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Many people fear applying for visas because they believe it to be a long and difficult process. In reality, obtaining a visa can be difficult if you don’t know how to go or have any kind of help. If you want to work in Dubai or open an office there, you must still go through the procedure of obtaining a Dubai visa and a subsequent Dubai work permit. But here are guidelines and recommendations on how to address it.

The most stunning and biggest city in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, is known for its fantastic skyscrapers, exotic malls, top-notch hotels, and cutting-edge technology that seems to make anything possible in the city. Dubai is able to exist in a universe of unlimited possibilities because of its expert use of technological advancements. For this reason, a sizable influx of people from all over the world has come to Dubai in order to set up their dreams and establish themselves there through employment, business establishments, or expansions.

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Nigerians, Senegalese, and South Africans must first obtain a Dubai visa in order to enter the United Arab Emirates and apply for a Dubai work permit. The UAE provides foreigners with a variety of visas and entry permits, including:

  • Entry permit visas
  • Tourist visas
  • Multiple-entry visas
  • Visit visas
  • Visas for medical treatment
  • Student visas

As an African in Nigeria, Senegal, or South Africa who plans to obtain a Dubai work permit to live and work in Dubai, the first step to getting your work permit is getting an entry permit visa. There are other visas but this is about the easiest step to getting a Dubai work permit.

This guide offers comprehensive details on everything about Dubai Visa, including what you should know about Dubai Visas, Dubai Work Permits, and the steps necessary to obtain one in order to work, create, and grow your business in Dubai.

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What are the General things to Know about Dubai Work Permit and Visa?

Entry ticket to get a dubai work permit
  • You need to be at least 18 years old to apply for a Dubai visa.
  • The first step to beginning the process of getting a Dubai work permit is getting an entry permit visa.
  • Certain paperwork and documents like the original and photocopy of your passport, a passport photograph, a copy of a valid company card, medical certificate, a filled application form, and proof of payments for the application form.
  • An entry permit issued by the Ministry of Labour through the application of the Employer is required by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before your employer can apply for a Dubai work permit.
  • You need to apply for a residence visa after you have been granted access through an entry permit visa
  • Dubai work permit is issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE).
  • You need a residence visa to apply for a work permit (this comes after you have been granted access through your entry permit visa).
  • Your employer has the financial and legal responsibility of applying for your Dubai work permit.

The General Process of Acquiring a Dubai Work Permit by Any Foreign National

First, you should know that you can apply for jobs in Dubai from any country you are based. Check out for job placements and vacancies on any UAE job sites and apply. Go through the process of job applications and be sure that you have been offered a job before you even begin your process of acquiring an entry permit visa to come all the way down to apply for a Dubai work permit. 

Your employer or company will be the one vested with that responsibility and cost of acquiring a work permit for you after you have gotten all your documents right and been granted your entry permit visa. Be sure that the job is genuine and legal; the employer has gotten approval from the Ministry of Labour to offer you employment before you leave your country.

Here is how the process of acquiring a Dubai work permit goes:

  • Your employer applies for and gets approval to employ you.
  • Your employer applies for your entry permit visa.
  • You arrive in Dubai within two weeks of issuance of the entry permit.
  • Undergo some medical examinations in a government medical facility upon arrival in Dubai.
  • Be sure to have the necessary requirements and paperwork for the application for a residence visa and work permit in Dubai, some of which include: an employment contract with your employer/the company, your birth certificate, passport, marriage certificate (if applicable), evidence of financial sufficiency, proof of accommodations like a lease agreement.
  • On arrival in Dubai with an entry permit visa, you have 60 days to acquire your work permit, so your employer would begin the process of applying for your labor card, which is the work permit, as soon as you arrive.
  • Visit an Emirates ID service centre with your valid passport and entry visa to obtain an ID.
  • Apply for a residence visa through the immigration authorities.
  • Take all of the appropriate documents to the Department of Naturalisation and Residency Dubai (DNRD), where the residence visa will be stamped onto your passport.
  • Once your Residence Visa and Dubai work permit has been acquired, you can begin working in Dubai

Requirements for Dubai Work Permit

a bag o requirements for Dubai work permit

Some of the generally required paperwork for Dubai work permit include;

  1. Valid passport with a minimum of 6 months visibility.
  2. Visa application form
  3. Passport size photograph (for applicants)
  4. Application fee and payment proof.
  5. An entry permit issued by the Ministry of Labour.
  6. A valid health certificate.

