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When packing for a trip, carrying a big suitcase might occasionally provide a challenge. Making sure that the goods stay in position and what to stuff inside the bag to balance it out and prevent the items from tossing around and possibly toppling over the suitcase, which can cause damage to the items in the suitcase, are the concerns when thinking about how to pack a large suitcase.

Another concern is how a partially packed oversized suitcase will appear. It can be challenging to make everything look presentable without packing too much because packing too many things to fit could make the bag get too heavy and result in additional baggage fees at the airport.

In that case, you must learn the hacks for packing a suitcase to make it easier for you to pack a big suitcase. The hacks will teach you how to pack your belongings so that they fit into any size suitcase and still remain organized. In addition to this, this article is a travel packing guide whose focus is on how to pack a large suitcase that will make packing for any trip a breeze.

How to Pack an Oversized Suitcase

Here are some of the best travel packing tips to keep in mind if you want to pack your large suitcase or bag so that you don’t pay as much for baggage at the airport but still manage to fit all of your travel necessities inside while keeping your bag looking upright and not awkward:

Figure Out What You Want to Bring

how to pack a large suitcase - think

Decide what you want to bring before beginning to pack, whether you have large or little luggage. The type of travel is among the first factors to consider when deciding what to bring. Is it a getaway? What kind of trip? A work trip? What you should bring for your trip will depend in part on the answers to these questions.

Make a Checklist

how to pack a large suitcase - make a checklist

Making a list of all the items you’ll need for the trip comes next after you’ve responded to the question concerning the type of trip. A business trip? You might therefore require those shirts, elegant outfits, and heels. Don’t only have the items in your thoughts; clearly list them out. You won’t forget anything as a result of this. Don’t know where to begin or how to create a checklist? To get started, look at our thorough printable packing list for travel.

Narrow Down Your List

how to pack a large suitcase - cross off your list of items

After making a list of every item you might want to bring on your trip, remember that you can’t just start packing all those goods into your suitcase because it has room for them all. Regardless of whether you have a huge suitcase or not, there are also restrictions to packing so much for a trip. You must take into account the stress of moving about with a heavy bag, the expense of checked baggage on flights, the chance that your luggage might get lost, TSA regulations, and the requirement for space for additional shopping when you get to your destination.

So with all these in mind, go through your list again and take out items that can easily be purchased at your location. A pair of official shoes and another pair of trekking shoes are okay when looking at shoes. Pack just a few clothes and go more with multipurpose outfits. 

Fold or Roll Them Out Accordingly

how to pack a large suitcase - arrange clothes in categories

Take out the items from your wardrobe or go shopping for those that are not already in the house once you have checked off a few items from your list and perhaps added a few necessities you may have overlooked when you initially composed it. Laying everything out, roll the thin, light objects and fold the bulkier ones. I understand that there are other goods in the bag besides clothing; get them all out and set them next to the suitcase.

Use Some of Your Clothes to Wrap Breakable Items

how to pack a large suitcase - use clothes t wrap fragile items

To wrap breakable and fragile goods, use some fluffy and hefty clothing. Fragile objects are vulnerable to breaking or destruction in a large suitcase because they are flung around in the bag during turbulence due to the bag’s size. Breakable goods can be shielded from damage and the force of impact by being wrapped in cloth.

Categorize Items and Put Them Each in Different Bags

how to pack a large suitcase

Sort the items into categories, then pack each category into a unique plastic bag, compression bag, or packing cube. Liquids, for instance, ought to stay together. Drugs should be contained in one cube. Underwear and sleepwear can stay together, and shoes should be properly packed in a plastic bag rather than being thrown into the luggage. You should also separate your casual wear from your business clothes.

Follow Some Hacks for Packing a Suitcase to Pack 

how to pack a large suitcase - a man following packing hacks

Start packing the suitcase with your stuff once you’ve finished organizing them into sections. Do not simply chuck them into the suitcase. If you need to know how to pack a large suitcase or even just a suitcase at all, there are some travel packing hacks and suggestions that you must use to keep organized. These tricks and advice make it easier for you to pack your belongings in a way that keeps them accessible, orderly, and simple to unpack.

Check Out TSA Guidelines

how to pack a large suitcase -  travel policies and terms

Do not simply throw items into your suitcase because it can hold them. Look into the TSA’s regulations on what is allowed on planes and in what quantities as soon as possible. You should do this to simplify your packing list and prevent the embarrassment of being harassed by airport security for breaking rules, which would ruin your vacation.

