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If you’re wondering how to renew Nigerian passport in New York, you can do so in the very simple and uncomplicated steps described in this article. To renew your passport (which is actually a new passport).  All you need to do is log into the official website portal of the Nigerian Immigration Service, follow the steps in this guide and use your discretion to complete the process and payments, and then head to the consulate’s office in New York for physical verification while you wait for your passport to arrive in 21 days (3 weeks).

You must, however, meet certain standards if you must renew your Nigerian passport in New York. Here is a guide providing a step-by-step procedure on how to renew Nigerian passport in New York, in case you decide to follow through with the process.

This article offers sufficient details on how to renew a Nigerian passport in New York as well as the required paperwork to ensure a quick and easy procedure. Continue reading to learn how to renew your Nigerian passport in New York.

This manual offers instructions on how to renew your Nigerian passport in New York, along with details on the necessary paperwork and payment options.

Requirements for Nigerian Passport Renewal in New York

As was previously stated here, in order to renew or apply for a new Nigerian passport in New York, you must have specific papers and fulfill specific requirements. It is not feasible to renew your passport without satisfying the conditions, thus you must meet them in order to be eligible to apply for passport renewal. The requirements to renew your Nigerian passport in New York are as follows:

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  • A credit or debit card with your accurate information, as it will appear on your passport, other documents, and the immigration site, as well as $30 for an administrative charge at the Nigerian consulate’s office in New York.
  • Evidence of Nigerian citizenship.
  • Envelope for USPS overnight express mail that is prepaid and self-addressed and has a tracking number.
  • A copy of your expired Nigerian passport.
  • Photocopy of the data page on your passport.
  • An acknowledgment slip.
  • Copy of the signed and sealed online application form
  •  Copy of your payment slip.
  • A letter of approval from both parents for minors. If only the mother is shown on the birth certificate, she will need to show a court-issued affidavit stating that she has sole custody of the child(ren).
  • A copy of parents’ passport data page for minors.
  • A copy of a birth certificate for minors.
  • Applicants who were not born in Nigeria must submit a copy of their Nigerian passport as well as a letter of consent from one of their Nigerian parents who is listed as having a right to citizenship on their birth certificate.
  • Physical appointment booked on the Nigerian immigration portal for verification at the office of the Nigerian consulate in New York.
  • A copy of the appointment schedule slip.
  • No physical passport photographs are needed as you will be captured during the process.

How to Renew Nigerian Passport in New York

To renew your Nigerian passport in New York, simply follow these simple instructions. When all of your needs are prepared, this phase is quite straightforward and doesn’t call for any additional protocol. By following these instructions, you can anticipate that your passport will be ready in little more than two weeks.

  • Apply online through the Nigerian Immigration Service at https://portal.immigration.gov.ng/passport/epassport.
  • Choose “Standard” for passport type.
  • Select the United States of America for country.
  • Select New York as Office.
  • Sign into your account if you have one or click on GOOGLE or YAHOO to create one.
  • Fill out the form and complete your application.
  • Click on PRINT.
  • Proceed to make payments.
  • Click on SUBMIT after making payments.
  • Your reference ID will be on a page that you will access after successfully submitting your application, and the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) will also email it to you. Close the window to continue with the payment or to enter further applications (UP to 6 applications).
  • Visit http://portal.immigration.gov.ng/visa/OnlineQueryStatus to print your acknowledgment or receipt. Click SEARCH RECORD after entering your application type, Reference No., and Application ID.
  • Book an appointment for physical verification at https://appointments.immigration.gov.ng/

To make payments:

  • Choose a payment option (Money Order, Visa, or American Express) and take the necessary actions.

Note: You have the option to close the application and pay later. Visit www.innovate1services.com and sign in to get back.

  • You will first receive an email acknowledgment after making your electronic payment or after entering and submitting the information for your (USPS) money order. Please allow 1-2 business days for Innovate1 to send you an email confirmation of your payment.

Call +1(315)-203-8942 to reach Innovate1services for assistance.

Reminder: To ensure prompt processing, money orders should be acquired from the US Postal Service. Observe the directions on where to mail the money order and how to fill out the form.

