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Searching for things adults can do while camping?  Camping can be an absolutely thrilling experience when you have tons fun of activities to engage in. Yes, adults can enjoy themselves, and they need to enjoy themselves even more than children do, believe me. Camping is one of those times when grownups need to let their hair down and enjoy themselves with as many activities as possible. Fun things to do on vacation are not only the domain of children and teenagers.

On that note, I’ve put together this list of fun things to do while camping for adults who want to relax and have fun in the great outdoors. These activities are appropriate for all types of camping, including solo trips, camping with friends, and vacations with family. They can be done in a tent on a site in a campground or on a cross-country RV trip.

Things to Do While Camping For Adults

Whether camping alone as an adult, with friends, or with family with kids in tow, you need some adult things to do while camping, away from the general activities that involve everyone else. Some of these activities are better done in groups, with other adults while some can be enjoyed alone.

The activities cut across campsites by a waterbody, mountains, lawns, lowlands, or beaches. Yes, you can easily engage in them regardless of the type of camping you plan to have. Here are some of the amazing things to do while camping for adults:

Make a Bonfire

man making a bon fire - things to do while camping for dults

Let’s start with a bonfire because what’s a camp without a fire? The time you spend gathering firewood, arranging it, and lighting the fire with your firestarter will be immensely enjoyable. Finding firewood for a bonfire is typically one of those enjoyable adult camping activities that open the door for the introduction of numerous other enjoyable games.

You may play hide-and-seek, play a scavenger hunt, or tell horror stories to other adults as you search for the ideal firewood for your campfire in the woods. Making a campfire will brighten your mood and make you feel excited, whether you do it by yourself or with a group of grownups. After the fire is lit, a variety of different campfire activities can start. 

Throw a Party

things to do while camping for adults. partying

Let’s celebrate now that your campfire is gleaming and illuminating every mood! When considering enjoyable things for adults to do while camping, a campfire disco party is unquestionably a good option. Adults will adore the notion of a party since it will allow them to reminisce about their time in high school and college, an experience that has been all but unattainable due to the demands of maturity such as raising a family and pursuing specific job objectives.

To party properly, drink some beer or wine to lighten your mood, play loud music, and whine and roll to the beats. Other activities include karaoke, dancing competitions, truth-or-dare games, and whatever else you choose to do at the party.

Wine Tasting

things to do while camping for adults - wine tasting

Encourage everyone to participate by bringing some bottles of beer and wine from home to the campsite. Prepare a table with a variety of wines and perhaps some appetizers as well. Let everyone have a few sips of the various wines and beers that are set out on the table. You never know when someone might get wasted and secrets might start spilling out, so be ready for anything.

Overall, wine tasting is undoubtedly one of the really enjoyable things to do while camping for adults to unwind and relax. To ensure that everyone can sleep thereafter, it is advisable to make it one of the fun activities to engage in while camping at night.

Hike Difficult Trails

things to do while camping for adults

Are you looking to go camping in the most extreme way possible? You should challenge yourself to hike challenging paths that would leave you gasping for air as an adult. When camping near mountains, some routes may have highs and lows, and hiking these trails might get you sweaty and hyped up, but the thrill of seeing the journey through to the conclusion would be worth all that effort.

You will undoubtedly have an exciting time hiking a mountain or any challenging terrain, whether you’re traveling alone or with your adult friends.

Hook Up With a Romantic Interest

hang out with a romantic interest. things to do while camping for adults

I have spent much of my life reading Mills and Boons and daydreaming about meeting a stranger whose sexual energy will light up my insides and turn my knees to jelly. You can’t blame me for being a hopeless romantic. Therefore, it won’t be strange if you see me in my adult form looking forward to starting a passionate, steamy relationship while on a camping trip.

You might not be a hopeless romantic like me, and on a good day, I might advise passing, but no, you should truly indulge—but only if you run into someone who shares your desire and viewpoint. However, this is not compulsory, and it shouldn’t ever be.

Try Out Rope Courses

things to do while camping for adults - rope courses

Rope courses are incredibly thrilling and daring. No adult should pass up the chance to participate in a ropes course, regardless of how terrifying it might seem. Although not every campground has a ropes course, if you are camping somewhere that does, you should jump right in for the experience!

Go stargazing

people stargazing bythe beach while camping - things to do while camping for adults.

It’s possible that you’ll never have the chance to partake in the soul-satisfying activity of stargazing due to the difficulties and demands of adulthood, and the hustle and bustle of the city.

What’s holding you back from finding the ideal location to lie down and have a satisfying glance at the stars now that you are in the country with a wonderful view of the sky and all its components? Stargazing is for real one of the most fun things to do while camping for adults.

Forewarned that a perfect view and easy access to the stars would be more prominent at the camp, you can pick up a chart at a nearby mall before you set out on your journey. You can also take pictures of the sky and the elements in them.

