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Contrary to popular belief that camping may not be enjoyed when it rains, the summer isn’t the only time to enjoy camping. But I guess you already know that because why would you be looking for possible fun things to do while camping in the rain if you’re not hoping to camp during the winter or have already found yourself camping while it’s raining? 

Camping in the rain would undoubtedly require you to take additional safety precautions, such as packing more camping items suitable for the climate condition and more thick garments than you would if you were camping in the summer. When you’ve finished, you’re ready to have as much fun as you can while exploring in the rain. This article offers tips on how to have a great time and make the most of your camping trip during the rainy season by providing a list of exciting things to do while camping, as well as advice on how to be ready for camping in the rain.

How to Camp in the Rain

To avoid having your camping trip ruined by the rain, you must follow a few rules, have a list of entertaining things to do while camping in the rain, and pack correctly for the weather. Even though the weather prediction indicates that you will have a sunny day when camping, you should be ready for any eventuality because you never know what may occur, especially if you are unsure of the area’s climate conditions.

Things to Do While Camping In the Rain

Preparing your mind for camping is the first step for a good camping trip in the rain, whether you’re camping alone or with friends and family. You might consider potential ways to make your camping trip enjoyable once your mind has been trained to appreciate it anyway. Sometimes we don’t plan for a rainy camping experience but if it happens, then you just have to say “I’ve got this!” and go ahead to make the most of it as you can. In light of that, I’ve thought of these ideas for the most exciting activities you can engage in when camping in the rain:

Go Hiking in The Rain

hiking in the rain. things to do while camping in the rain

One of the enjoyable activities to engage in while camping in the rain is hiking trails. When it rains, the ground can become rather slick, so use caution to avoid falling and hurting yourself. Only hike on well-known, secure pathways when it is pouring. It is never a good idea to hike challenging terrain in the rain since it can be dangerous; you can get injured and it might be difficult to seek assistance in an emergency because of the rain.

Dance In the Rain

dancing in the rain - things to do while camping in the rain

A dance in the rain?  But that sounds incredibly romantic and poetic! Yes, if you are camping with a partner and searching for couple camping ideas to spice up your time together in the woods, it is one of the best things to do while camping in the rain.

However, dancing in the rain is not just for couples; it can also be done by individuals or a family while camping. Grab your dance companion and prepare to be doused in water from the sky. To compete with the sounds of the rain, you could as well arrange a disco set in a dry, safe location or you can simply swing your arms and feet to whatever rhythm is in your brain.

Canoeing or Kayaking In the Rain

kayaking in the rain - things to do while camping in the rain

Paddling a canoe in the rain has a certain allure, as do observing and listening to the raindrops as they fall on the lake and hearing some aquatic species’ calls that you would never hear in the sunshine. This is why, if I’m camping near a body of water, canoeing in the rain is one of my favorite activities.

Swim In the Rain

go swimming in the rain - things to do while camping in the rain

The idea of swimming madly in the rain when it is still raining will appeal to you if you are camped near a body of water. Your mind will be blown by the water splashing on your body and the water mixing with the water you are swimming in, making you swim frantically with enthusiasm.

Go Fishing

go fishing in the rain - things to do while camping in the rain

An additional activity for when it’s raining while camping is fishing. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to cast your baited sink and hook into the water in search of a fish to cook on the grill while it rains.

Bathe In the Rain

bathe in the rain - things to do while camping in the rain

One of the camping activities that you won’t soon forget includes taking a shower in the rain. Sometimes, when it starts to rain, instead of staying warm and cozy inside, you should step outside to take a bath and allow the rainfall to wash off the soap from your skin. After taking a bath that feels good to you, dry yourself, light your portable bonfire or switch on the tent heater, crawl under a blanket, and get toasty. It’s a lovely sensation.

Take a Nap

take a nap - things to do while camping in the rain

If the rain continues after all those outdoor activities, you might as well just crawl into your sleeping bag and drift off to sleep in order to block out the sound of the rain splashing against your roof. Something about resting in the rain is so tranquil and soothing. The rain will therefore allow you to relax and fall asleep quickly if you haven’t taken a good afternoon nap in a while.


a mini studio in the tent and sing - things to do while camping in the rain

With a group of people or a companion, singing is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable things to do while camping in the rain. By ecstatically singing along to your favorite songs, you can compete to outdo the sound of the rain. Who will speak the loudest? Your voice or the rain? Sing the loudest you can to try to beat the rain. You can do this inside the comfort of your tent or while dancing to the rhythm of the rain outside.

Read a Book

read an ebook - things to do while caamping in the rain

A rainy day will make reading more efficient and straightforward to engage in as not everyone feels up to reading while it’s scorching outside. Reading is another enjoyable activity you can do while camping, and it’s much more enjoyable when it rains when you’re camping!


scribble things in your journal - things to do while camping in the rain

Yes, journaling seems like a great activity to do at camp on a rainy day. What better way to record every experience for future reference than to keep a journal? Don’t wait until nightfall to record your ideas; instead, allow the rain to inspire you.

Watching Movies

make popcorns and watch movies - things to do while camping in the rain

Watching a movie in the tent is a terrific way to disconnect from the outside world when camping, whether you’re doing it alone, with family, or with your significant other. If you’re going camping in the rain, pack a lot of movies or download them, and carry strong speakers or headphones as well as a screen magnifier. You can watch movies whether it’s raining or not; you don’t only have to see movies while you’re out there in some quiet place.

