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One of the most enjoyable road trip activities for everyone to relieve stress and maintain composure is sharing road trip jokes over a lengthy vehicle ride with friends and family. Without any road trip games or pastimes, spending hours in a moving vehicle would not be enjoyable, and cracking jokes is only one aspect of this activity. This assured 1980s-style entertainment is sure to keep you and the rest of the group entertained throughout the entire journey. The occupants of your car will be sure to smile wide with good-natured humor.

If saying road trip jokes or puns have been planned as entertainment for your road trip, you’ll want to tell the funniest jokes possible so that everyone can laugh out loud and you don’t miss out on the enjoyment. No matter how dull your standard jokes are, this collection of these most hilarious jokes for road trips will help you overcome your fear of people laughing at you for your boring jokes and keep you sharp.

As you browse through this long list of jokes and get to share them with your traveling buddies, you’ll be in fits of laughter. These travel jokes will not only have you compete easily if there is a joke war among the passengers of the car but will also unquestionably make you the star comic of the occasion.

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The following are some of the funniest road trip jokes you’ll ever hear:

1. A man was accused of parking his car in a prohibited place and appeared in court. The court asked if he had anything to say in support of himself.
The man argued that they shouldn’t have posted such deceptive notices. The sign read, “FINE FOR PARKING HERE.”

road trip jokes on wrong parking

2. Take your next road journey in kilometers since they are shorter than miles.

3. What is a spider’s preferred activity? 


4. Do you know how penguins construct their homes? 

Igloo it all at once.

Road trip jokes about penguins

5. WIFE: The car is having problems. The carburetor has water in it.

HUSBAND: Carburetor has water in it? I find that absurd.

WIFE: The car’s carburetor is flooded, I tell you.

HUSBAND: You have no idea what a carburetor is. I’ll look at it though. So where is the car?

WIFE: Inside the swimming pool.

6. What kind of food does a cheetah prefer to eat?

 Fast food!

Road trip jokes about cheetah

7. I finally discovered the answer to the question of whether or not a Mercedes bends when I totaled my last vehicle.

road trip jokes about Benz

8. I can’t believe the calendar factory dismissed me today.

 I only took a day off, that’s all!

9. Where do you like to go on summer vacation with your pet bird?

The Canary Islands!

10. Elephants love to travel, how can you tell?

Each time, they pack their own trunk!

11. When hamsters go on vacation, where do they go?


12. Where do math tutors travel for holidays?

Times Square

13. What did one volcano say about its neighboring volcano?

I lava.

road trip jokes about volcano

14. How do rabbits travel to their vacation spot?

By hare-plane!

15. Where can one find an ocean devoid of water?

On a map!

16. What never moves but travels through cities, up and down hills?

The road.

17. What message was sent to the Atlantic Ocean by the Pacific Ocean?

It did nothing but wave.

18. What occurs if you wear a watch while flying?

Time flies.

19. I didn’t know how much of an awful driver I was until my GPS system told me: “make a tiny right turn, halt, and let me out after 400 feet!”

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20. Where do sheep go when they travel?

It’s the Bahamas!

21. Why is traveling in the mountains the funniest thing ever?

They are Hilly-Areas.

road trip jokes about hills

22. Why was the witch a hotel guest?

She had heard they provided excellent broom service!

23. What did the doctor tell the sick airport passenger?

It’s a terminal illness.

24. What do frogs enjoy drinking during the summer heat?


25. I placed a wager with my sister that I could construct a car out of spaghetti. You ought to have seen her expression while I was driving Pasta.

26. Why was there no suitcase on the Elephant?

He had a trunk at the ready!

27. It kills me to see attractive folks on the road during a trip since I won’t see them again.

28. One of the best ways to go on a road trip is to avoid traveling with kids.

road trip jokes about traveling with kids

29. I always look in to make sure it’s not me from another dimension when I notice someone driving the same car that I’m driving.