Nature Photography

a girl taking nature photography. things to do while camping for adults

If you have a knack for capturing the allure of nature, you won’t think twice about snapping some amazing photos of the scene in front of you. You are free to take pictures of anything you choose, at any angle. You can have these nature pictures framed and hung on your walls when you return from your trip. I assure you that they make the ideal trip mementos, and you’ll be happy you didn’t merely observe nature without taking any pictures of it.

Watch the Sunrise/Sunset

watching sunset - things to do while camping for adults

Find an area to stay and watch the sunset before you relax for the day or begin any of the other nighttime camping activities. It’s such a calming experience that makes you feel closer to nature and inspires amazement. If you’re a morning person, you’ll also appreciate how beautiful and relaxing it is to watch the sunrise. They are fun things adults can do while camping that are as entertaining as they are inspiring and calming.

Take a Nap

sleeping bag to nap - hings to do while camping for adults

A nap is such a luxury for an adult who is working toward objectives and attempting to find solutions for everything on Earth and beyond! In contrast to your typical days at home running errands and fulfilling goals, camping gives you the opportunity to take naps, just like on any other vacation. Consequently, you shouldn’t spend the entire camping trip doing exciting things without actually chilling. Yes, having a good time is important, but so is getting enough sleep, and taking naps while traveling is a great way to unwind.

Relax In a Hammock

hammock to chill and relax while camping - things to do while camping for adults

Grab a  fine glass of wine and a good book, then unwind in a hammock as the camp’s refreshing breeze soothes your spirit. Even while camping may not be an exotic holiday, you can still create that luxury for yourself while you’re there and, best of all, you’ll be in the middle of nature. Tell me if relaxing in a hammock with a glass of wine and a good book isn’t living your best life then what is?

Participate In Sports Activities

You can participate in a variety of camp sports activities. Participating in sports as an adult is not only enjoyable but also healthy because it keeps you physically fit and strong. A few campgrounds offer their visitors sporting facilities and arenas as part of their camping amenities. While at camp, participants can participate in a variety of sports, such as:

  • Football. 
  • Basketball. 
  • Table/Lawn Tennis.
  • Races.

Play Camp Games

I’m referring to other less athletic sports that you can play while camping when I say “camp games.” They consist of every game you can imagine that you may play while camping, such as board games, card games, hide-and-seek, truth or dare, ghost in the graveyard, catching the flag, and hide-and-seek.

Engage in Fun Water Activities

kayaking - things to do while camping for adults

There is a long list of water activities that you can think of when you want to name the things to do while camping for adults. Good enough, if you are camping by a waterbody, there is no water activity that can be considered a bore. In fact, with a good number of water activities, your camping experience is sure to be fun even if you don’t engage in other activities in the camp. Some of the best fun water activities to engage in include:

  • Canoeing/Kayaking.
  • Fishing.
  • Swimming.
  • Skiing.

Climb Trees

climbing tress - things to do while camping for adults

You might enjoy the challenge of scaling a tree to perch on a balanced branch and take in the breathtaking scenery of your campground. Being born and raised in the country, you will feel nostalgic while having this experience, and oh, if there were any pleasant recollections from your childhood, you might just never want to come out of the feeling!

On the other hand, if you were raised in a city, now is a fantastic opportunity to create new memories and get new experiences.

Have a Picnic

picnic on a hill by a waterside - things to do while camping for adults

It sounds fun to climb a mountain merely to find a spot for a picnic and set up camp. Adults can thoroughly enjoy a camping trip by having a picnic on top of a mountain while taking in the beautiful scenery below. So a picnic is always on the list of the most enjoyable things to do while camping for adults.

If you aren’t camping next to a mountain, you can still have fun with a picnic by a bonfire, a sunset dinner on the grass, or a picnic beside a sparkling body of water. You shouldn’t take for granted the opportunity to have a picnic by a bonfire at night because it doesn’t happen often.


This list of fun things to do while camping for adults will get you in the mood for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, whether you’re an adult accompanying your children on a camping trip or you’ve just decided to go camping for the pleasure of it.

These activities are doable for every type of adult camping trip, regardless of the time of year or type of vacation. Adults will also enjoy participating in food competitions and artistic activities like painting, drawing, bead-making, tie-dyeing, etc.

Remember to pack all your camping essentials as failure to pack well for your trip can make having fun impossible but then, these activities do not require packing so many items for your camping trip.

The activities are suitable even for a backpacker looking to have fun on his or her camping trip and best of all, most of these activities can incorporate the kids, if you have any you are carrying along.

However, check out this comprehensive list of fun things to do while camping with family, if you are looking for things to do while camping for everyone regardless of age. Camping with friends and need more of these suggestions for a memorable camping vacation? Take a look at these crazy things to do while camping with friends.

I’m Daisy, a passionate traveler and adventurer who loves sharing her travel and camping tips. From a young age, I’ve had a thirst for exploration, taking myself to different corners of the world. I enjoy combining my love for travel with camping trips and believe that it's not just about the destination, but also about the journey and the people you meet along the way. Through this blog and social media platforms, I share my travel experiences, recommendations, and tips to inspire others to travel more and explore the world around them. When I’m not traveling, I can be found planning my next adventure or spending time in nature writing.

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