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Magical and known for its skyscrapers, there are just so many fun things to do in Dubai for any visitor. This has made the city a point of call for everyone who loves to travel, explore and have fun all around the world.

I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t been to Dubai that doesn’t look forward to visiting the city. And yes, there are the people who always come back to visit Dubai again and again because there are just so many fun things to do in Dubai and a single or couple of visits can never be enough to satisfy a lover of a beautiful life.

The fun is inexhaustible. This city seems to have everything! I mean everything humanly needed to make a vacation interesting is in Dubai.

Dubai has some of the most attractive things to behold and enjoy in the world. And no, we are not just talking about the exquisite 7-star hotels and exotic shopping malls.

From the Dubai Mall; the largest mall in the world, to the Dubai Fountain, which is also the biggest in the world, the underwater museum, and aquarium, explore the desert, and comb the Dubai national park. In Dubai, you can never have enough of the beauty and this is why you should make up your mind to get on with that trip already, or if you’re set, get excited because you’re about to experience luxury and pleasure on another level in Dubai!

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What is the Coolest Fun Thing to do in Dubai?

If you’re searching for fun things to do in Dubai, here is a compilation of the coolest fun things to do in Dubai:

Visit the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

fishes in Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo

You know you don’t necessarily have to go shopping in the Dubai Mall if you don’t want to or can’t afford it. There are so many other things to do at the mall, so many fun things to do in Dubai and you should enjoy them as much as you can.

Get your tickets to explore the Aquarium to discover the aqua species you probably have never seen before. You can watch the shark from one side of the shark Aquarium for free, but that is how far you can go with it. To access the entire underwater zoo, you get to purchase the tickets and treat yourself to the fun.

You are guided into the Aquarium through a shark-filled tunnel, you are going to see other fishes too. You will be led to different sections of the zoo, where you will study several species of fishes, jellyfishes, and seahorses. You will meet King Croc, the star of the zoo. It is one of the world’s largest crocodiles in existence – 750kg and 5 meters long.

Tour the Dubai Marina District

Beautiful city in Dubai Marina district

There are several ways to tour and enjoy the Dubai Marina. The first on the list is the VIP treatment on the yacht. This is much preferable for romantic couples on vacation. The offer features a cruise of the marina water on a luxury yacht, a  barbecue dinner, and music shows as you sail through the Marina, down through the Burj Al Ahab and Burj Khalifa.

For the lovers of adrenaline rush activities, the Dubai Marina is home to Xline, the longest urban zipline in the world. Now, this is super exciting! At more than 70km/h, start from 170m above the ground and fly through the Dubai Marina District, amidst buildings and skyscrapers. Not to worry, your moments in the air are well captured in videos and photos as part of the package included in your ticket fee.

Walking through the pedestrian promenade is also another way to explore the Dubai Marina District. This way you pass along the waterfront and get to admire the beautiful yachts and tall buildings. You may as well walk into the Dubai Marina Mall, which is also a very big shopping centre housing top brands like Levi’s, Balmain, and H&M.

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Visit the Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai

beautiful mosque with fun things to do in Dubai

It is the only mosque that allows and welcomes non-Muslims. The magnificent architectural structure of the mosque graces the 500-dirham-note. Even non-religious people marvel at the antique decor with its detailed decor against the blue and yellow walls of the mosque’s interior.

However, you will be required to appear modest and properly covered from your head to your feet. So if you are headed here, which of course you should do,  to educate yourself on the Islamic culture, with the informative guidance of the ever-enthusiastic guides. There are several other collections of things to do in Dubai for free you will find in this article.

Consider wearing long pants and long sleeve shirts with your head covered with scarfs. The mosque also offers its traditional attire to visitors who are ignorant of these rules or those who just want to try them. Don’t worry, the presentation and tour of the mimic architectural style of the medieval Fatimid period will be so worth your stress.

Shop vanities at Dubai Mall

Beautiful section of Dubai mall

Shop vanities and get lost in the biggest shopping mall in the world. The Dubai mall has 1200 shops and over a hundred restaurants and is the most visited mall in the world. Even if there are claims that things are a bit pricey at the mall as compared to getting the exact thing somewhere else, you should take a walk into this world-class complex and roam the vicinity. 

Aside from the shopping centres and restaurants, the mall also houses several other interesting places like arcade games centres, ice rinks, an aquarium, indoor waterfalls, and the magnificent water fountain just before the mall.

