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Do Miami’s attractions appeal to familie? You may be wondering. Yes is the answer! Despite its reputation as a nonstop party city, Miami does have a more serious side. Miami may be known as the city for lovers or anyone wishing to have a wild single holiday partying, shopping, and just lazing at the beach, but there are a number of intriguing Miami attractions for families that would fascinate you and of course your children!

In light of this, there are a ton of family-friendly activities in Miami if you’re planning a trip there to experience the nightlife and party scene while also bringing your family with children. The Miami Children’s Museum, the Everglades, and excellent milkshakes at Robert is Here are all fun Miami attractions for kids, in addition to sunning at the beach.

See a few of the top family-friendly Miami attractions right here!

Fun Places to Visit in Miami with Family

The top family-friendly Miami attractions are also fantastic places for adults to have fun. The advantage of taking a family vacation in Miami is that activities that adults like can also be enjoyed by children, so the fun can be shared by all members of the family. Only the best Miami attractions families are included on this list.

The Wynwood Walls

Miami attractions for families - a decorated wall

These murals have been created in vivid colors by well-known international painters. They occupy a minimum of 80,000 square feet of space and represent 16 different nations. Kids who are naturally curious will have a field day snapping cute pictures of themselves by the walls and investigating these vivid hues, staying captivated by the scene in front of them. Any family can go to this family attraction at any time of the year for fun, but the Wynwood Walls Walk, which is held every month and gives people the option to visit other art galleries, is even better.

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Miami Children Museum

Miami attractions for families- miami children museum

What does the fact that Miami has a children’s museum tell you? Simply say that it means that everyone belongs in Miami. The whole family can visit the bustling metropolis on vacation! The Children’s Museum should be one of the first Miami attractions for families that come to mind when making travel plans to the area. Your children will be worn out after a wonderful day visiting the attractions located in this sizable complex, which range from plunging deep into the world of sea animals at the Ocean Odyssey or the Sea and Me displays to dictating the music at the Music Makers Studio.

They can also get lost in the Castle of Dreams or trek to the top of Mt. MiChiMu for an exhilarating adrenaline rush. The exhibits are quite engaging, instructive, and inspiring, and youngsters will have a great time here.

The Venetian Pool

Miami attractions for families - kids in a pool

Not only can children play in this magnificent old pool that was constructed in 1923 from a coral rock quarry. Your older children will love splashing around in this wonder, even though it’s only for older children (ages 3 and up) and toddlers are not permitted. It’s a fantastic experience that your kids will appreciate taking part in because of the waterfalls and grottoes.

Robert is Here

Miami attractions for families - milkshakes at Robert is Here

Although this Miami family destination is well known for its distinctive, decadent milkshakes, there is plenty more for your kids to enjoy here. This store, which specializes in hard-to-find nuts, vegetables, and milkshakes, also has a splash park in the back where kids can cool off on a warm Miami day. What’s even more intriguing is that the location offers a petting zoo where kids may enjoy feeding goats, chickens, and other animals. On a good day, in addition to all the other entertainment offered there, you will have the opportunity to take in some live band music.

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Zoo Miami

Miami attractions for families - zebra at Miami zoo

Miami is also home to several zoos! And I’m confident that the kids will be delighted to meet fascinating animals that they might not have before encountered. As Miami’s biggest zoo, Zoo Miami is home to a wide range of species, including meerkats, Komodo dragons, African elephants, tortoises, tigers, lions, and countless others that visitors simply have to discover.

To view the animal wonders, you may either ride a monorail or a safari cycle, or you can just walk if the kids prefer that. The zoo hosts animal exhibitions, has a splash zone, and an area specifically for kids. You could say that families were considered when building the zoo and so it makes it one of the top Miami attractions for families that I recommend.

Marlins Park

Miami attractions for families - Marlins Park

One of the top Miami attractions for families seems to be a park where children 3 years of age and younger are allowed free admittance to explore and play. Families looking for active entertainment would undoubtedly enjoy it. Aside from the complimentary admission for children under three, the tickets are reasonably priced. You can count on Friday games to include fireworks and give your kids tickets for Sunday Funday, when they can run the bases in a Diamond Dash after the game.

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Jungle Island

Miami attractions for families - parrot cove

Popularly known as Parrot Island because of its extensive collection of parrots, it also has a number of other creatures, such as kangaroos, tortoises, cassowaries, etc. Your children will like the animal exhibitions taking place there, and they will also have a good time at Parrot Cove where they can splash around in a sizable water playground. The kids may get up close and personal with creatures including lemurs, kangaroos, tortoises, and more at the animal petting display on the jungle island.

Everglades National Park

Miami attractions for families - a snake bird at the Everglades

The Everglades National Park is open to everyone, making it unquestionably one of the best Miami attractions for families. Depending on the trails you choose, you can either hike, bike, or cycle through the picturesque scenery, which is home to a wide variety of wildlife species. You can climb the Shark Valley observation tower, visit the Anhinga Trails to observe birds, or take a Coopertown Airboat Ride.


Miami attractions for families - Seaquarium Miami

Your kids will enjoy swimming with dolphins and seals, playing with penguins, seeing sea turtles, or simply watching the flamingos bask in the sun at this Virginia Keys attraction. They can even get a chance to view a whale or they can simply put on a helmet and explore a tropical coral.

Beach Fun at Key Biscayne 

Miami attractions for families - Beach at Key Biscayne

Even children will enjoy the chance to relax at the beach while on vacation and soak up some sun. Beach fun isn’t just for grownups. The Key Biscayne is a beautiful beach with serene seas that are ideal for children to play on. While the kids are having fun at the playground, you may rent a cabana; after that, go to the family amusement center. If you still have time and energy after all the fun at the beach, you might think about trekking up to the nearby lighthouse for a panoramic view of the entire magnificent beach environment.

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These are just a few selections of Miami attractions for families that I consider fun. This is enough to spur up your desire to have a family vacation in Miami. If you’re not satisfied with the options spread out before you in Miami after you get there or have had enough of the Miami fun and would like to explore other towns and their attractions, you can take a few minutes rides to Fort Lauderdale to explore some attractions there; there are quite some numerous delightful things to do in Fort Lauderdale with kids that you shouldn’t hesitate to explore.

For a perfect vacation with kids, check out these tips for planning a perfect vacation and if you’re still confused over where to vacation with the kids, a quick follow-up of this guide on how to choose the perfect vacation destination will put an end to your struggle. Here are a few tips for how to plan a family vacation for the easiest and most entertaining vacation ever.

For your vacation reservations, check out TripAdvisor and Travelocity for discounts and early reservations.

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