30. I won’t go by car with my dog any longer. He is sometimes a real bark seat driver.

road trip jokes about a dog in the backseat

31. They advise against driving when distracted… I make my kids run next to the car because of this.

32. After our last stop, I check to see whether we still have all the kids one hour later.

33. “When can we break for a meal?” Ten minutes into an eight-hour car trip, you will hear me wail.

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34. Going on a road trip is basically the art of finding a place to buy coffee followed by finding a place to pee in a loop forever.

35. Allowing your children to choose a snack when you stop for gas is a simple way to add 45 minutes to a road trip.

36. That awkward encounter with the same woman at two rest stops 100 miles apart.

37. IMAGE OF A ROAD TRIP: “We are all Beshst Frandzzz” at minute 7.
“I wonder if I could roll out of a moving car,” at minute 52.
111th minute: “Who killed JFK?”

38. A couple traveled by car together.
They kept driving by car and saw several wild pigs on some grasslands.
The woman jokingly inquired, “Are those members of your family?” to her husband.
Next, the husband says, “Yup! Those are the people I married into!”

39. I am so attached to the car that moves in front of me during a road trip, that it hurts to watch them exit before I do.

40. They’re taking a road trip—a woman and a husband.
The wife decides she is exhausted after a while.
“I believe I might take a nap, honey, you know that”, the wife said.
Her chair is adjusted such that it is comfortable for sleeping after her husband nods at her, and she falls asleep.
She awakens a time later to find that they have left the road entirely and are in an unfamiliar location.
Where the hell are we? says the wife.
“I just woke up too, so I don’t know.” was the husband’s reply.

road trip jokes about couples

41. On the highway, there was this car moving quite slowly. It is pulled over by a state trooper. The driver queries the officer, “What have I done wrong?
“On a busy highway, you are traveling at 26 mph.” The officer informs the driver, “There is a law against that. You have to travel at least 50 mph.”
“But the sign said 26 when I turned onto the motorway”, the driver argues.
, “HA HA HA!” The policeman chuckles loudly. “Since this is Interstate 26, that makes sense! The speed limit is not the 26!”

The officer notices a second woman seated next to the driver as she leans back in her seat. She had a ghostly pallor.
The officer inquires, “What happened to her?”
“She has been that way ever since we exited Interstate 160, I’m not sure.” the driver says.

road trip jokes about the police

42. What is sticky and brown?

 A Stick

43. When a Mexican loses his car, what do you call him? 


44. Would cars have WINDOWS if Apple made cars?

45. In the summer, what do ghosts eat? 

I scream.

46. A Police officer pulls over Schrodinger. The officer enters the trunk with great seriousness and begins to look for any strange items.
“Do you know there’s a dead cat in here,” said the policeman.
“Well, I do now,” said Schrodinger.

47. The cyborg’s lengthy journey required rest, but why did he need it?

As a result of his hard drive.

48. For you, I’ll go the extra miles.

road trip jokes about miles

49. An elderly couple stopped for lunch at a wayside eatery while traveling.
They left the restaurant after finishing their lunch and continued traveling.
The old lady left her glasses on the table as they were leaving, but she didn’t realize it until they had been driving for almost 40 minutes.
The old man developed the stereotypical grumpy old man traits as he aged.
Throughout the whole return trip, he whined, argued, and yelled at his wife nonstop.
He felt more irritated as he reprimanded her.

He just wouldn’t pause for even a brief moment.
She was very relieved when they finally arrived at the restaurant.
The man shouted to the woman as she ran inside to collect her glasses, “While you’re in there, you may as well get my hat and the credit card!”

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50.What did the jack say to the vehicle parked by the side of the road?
Do you need a lift?


Car trips can be quite “tire-ing” without some fun road trip activities and road trip jokes to guarantee you a “wheel-ly” nice entertainment in transit. Note that these road trip jokes are not originally from me but have been passed down severally by various means told on several road trips by different travel buddies and sourced from the internet as well. So it might come out differently from the original version or the version you might have known already. Nevertheless, they are the most hilarious jokes that can be told on a road trip. 

You can take turns saying jokes and puns as competition or just go through these road trip jokes together on your phones for a belly-bursting laugh moment with your travel companions.

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