The mall is open every day from 10 am till midnight and the restaurants run till 1 am. 

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Sand surf the Red Dunes — Desert Safari

People visiting red dunes in Dubai desert safari

There is hardly any Dubai visitor who won’t treat himself to the Desert Safari experience. Dubai is a desert city and not opting for this tour would be an abomination so to say.  They offer activities all around the clock (well the afternoon is nightmarishly hot on the dunes)— morning, evening, overnight, etc. There is even an option for dinner only in the desert! 

Depending on the package you go for, the morning Safaris are usually short because the afternoon heat would be unbearable. Evening and Overnight Safari are much longer and are for about 4-5 hours.

Their offer includes:

  • A 4WD vehicle drive is usually what begins the safari.
  • Dune bashing, usually for 30-40 minutes.
  • Camel Rides
  • Henna application on the hands
  • Falconry
  • Sand skiing
  • Camel rides
  • Quad biking
  • Sheesha
  • Barbecue dinner, belly dancing show, and Arabic music
  • Camping and Breakfast

These options are available based on the package you go for; morning, evening, or overnight package. Sand dunes walk is an awesome fun activities in Dubai for adults.

Dubai Garden Glow

section of Dubai Garden Glow with a lot of fun things to do

Specifically for the evenings, Dubai Glow Garden opens every evening from 4 pm – 11 pm. A walk in the garden at night will transport you to a fairyland and that was the designer’s goal, I bet. The park is home to hundreds of sculptures in different forms that come to life when the place is lit up, accompanied by music. It is an enchanting sight. 

The park features:

  • A Dinosaur Park: So many animated dinosaurs are seen moving and growling here. It’s an adventure your kids would love
  • A Magic Park: 3D decors and interesting decors perfect for your photoshoots, I mean for kids.
  • An Ice Park: This harbors Ice Sculptures of different forms. 

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Ride up the Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

Experiencing the thrill of the ride up the world’s tallest building is what I would recommend for any Dubai visitor. If you have extra cash to spend, you should look forward to a ride up to the 124th or the 150th floor of the 160 stories, which is about 2,722 feet above the city, to view the world down to the Persian Gulf.

The Burj Khalifa is the home to the tallest world observation deck and promises super amazing views of the city. Not to worry about not seeing enough, special telescopes are given to have a look at historical views of the city from different ages, that way you get an experience of the history and growth of Dubai, at different stages. 

It is always advised to book in advance because tickets quickly get sold out, as it is a must-see for visitors, if not for anything, but its world-class distinction.

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Etihad Museum 

man viewing paintings in a museum: fun things to do in Dubai

In Dubai, things are ultra-modern and this museum is one of them. Visit the Etihad Museum to have comprehensive discovery of the formation of the seven Emirates that comprise the UAE. If you’re a history buff, then this is your stop.

The museum stays drawing both the nationals and visitors with a love of history to its site. A visit to the museum is just perfect for a well-rounded Dubai trip. You can’t just have all the fun without exploring its history and formation.

At the Etihad museum, you are guaranteed a tutorial on the process that led to the Union Treaty creation and the stories of the 7 sheikhs that founded the nation. Most of this information would be passed through movies, testimonies, and interactions with the guides who take their time to pass down these details. If you’re searching for fun things to do in Dubai with friends, the Etihad Museum has an unlimited list for you.

Dubai Canal Walk

Man walking in a Canal in Dubai: fun things to do in Dubai

The Dubai Canal work is the perfect place to experience the panorama view of the skyscrapers and the Burj Khalifa. To enjoy even a more perfect view, do this canal walk at night when the city is lit up with colorful lights. The canal is 3km long. The best part of the canal work for me is the Abra tours and diner cruise. There is an artificial waterfall on the canal that opens up like a curtain, for boats to pass as they approach. The experience is magical and will be worth every penny you spend.

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Dubai Miracle Garden

Section of Dubai Miracle Garden with beautiful flowers

This is a 72,000 square meters flower garden with over 45 million flowers grown and located in a city that is supposed to be a desert, barren and arid. And you’re still wondering why it’s named the Miracle Garden?

Words cannot even begin to qualify the beauty and tranquillity in this space. The landscape is beautifully designed with stunning flowers planted in the most creative ways possible. There are a variety of flowers ranging from the ordinary to exotic and rare breeds of flowers that can only be found in jungles all over the world. 

The flowers come in styles and shapes like hearts, pyramids, stars, and many other figures. There are walkways of different shapes, water pools, flower-layered vintage cars, and umbrella walkways. 