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Dubai Work Permit from Nigeria

 As a Nigerian, it is possible for you to apply for a Dubai work permit from Nigeria and then get to live and work legally in Dubai.

To apply ensure that your Nigeria passport is handy with a validity period of at least 6 months. You can get a new passport or renew an expired passport following this guide.

This guide will show you some of the ways you can facilitate your dream of living and working in Dubai even if you are currently in Nigeria with no job contract from any Dubai employer or company. 

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How to Get a Dubai work permit from Nigeria.

Here are some strategies for Nigerians seeking employment in Dubai and information on moving to the city to live and work. This guide includes a variety of methods, so you may follow them to take the necessary steps to obtain your ideal job and a Dubai work permit from Nigeria to realize your aspirations.

Apply Using UAE Job Sites

Firstly, it is important to note that you can apply for jobs in Dubai online through UAE job sites and if you qualify, then you can be employed directly from Nigeria.

Do not underestimate the power of the internet. You can apply directly on the MOHRE portal here.

Procure a UAE Tourist Visa

A second alternative is by procuring a tourist visa for a minimum of two months. After your arrival in Dubai, you can search for a job before your Visa expires. Your disguised visit gives you the opportunity and time to search for a job and establish a connection with the city.

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Work With a Relative or Friend in Dubai

You can also ask a friend or family member for assistance, which is a useful alternative. The employment hunt is made easier if you have family or friends who reside in Dubai. If they have been in the city for some time and are familiar with the area, you might ask them to help you look for a job.

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Now, the reason this makes things simple is that your friend will help you with the application process; all you have to do is travel to Dubai for the interview. If you’re lucky, you could even be asked to submit a résumé.
The employer will issue you a direct job invitation in light of the fact that your friend has a residence permit to live in the city.

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How To Get a Dubai Work Permit From Senegal

Apply Through UAE Job Sites

Many people often believe that Senegalese citizens cannot apply for jobs in Dubai from Senegal, however, this is untrue. Examine the reputable and best job sites in Dubai and submit your application from Senegal. Make sure you are equipped with the necessary training and abilities.
If you accept a job offer, the business must approach the UAE for an entry permit visa, and you must follow the aforementioned steps. As soon as you arrive, your company applies to moHRE for a work permit (the Dubai work visa) on your behalf.

The Dubai entry permit visa typically entitles the employee to enter the country for a duration of two months beginning on the day it was issued.

You are expected to finish the remaining formalities after receiving the entry visa based on the employment contract with the business and employer, adhering to the general procedures and regulations for all foreign nationals previously indicated.

Medical examinations, acquiring an Emirates card (residence permit), a labor card (a work Dubai work permit), and passport stamping are among these requirements. Your residence permit will be stamped on your passport.

Get UAE Tourist Visa

If you have close family and friends in Dubai or enough money to live there for at least two months, this strategy will work better for you. Get a tourist visa that will allow you to stay in Dubai and look for work for a period of time. If the search is successful, your employers can start the procedure to obtain a work permit for Dubai while you apply for a visa for a residence permit. Before you depart, be sure to have the necessary paperwork, including your birth certificate, proof of health, passport photo, and other documents like bank statements that you will need to apply for a work permit and a residency permit.

Use a Relative or Friend

Ask a family member or friend who lives in Dubai to keep an eye out for openings and then submit applications on your behalf. Once it is successful, you can travel to Dubai on a visit visa to start the process of becoming a resident and obtaining a work permit.

Requirements for Dubai Work Permit From Senegal

The requirements needed before you can apply for a Dubai work visa  or permit are:

1. A valid Senegalese passport valid within 6 months from the date you entered UAE and must have at least 4 blank pages. If you don’t have a passport or your passport is close to its expiration, go ahead to apply for a passport or renewal accordingly. At this point, I would advise you not to procrastinate or jeopardize your opportunity and the time you have.

2. You need a clear-colored passport photograph of yourself alongside the passport ID to apply for an entry permit visa.

3. Hotel booking details of where you are staying or the details and ID of family members you will be staying with, are required for an entry permit visa.

