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Nigeria passport renewal processes used to be very stressful and tiring but have now been made a lot easier due to the online application portal which means that you can now apply for a passport renewal with just your phone at your comfort.

If you are preparing to travel abroad, your passport needs to have at least six (6) months validity period before your departure. If it has less than six months validity period, you may need to renew your Nigeria passport before travelling. However, if your passport is expired already or almost expiring but then you don’t know the next action to take, worry no more. 

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We created a step by step guide to answer all your questions and also provide you with important information on how you can renew your Nigeria passport.

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How Much Does it Cost to Renew Nigeria passport 2021?

This is a very important question and here is a breakdown of how much it costs to renew Nigeria passport.

  1. At the Nigerian Immigration Service office applying for the new 32-page passport which comes with a validity period of five years actually costs N25,000.
  2. Meanwhile, it cost N70,000 to get the new 64-page passport and it comes with a validity period of 10 years. Much better if you ask me.
  3. Then lastly, it cost N35,000 to get the new 64-page for a validity period of five years.

The Nigerian passport renewal fee must be paid online as cash payments are not accepted.

Requirements for Nigeria Passport Renewal 2021

Before you register or apply for a passport, there are certain documents that should be available at the immigration office. The following are requirements for Nigeria passport renewal: 

1. Passport application form.

2. Payment slip/evidence.

3. Local government State of Origin.

4. Original birth certificate.

5. Drivers license

6. Two recently taken passports in a white background.

8. Guarantors form which is duly signed by the Commissioner of oats.

9. Marriage certificate if you’re married. 

10. A slip of Acknowledgement and payment evidence

11. Covid-19 compliance at the immigration office or Nigeria embassy 

Here is the list of complete requirements for Nigeria passport renewal in UAE and Canada

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How to Renew Nigerian passport: Step by Step Guide: 

Step One: Fill and complete the online form on the Nigeria immigration portal.

It is expected that all information filled on the form must be correct and accurate and must represent your most recent data. You can also visit any Nigerian immigration office if you live in Nigeria for a same day pickup renewal. 

Step Two: Select Nigeria as the country of residence when completing the online form and the state in which you reside if you live in Nigeria.

If you live in other countries, appropriately select your country of residence and processing office as may apply to your location. 

Step Three: After completing the online form, click on submit and proceed to make payment online. 

Step Four: Print your payment slip and keep it for safety

Step Five: Book a passport interview appointment on the website.

Especially if you live outside the country, on your interview date, your biometric data will be captured and the most recent passport taken. If you live in Nigeria just visit the passport office you selected while feeling the form for the interview.

Step Six: Proceed to the immigration office or the Nigerian embassy in your country of residence with all relevant documents including the payment slip for your passport interview when an appointment is given.

If booklets are available you can get your passport in 1 – 3 days. When passport booklets are not available, it may take longer but you will receive an SMS notification once your passport is ready for pickup. 

If you live in Nigeria, it is quite easy to walk into any immigration office in your state of residence and complete your application for Nigeria passport renewal in a day, on occasions where passport booklets are available, you can also receive your passport same day from the immigration office. 

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Nigeria passport Renewal in United States: Step by Step Guide 2021

If you live in the United States, it is quite easy to renew your Nigeria passport online and have it delivered to your doorstep, all you have to do is just apply and request that it be delivered to your address.

Here is a complete guide on Nigeria passport renewal in the USA. 

Step 1: Apply for a new passport on the Nigerian Immigration Portal

Step 2. On the passport menu, select the E-passport application form and click on it to continue

Step 4: Fill the information on the form correctly and select the United States as the processing country

Step 5: Click on the start application menu and fill the form with the correct information.

Please avoid mistakes as much as you can when filling this form.

Step 6: Choose an account out of the four available: Google, Open ID, Yahoo or Facebook and then create an account, if you already have an account log in and fill the form.

Step 7: Select your Processing office/Processing embassy as Washington DC.

Step 8: Cross-check the form for errors and submit and print the form

Step 9: When your application has been submitted successfully, a Reference Number and Application ID would be provided for you.

Step 10: Make payment with your Reference Number and Application ID.

Your Credit or Debit card can be used to make the payment for the passport fee. If you do not own a credit or debit card, you can purchase a money order from the post office and associate the money order to your reference number and application ID. For guidance, you can check the sample displayed on the screen

STEP 11: Once the association has been completed, print out the page which displays the tracking number.

It’s important you address the money order to make a service Innovation.

Step 12: Endeavor to attach the money order to the page that displays the tracking number and mail.


With recent improvements on the Nigeria immigration portal, the process for Nigeria passport renewal has been made a lot easier.

Starting from application to the collection of the passport, everything can be completed online. 

When applying for the Nigeria passport, ensure that the correct information is provided on all fields in the form, especially the country of residence and processing office because those locations will be tired to where your passport will be processed and collected. 

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