Each season, the flower patterns get changed and you can never say you have experienced the bliss in all because there is always a new experience with each season!

The opening season runs from October to April but stays closed from June to September because the temperature during this period is usually not favorable. So be sure to visit Dubai during the opening season if you hope to get immersed in this wonder.

Added to its collection and section is the Dubai Butterfly Garden which boasts a collection of 15,000 butterflies from 26 different species. It is the world’s largest butterfly garden as well as the region’s first indoor butterfly garden.

This is just too much to take in at once and every penny spent on this facility tour is worth it. 

Get some Fresh Air at La Mer

Walk way in a natural pool

This is another beautiful place to let down your hair, let out your breath, and take in some fresh air. It is a beautiful area by the sea for a walk. The walkway also features some beauties like the Laguna Waterpark with its slides and wave pool. So you may like to experience some tranquillity while your kids have some fun you can even join in! It’s perfect for family vacation fun. There are many entertainment activities in Dubai here for everyone.

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Chill at the Beaches

People chilling in a beach side

There are so many beaches in this city and this is a city that is supposed to be barren land with little to no water at all. Dubai is a magic and magical city and the beaches are part of its wonders and man, are they beautiful! There is a public beach called The Beach and its promenade,

The Walk is the beach area where you get to stroll, feel the sands under your feet, treat yourself to great cuisines, or shop at the boutiques. Hence, the beach is known as The Walk and The Beach,  located at the Jumeirah Beach Residence alongside other beaches and open to everyone. You will rent the deck chairs and umbrellas for a fee though.

Other beaches you may like to explore are; Black Palace Beach — a much more private beach, Kite Beach — if you are a kitesurfer or would like to try this is for you, and Al Mamzar Beach — where you can have your picnics, skate, swim or enjoy the serenity of a park as well. This is perfect for romantic vacationers.

Befriend the Dolphins at the Dubai Dolphinarium

Dolphins in a sea

The Dubai Dolphinarium is an indoor marine mammal facility, fully air-conditioned and the first of its kind in Dubai. One of the fun things to do in Dubai is watching the dolphins and seals perform several activities like dance, painting, playing basketball, or juggling. There is usually music, spotlights, and lasers to complement these activities. The performance is usually for 45 mins.

Asides from this performance, the facility houses so many things like a medical pool to cater to the marine mammals’ wellbeing, a three-million-litre water capacity, 5.5 deep seawater pool, a multimedia library to get lectures on marine creatures, a gift shop for souvenir shopping, and the Happy Valley Restaurant for a variety of sumptuous cuisines.

A Skiing Adventure at the Ski Dubai

Boy skiing at Ski Dubai

The Ski Dubai is a famous indoor snow mountain-themed attraction and ski area located in The Dubai Mall. It’s intriguing to know that even when it is 40 degrees outside you can still enjoy a snowboard ride. The Ski Dubai features 85-meter-high indoor mountains that have five different slopes made with different difficulty levels. There’s the 400-meter-long run alongside a 60 meters drop. 

Other features of the Ski Dubai are:

  • An Icy Body Slide
  • Climbing Towers
  • Ice Cave
  • The World’s First Indoor Blck Diamond Run
  • Tube Slides and Jumps
  • Giant Slow Balls
  • A 300-meter interactive Snow with Sled and Toboggan Runs

You will also get to play with penguins or watch them play at the resident King Penguins and Colony of Gentoo by booking a Penguin encounter.

There’s a Ski school to enrol for Skiing Lessons and there are restaurants to chill and enjoy great cuisine after a long day. And the restaurants are even mountain-themed!

Tour the Global Village 

Theme Park: fun things to do in Dubai

The Global Village which opens from November to April is a kid-friendly theme park more renowned amongst families who visit the city. You should take your children for an experience of the thrills of exploring the park. But that is not all the Global Village is famous for, it is a town on the outskirt of the city where world-famous monuments like the Colosseum of Rome, the Tower of Pisa, and the Taj Mahal as well as several pavilions dedicated to different countries like Thailand, United States, Egypt, China, Japan, and many others, have been reconstructed.

It’s big with many points of interest including a water fountain show, the ancient monuments, parks, and restaurants. 

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Explore The Financial District

Skyscrapers in Dubai financial district

If you are in awe of the economy and transformation of a nation that was more or less a desert land 50 years ago, then you would consider taking a trip to the financial district of Dubai. Trust me, the district isn’t just all about its skyscrapers but a point of interest. There are luxury hotels like the Fairmont and Radisson, art galleries, and chic restaurants. The district is a class of its own and you should experience it firsthand. 