Research the Potential Baggage Fees

how to pack a large suitcase- a woman researching policies and fees

Before you even start packing, you should check out the policies on baggage, as well as the fees for baggage from the airline you intend to use. With this information in mind, you will know how to pack a suitcase depending on your budget. After packing, weigh your suitcase at home to establish what weight is appropriate for your budget. However, there is no restriction on the number of items you can pack in your suitcase as long as it has room for them all if you are driving instead of taking a flight.

Weigh Your Luggage 

how to pack a large suitcase - a scale to weigh your baggage

Once you’ve packed everything you’ll need for your trip, and done your research on baggage charges, weigh your suitcase to make sure the weight is okay and won’t result in additional baggage fees at the airport.

Toss in Other Bags That are Not Carry-on Into the Suitcase

how to pack a large suitcase

If you have additional bags asides from your carry-on bag and suitcase, place them strategically within your huge suitcase rather than carrying too much and becoming stressed out from the struggle to carry so many bags with only two hands. If you need to use them immediately, you can put them on top, but if you won’t be needing them immediately, put them on the bottom, or cram them into the gaps in the middle or on either side of the luggage. In addition to relieving the strain of carrying too much, they will help balance out the contents of the oversized luggage and ensure that everything is secured more firmly.

Some Useful Items for Packing Oversized Bags

The following things will make packing your big suitcase simple and keep everything organized:

Packing Cubes 

Best for organizing your clothes into sections, packing cubes usually are Ziplocs and transparent so it is very easy to see through to know what bag contains what item. It also helps to save your clothes from getting too rumpled during the course of transportation. They keep your packing neat and coordinated.

Compression Bags

Plastic bags having an additional vacuum-packing characteristic are known as compression bags. You can use them to separate your clothing into the proper spaces and expel any surplus air to make them take up less room. When you want to travel light or have limited storage space, compression bags are ideal.

Garment Folders

Best for clothes that are more prone to wrinkles than the rest. They help you fold your clothes in a way that they don’t get wrinkled no matter how your oversized suitcase is being tossed about during turbulence in the course of the trip.

A Collar Stay

This will prevent your shirts’ collars from wrinkling. Large luggage has the propensity to fall over, scattering its contents all over the place and possibly crushing several objects in the process. However, a collar stay will hold the collar of your shirt firmly in place, sparing you from having to cope with a pinched collar neck or having a dry cleaner come to your aid.

A Travel Packing List

There is a detailed holiday printable packing list if going on a holiday and an international travel packing list guide if it is an international trip. You can use these lists to organize the things to bring when traveling in your suitcase after which you can read through some simple travel packing tips to assist you with packing them properly.

A Luggage Scale

You can weigh your suitcase more accurately on a scale to see whether it is too heavy and will cost more than the amount you had planned to spend on checked baggage. You won’t have to deal with the embarrassment of discovering too late that your suitcase is too large to be carried on the plane or that additional fees are considerably more expensive than you had anticipated. Using this information to increase your allowance for baggage fees or remove some of the goods in the suitcase to reduce costs can help you prepare more effectively. Therefore, if you travel frequently, a little luggage scale is something you certainly need.


how to pack a large suitcase - conclusion

Knowing how to pack a large suitcase is no big deal once you have mastered the hacks for packing a suitcase. Whether large or small, truth is that with creativity and a few of the travel packing tips mentioned in this article, like figuring out what to pack and listing them out, researching restrictions and charges on luggage, and further narrowing them down before tactically placing them in, you can load a suitcase well. These tips will keep your suitcase well packed in a way that the items stay in place without toppling over and the shape of the box looks full and not squished on any side, yet still maintains lightweight.

Don’t over-stretch yourself trying to fill your suitcase with items that you don’t need just because you want it to look good as this will only incur more charges and also leave you feeling stressed from having to carry the load of your suitcase. Yes, you can pack a large suitcase and it maintains shape and stays lightweight and get saved from the charges of too many loads in the suitcase if you follow this guideline in this article. 

I’m Daisy, a passionate traveler and adventurer who loves sharing her travel and camping tips. From a young age, I’ve had a thirst for exploration, taking myself to different corners of the world. I enjoy combining my love for travel with camping trips and believe that it's not just about the destination, but also about the journey and the people you meet along the way. Through this blog and social media platforms, I share my travel experiences, recommendations, and tips to inspire others to travel more and explore the world around them. When I’m not traveling, I can be found planning my next adventure or spending time in nature writing.

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