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How to cook melon soup

How to Cook Melon Soup – Frying Method!

By on August 7, 2021 0 778 Views

Melon soup also known as Egusi soup is a popular Nigerian delicacy and is generally consumed and accepted in several parts of the country. How to cook melon soup is popular among people who intend to have a taste of this southeast delicacy and all its health benefits.

Melon (egusi) soup has several health benefits and is common among the Igbo people of Southeastern Nigeria. Here is a complete review of the numerous health benefits of melon and why you should learn how to cook melon soup.

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There are several ways to cook melon soup (egusi soup), some cook it by frying while others like it moulded with could water to produce special balls in the soup. Whichever method, ensure that you follow the process carefully and always watch the amount of salt and pepper used.

Health Benefits of Melon Soup

The many health benefits of melon soup include the following:

Improves Appetite

The vitamins in melon seed provide exceptional benefits to the human body, the presence of vitamin B1 (thiamine) and vitamin B2 (riboflavin) makes the fats and oil in the body undergo the process of metabolism and is also good for improving appetite.

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 Improves the Skin

The vitamins such as vitamin E as well as others help in improving the skin and making it stay healthy as well, and these vitamins in most cases are used in the production of skincare products such as soap because of their benefits to the skin.

Egusi seed contains alpha-tocopherol which does not only act as an antioxidant but also as a vitamin E, as it helps also in improving the skin and prevent ageing (anti-ageing properties) by reducing wrinkles, dry skin and others, and is used for various dermatology purposes.

Antioxidant properties

Owing to its antioxidant properties it helps to prevent cells from damage due to the oxidation processes in the body which helps in the prevention of ulcer and other health conditions which are caused by the oxidation processes in the body.

Helps in Digestion

Its content of dietary fibre is also good for the body due to its ability to aid digestion thereby preventing any form of a digestive disorder such as constipation and irregular bowel movement.

Improves Vision

Vitamin A content in Egusi, as well as the oil, makes it good for consumption because of its function in the improvement of eye vision and more.

Reduces Inflammation

Its properties as anti-inflammatory food help to prevent swelling in the body and reduce any cause of inflammation especially that which is linked to depression.

Methanol extract from melon seed is traditionally used as an anti-inflammatory medicine for swellings and also for analgesics.

Due to its numerous health benefits, melon soup is one of the most widely consumed foods in Nigeria, it is common among every tribe including the Ibibio, Hausa, Igala and others. There are several information on how to cook melon soup out there, here is a well-crafted step by step guide on how to cook melon soup by frying.

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List of Ingredients or Recipes for Melon Soup

Before we proceed into the complete guide on how to cook melon soup, here is the complete list of ingredients needed:

1. Ground melon

2. Pepper

3. Palm oil

4. Salt

5. Onion (optional)

6. Crayfish

7. Seasonings

8. Fish (optional)

9. Protein (meat)

10. Bitter leaf (Uziza or vegetable can be used too)

11. Water

12. Stockfish

How to Cook Melon Soup: Step by Step Guide 2021

The Procedures described below is the complete guide on how to cook melon soup by frying method:

1. Wash your meat properly to remove sand, dirt and other obstacles.

2. Cook your meat properly with blended pepper, onions, salt, and seasonings to taste.

3. Check the meat to know if it’s softened enough.

4. Remove the cooked meat from the sauce and reserve the sauce properly for later use!

5. Add oil to a clean pot on fire and bleach a little, add your ground melon and fry for 1-3 minutes depending on the quantity. The quantity of oil should be for the size of melon to be used.

6. Add your sauce (water from cooked meat), allow to boil (not necessary), add pepper, crayfish, properly washed stockfish, a very little salt and seasonings to taste!

7. Add little water and cook for 5 – 10 minutes. Watch out for burning pot and water level.

8. When it is ready, add your well debittered bitter leaf or hot leaf (Uziza) and cook for 3-7 minutes!

9. Check the water level in the pot and allow it to dry but not totally – this can be based on the individual.

10. Food is ready!

NB: there are different methods that people use to arrive at great results! Follow whichever method fits you better!

Whether it is melon or other foods like goat meat peppersoup, you have to be careful with the amount of salt used. Here is also another description of how to cook melon soup.

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