The World Trade Center, which was Dubai’s first scrapper, the Gate Building, which houses the Dubai Stock Exchange, Galleries of the DIFC (Dubai International Financial Center) which is home to many renowned art galleries, and the Jumeirah Emirates Tower are all part of the wonders of the financial district.

Dubai Creek Park

Dubai Creek Park: fun things to do in Dubai

Popular amongst the locals, the Dubai Creek Park is located on the waterfront and is a beautiful choice place for picnics and family fun, especially during the weekends. There is a gate fee to access the park for your fun activities. Having a picnic and every other thing at the park is free but to access its renowned points of interest, you need to do that for a fee.

They are The Children’s City which features a planetarium and many more, basically dedicated to learning about the universe and the mysteries surrounding the human body. Your kids may love to know these details to understand life better. And there is also a Dolphinarium where you can befriend dolphins and swim with them.

IMG’s Worlds of Adventure

Kids having fun at an amusement park in Dubai

Right next to Warner Bros Park, the IMG’s Worlds of Adventure is the second-largest indoor amusement park in the world. If you are looking for fun things to do in Dubai with kids on a family trip, head to the park for an adventure of a lifetime, riding a rollercoaster, watching 4D movies, or visiting a haunted house.

All the 5 zones of the park are designed to give maximum entertainment to your family. You can shop or eat at the IMG-Boulevard, discover the latest technologies at Novo Cinemas or simply just catch fun and dive into full adventure at the Marvel (discover Hulk, Thor, and many other Heroes) and Lost Valley (the world of dinosaurs) zones. Of course, there is the Cartoon Network too.

Climb the Dubai Frame

Dubai frame

It’s very popular and this could be because it is one of the newest tourist attractions. The frame is 150 meters high and offers a panoramic view of the two parts of the city – the Old Dubai and Downtown Dubai. From atop the frame, you can also see everything at your feet because there is a layer of the floor that is made of glass. People are turning up in their numbers to book a ticket for a chance to access the top of the frame. You should ask for a photograph.

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Head to the Emirates Golf Club

Emirates Golf Club

If you are a golf lover or enthusiast, head off to the 3-course and 36-hole golf course that was established and opened to the public in 1988. They offer three courses for golf lovers of all levels, that is whether you are a beginner or not. There is the 9-hole par 3 course for the beginners and the two other courses- The Majlis (flagship course) and The Faldo Course.

If you think that is all they offer, then you are in for a surprise because there are restaurants and dining options to choose from like the Roseleaf Cafe, Spike Bar, Jones the Grocer and then the French-Mediterranean cuisine served at Carine.

Scour the Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum

The history of Dubai right from its first-generation and inhabitants is encapsulated here, even its plans for the future as well. Old objects, symbols, weapons, archaeological remains, and many other ancient things of interest as it concerns the city, are preserved here as a display of what the city looked like before its transformation. The museum opens every day except the morning Fridays.

The Burj Al Arab

Burj Ai Arab Dubai with lots of fun things to do in Dubai

This sail-shaped hotel is Dubai’s signature landmark with an enchanting view of the Arabian Gulf. The Burj Al Arab is one of the few luxury 7-star hotels in the world. Lodging at the Burj Al Arab is very expensive but the perks of lodging in a luxury suite with a view of the sea trump the money leaving your account for this purpose.

But this is not for everyone and here’s the good news, you can get a ticket to access this luxurious hotel for a few hours for lunch or dinner, with the setting overlooking the Persian Gulf or even a boat tour of the Burj Al Arab and other significant hotels like the Atlantis The Palm Hotel. Their dining option includes “under the sea” and “high up among the stars” elegant settings with assorted cuisines to romance your taste buds.

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Swing through the trees at Aventura Parks

You know, you can also unleash your inner Tarzan at the Aventura Parks by swinging from tree to tree on the 25-meter Tarzan Jump and aerial surfboard. There’s something for all ages here, even miniature-rock climbing walls for toddlers. 

For the adults are a wide variety of zip lines, giant swings, and high ropes courses to choose from and enjoy.