Other Frequently Asked Questions About Nigerian Passport Renewal in New York

FAQ about how to renew Nigerian passport in New York

Can I renew my Nigerian passport in New York online?

It’s true that you can renew your Nigerian passport online at https://portal.immigration.gov.ng, however, the procedure doesn’t finish with the initial registration. You may actually renew your Nigerian passport in New York by starting there.

You MUST apply to schedule an appointment at the Consulate’s office for a physical biometrics clearance after completing the online registration and making payments, which MUST be made with your card (Debit or Credit). After receiving your appointment slip, you must proceed to the office of the Nigerian Consulate General in New York for your physical verification.

How long does it take to renew Nigerian passport in New York in 2022?

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As indicated on the notice on the official website of the Nigerian Consulate General in New York, it is preferable to apply for an Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC) or Visa if you need to use your passport to travel right away.

This is because passports do not always come out instantly. After physical verification, the processing time for a passport renewal is at least 3 weeks (21 days), (it can take longer depending on certain circumstances). The minimum date of delivery is 44 days (6 weeks) for new and fresh passport applications that are being processed for the first time.

How do I book Nigerian passport renewal interview in New York?

Keep in mind that you should apply for a passport renewal six months before it expires. You can request an appointment for a physical biometrics verification for your passport renewal on the Nigerian immigration website https://portal.immigration.gov.ng after submitting an application on the official Nigerian immigration portal and meeting all requirements.

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So, sure, using the Nigerian Immigration Services’ official website, one may apply for an interview in order to schedule a Nigerian passport renewal interview and have their biometrics verified at the Nigerian Consulate General in New York.

Keep in mind that you must arrive with your appointment slip on the scheduled date between 9 am and 12 noon. After 1 pm, no applications or appointments are accepted. Appointments are made via the Nigerian Immigration official portal, not the consulate’s website.

How much does it cost to renew Nigerian passport in New York?

At the consulate’s office during your physical verification, a $30 administrative fee MUST be paid with your credit or debit card. This fee is distinct from the renewal fee for a passport. There are 32 and 62 pages in a passport, so it will depend on which you prefer.

The fees for passport renewal vary depending on the age and number of pages. Payments for passport renewals are made with your card on the Nigerian Immigration website, and payment receipts are printed and brought along for physical verification at the consulate’s office.

The following amounts apply to renewing a Nigerian passport:

MINOR (Age 0-17 Years) – $77 for 32 pages and $137 for 62 pages.

ADULT (18 – 59 Years) – $109 for 32 pages and $137 for 62 pages.

SENIOR (60 Years and above) – $77 for 32 pages and $137 for 62 pages.

What are the requirements to renew my Nigerian passport in New York?

In order to renew your Nigerian passport in New York, you must fulfill the following conditions:

  • A credit or debit card in your name.
  • Apply first online on the official Nigerian Immigration website at https://portal.immigration.gov.ng.
  • Follow the instructions and procedures on the immigration portal to fill in the form and other requirements.
  • For passport type, choose “Standard” as “Official” is only for government officials traveling abroad for official purposes. 
  • Make payments for your passport renewal.
  • You do not need a passport photograph as your picture will be captured there.
  • Book an appointment on the immigration portal for physical verification and biometric clearance at the office of the Consulate General of Nigeria in New York.
  • Proceed to the consulate’s office for your physical verification with all your required documents.
  • Your passport will be ready to be mailed to you in a minimum of 14 days after physical verification.


The procedure to renew your Nigerian passport in New York is simple and painless. The process begins online on the official Nigerian Immigration website and is finished with a physical verification for each participant. If you follow this advice and adhere to all the requirements outlined above, your appointment will be attended to on time and without a lot of protocol.

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The cost of passport renewal is standard except for the administrative fee of just $30 which will be paid at the consulate’s office during physical verification.

After the physical verification, your passport can be mailed to you for pick up. It is best to apply six months before your passport expiration for renewal to avoid delays especially if you hope to use your passport immediately.

Note that there is no other way for renewing your Nigerian passport outside the online application at the immigration site as that is the first and only step on how to renew your Nigerian passport in New York. Any other process or channel is illegal and should be avoided.

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