Set Up a Rainy Day Picnic In the Tent

in door picnic and food - things to do while camping in the rain

You may make some easy foods with your camp cooker and set them up inside the tent for a picnic on a rainy day. So even though you may have enjoyed the outdoor picnics, have you thought about having one inside your tent while it rains outside?

Play Some Indoor Camping Games

play indoor games like cards - things to do while camping in the rain

There are many indoor camping games available for everyone to enjoy, and rainy days are even the best occasion to play these games. When it unexpectedly starts to rain, you can play some video games or simply pick up some card and board games to enjoy with your fellow campers or even by yourself, as opposed to staying inside lamenting your misfortune.

Engage In Some Outdoor Games In the Rain

play some outdoor games in the rain - things to do while camping in the rain

In fact, there are several games that you can play in the rain. Just make sure the games are not too risky and that there are no dangerous things in the environment in case someone slips and falls. To prevent any kind of harm, take care not to fall or slip. Charades, football, tennis, kicking the can, and others are some of the best outdoor games and things to do while camping in the rain.

Practice and Create Some Creative Artwork

create artwork- things to do while camping in the rain

Let the rain and its accompanying elements—winds, the vengeful splash of raindrops on your tent roof, etc.—inspire you to imagine something lovely. You may actually use artistic pursuits like painting, jewelry making, knitting, tie-dying, and other pursuits to occupy and entertain yourself while it rains. Bring along any materials you’ll need for your art, such as crayons, drawing paper or canvas, tie-dye things, wool, knitting needles, beads, and other creative art supplies.

Useful Tips for Camping In the Rain

things to do while camping in the rain : two  canpers in the rain

Here are some of the best tips for camping in the rain:

  • If you can, pitch your tent near a windbreak, especially if you’re going camping in an area with strong winds.
  • When choosing a spot to set up your tent when camping, consider a higher area. It will aid in preventing your tent from gathering water, and the rain could cause the area to get flooded and make it impossible to find shelter in your tent during a downpour.
  • Bring clothing and other appliances appropriate for cold weather, such as head warmers, gloves, coats, jackets, tent heaters, etc.
  • Use Ziploc or waterproof bags to store your camping supplies. Buy them in various sizes at your neighborhood mall or on Amazon.
  • Your food menu for the camp should mostly include a calorie-dense camping diet that will keep you warm and provide you with the energy you need in the chilly weather.
  • Your sleeping bag should be one that is best suitable for rainy nights.
  • Make sure you have a way to contact someone for assistance in the event of an emergency brought on by the rain or if the situation becomes intolerable.
  • Choose a tent that is extremely durable and can endure strong winds and torrential rain.
  • Foods that have already been prepared or packaged should be brought because, given the conditions, cooking may not always be an easy task.
  • If you are a novice camper, it is not advisable to camp in the rain. In order to cope better during the wet camping season, you must have enough experience camping during the summer or shoulder seasons.
  • Always dress in layers to be warm, especially if you weren’t expecting a rainy camping trip; doing otherwise will put you at risk of getting sick and catching a cold.

Things to Bring While Camping In the Rain

Here are the basic things you should bring while camping in the rain:

  1. A waterproof tent
  2. A winter sleeping bag
  3. Sleeping bag liner
  4. Clothing items suitable for cold a temperature like Sweaters, wool material clothes, head warmer, neck warmer/scarves, thick socks and gloves, raincoats, waterproof boots, etc.
  5. A ground pad to keep the ground protected from the wetness of the ground
  6. A campfire to make fire with and stay warm as the ground and fire pits may be too wet to make fire with firewood.
  7. A camp cooker to prepare your meals when making a fire with firewood may not be feasible.
  8. Cooking utensils
  9. A tent heater/heating system to stay warm at night
  10. A First Aid Kit
  11. Blankets and pillows
  12. A power bank or mini inverter
  13. Insulated mugs and bowls to keep drinks or food warm.


things to do while camping in the rain

When you realize that there are a ton of enjoyable activities you can engage in while camping in the rain and that, if you know how to pack and prepare adequately for the weather, you can actually be protected and safe, you are well on your way to having one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life. Following these suggestions can ensure that you have a great time while remaining safe. You might decide to forgo your camping adventures on sunny days in favor of a rainy camping experience.

It doesn’t have to give you the creeps to consider camping in the rain, whether on purpose or due to the unpredictability of the weather. It’s not crazy at all, and you’ll find it utterly fascinating to be in the midst of nature while it bestows yet another blessing on you in the form of a natural downpour.

This list of things to do while camping with family is an added bonus to all the fun you will have as a family camping in the rain. It will help you have a fantastic time camping with family in any climate condition or season you find yourself at a campsite. Additionally, these crazy things to do while camping with friends whenever you find yourselves together will be a ton of fun if you are camping with your buddies.

I’m Daisy, a passionate traveler and adventurer who loves sharing her travel and camping tips. From a young age, I’ve had a thirst for exploration, taking myself to different corners of the world. I enjoy combining my love for travel with camping trips and believe that it's not just about the destination, but also about the journey and the people you meet along the way. Through this blog and social media platforms, I share my travel experiences, recommendations, and tips to inspire others to travel more and explore the world around them. When I’m not traveling, I can be found planning my next adventure or spending time in nature writing.

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