Balloon Air  tour

People having fun in Baloon air tour in Dubai

There is an option to admire the desert and dunes from above in a hot air balloon tour. The flight lasts for an hour and it’s magical enough to be given a try. Look out for the Leopards and Camels 400 feet beneath you. Go ahead to book a ticket for the tour for an experience of a lifetime. It may please you to know that the offer comes with a gourmet breakfast with caviar, smoked salmon, and fresh fruits. Worth a trial right?

Cool Off at the Ice Cream Lab

Located within the Dubai Mall, the Ice Cream Lab is a place to unwind and cool off after the day’s adventure, touring the outdoors of Dubai. A scoop or two of this goodness down your throat is a perfect way to savor the sweetness of life. What makes the Ice Cream Lab unique away from any other Ice cream point is that you get to have your cup of ice cream tailored to your taste and dispensed from the liquid nitrogen machine.

There are several flavors but their bestsellers include:

  • The Classic Trifecta — Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla.
  • Rodeo Road — Marshmallow, Butter Biscuits, and Nutella.
  • Salt Lick Crunch with Caramel Sauce and Pretzels.

The Ice Cream Lab is a pleasure you should engage your tastebuds.

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Car Racing

People having fun in car racing

For the lover of the adrenaline-pumping activity and nerve-wracking experiences, the Ekart Zabeel offers you this entertainment to add to your list of fun things to do in Dubai. The car racing tracks promise volumes of fun for you and your pals to experience. It’s a perfect way to unwind and it’s located at the Dubai Mall.

Cruise the Dubai JetSki

A jet ski adventure is one of the fun things in Dubai that will have your adrenaline pumped high. You should never complete your Dubai trip without exploring Dubai’s coastline on this high-powered ride. Ride through the iconic landmarks like Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, Marina, and Atlantis jet-skiing through the waters. The tour lasts for an hour and 30 minutes and safety measures like an escort, life jackets, and other valuables are rightly put in place for this experience.

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Enjoy the NightLife

Dubai night life

If you are thinking that the fun things to do in Dubai end with sunset, then you are in for a shocker! If you love to party and dance all night, there is no better place to groove and let the energy loose than Sensational Club in Crowne Plaza. Go sip some cocktail and vibe to live performances, swing that waist, or get rocked on the dance floor. The club features R&B Mondays, Massive Fridays, and Mamacita Saturdays, and they are all equally to live for!

If you would like some fun in a karaoke lounge, there is Lucky Voice Dubai in Grand Millenium Hotel where you can enjoy live performances, exquisite cocktails, step on the dance floor with the crowd, or book a private karaoke session. Enjoying awesome nightlife is one of the things to do in Dubai at night.

A luxurious body massage at the Spa

I would advise you to take a break from the adventure and treat yourself to some hours of full-body pampering and massage at Spa CORDON. Their services are a convenient pick up for a two-hour massage and hammam session at the spa and a drop off at your hotel afterwards.

Your body and soul get rejuvenated from the deep body cleansing ritual where you use a traditional black soap to bathe in a whirlpool and the massage follows suit. You won’t be doing all these without grabbing some snacks and drinks to wash down.

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The Dubai Fountain 

night g937dde2a6 640

This is free and a sight to behold. The fountain is at the exit of the Dubai Mall, just at the foot of the Burj Khalifa. Dubai seems to have only the best of the best in the world and The Dubai Fountain is no different.  There are multiple fountain shows where the fountain shoots about 500feet in the air, 22,000 gallons of water.

You should pause and take a look at this wonder, which is the tallest fountain in the world. At night, the fountains are illuminated and colorful, you’d be captivated by the show of water dancing to the tune of music. It’s a magical sight to take in.

You can as well take an Abra (a traditional canoe) in the artificial lake (Dubai fountain), to better enjoy the show up close and get absorbed into the thrills of beauty. The cruise ticket to accessing the Abra is actually for a fee. So many people, often thousands of them, get attracted to the fountain shows every time, you should consider going there early or a view from the terrace of the Apple store in the Dubai Mall, isn’t a bad idea either.

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Fun Things to Do in Dubai: Conclusion

It’s not an exaggeration when they call Dubai a magic city of the world. Saying that you’d be enchanted and you’d love to extend your visit, or even go back on another, then more Dubai visits is not an overstatement. The extent to which you can have fun and the list of fun things to do in Dubai is endless.

If you’ve been procrastinating that Dubai visit, get right on to booking your flight tickets and hotel reservations on Booking.com for your next Dubai travels and enjoy the coolest fun things to do in Dubai. Do save this list of fun things to do in Dubai for your vacation in the beautiful desert city.

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