are all highly recommended. No matter which podcast you choose, a road trip is sure to be a much more enjoyable experience with a good podcast to accompany it. So, pack your bags, hit the road, and get ready to listen to some of the best road trips podcasts out there!

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