4. The sponsor/employer is expected to apply and pay for your entry permit visa and subsequent work permit. They are the only ones with this responsibility and no one else. This isn’t in your hands but be sure to have all the paperwork and documents required of you.

5. A medical test certificate attesting that you are fit, from a government hospital is required. You will still be conducting another medical check upon arrival in the UAE. Living in a foreign city with a medical health condition can be devastating and risky.

6. Follow the procedure and general guidelines for every foreign national given above, ensuring that all documents are available, and apply for a residence permit visa, upon arrival with your entry permit visa.

7. Once your residence permit visa is granted and your employer has acquired your Dubai work permit, take them for a stamp and you can resume work afterward.

Requirements for Dubai Work Permit from South Africa

Certain requirements are needed to apply for a Dubai work permit from South Africa. Having a valid passport is a requirement, as is having a medical fitness certificate, a contract letter from your employers, and education certificates that correspond with the job offer and have been approved by your ministry of foreign affairs. Additionally, you must have a passport photo with a white background.

Once you have accepted a job offer from a company in Dubai, you may start the process of getting a Dubai work permit from South Africa by first requesting an entry permit visa. The application form must be filled out and paid for. You will need to provide proof that you paid for the application form. Try to avoid leaving any blank places on your application form unless you are specifically instructed to.

A copy of the applicant’s passport is also required, in addition to the original. You might be asked to provide a copy, which is useful if you lose the original and can be obtained from you.
Many passport photos are required particularly current ones. There must be some likeness, I assure you.

Keep in mind that you must first obtain entry permission in order to enter Dubai. Entry permits are often issued by the Ministry of Labour; on occasion, this process may take two, five, or seven working days.

You can now enter the city and stay there for at least two months thanks to this. You must submit an application for a residence and work permit during this time, following the general guidelines and specifications for all foreign nationals indicated above.

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How to Apply for Dubai Work Permit from South Africa

Get a Job in Dubai

It is possible to live in South Africa and hitch a job in Dubai. One such way is by checking Dubai job portals and applying for the ones whose requirements, your certification can meet. When you qualify for the position, your employers will begin the process of getting approval to employ you from the Ministry of Labour, an entry permit and upon your arrival, a residence permit visa and a work permit.

Get Your Relative or Friend in Dubai to Get You  a Job in Dubai

Another way to get a Dubai work permit from South Africa would be by getting your relatives or friends to job-hunt for you. After they have found you one, you can process a Dubai visit visa and move to Dubai. Use that period of your visit to process other requirements for work permit and residence visa through your employers. If your visit visa expires before they have finished processing your work permit, you can get into the nearest country to UAE for a few weeks to wait till the process has been completed.

Remember you went for a visit and found a job in the process and that’s legal.

Procure a Tourist Visa

This visa gives enough time, like 2 months to stay in Dubai. If you don’t have family and friends in Dubai, you can use this method to get into Dubai to search for a job. If the process is successful, then the procedure for procuring residency and work permit can begin immediately. It doesn’t take much time to process these things after your employer applies.


one of the requirements for Dubai Work Permit is to make sure your passport is still valid

There are requirements that are paramount and must be considered while applying for Dubai entry and subsequent Work permit, and these items are almost the same for every applicant from any foreign country all over the world. These requirements have been stated earlier in this guide and you should follow them properly to make your Dubai work dream a reality.  

You can apply for jobs in Dubai online and find employment regardless of where you reside or from which nation you come, through a family member, or by disguised travel. Make sure everything is done lawfully though.

Be aware that obtaining a Dubai work permit and resident visa may subject you to visa fraud. But if you pay attention to a few things, you can prevent this. Keep in mind that your employers are solely responsible and liable for covering the cost of your work permit. Another thing to keep in mind is that every valid letter presented to you by your employers must be issued by the MoHRE. You may check the legal status of the business giving you a job in the National Economic Register online.

It’s not as difficult as it may seem in your mind to obtain a work and residency permit for Dubai. I hope this guide has made the explanation and procedure for the trip simpler. If you follow these instructions, you can work lawfully in Dubai, fulfilling your goal. Visit this page for some travel tips on traveling abroad and how to travel for work as you prepare to depart for Dubai.

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